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Ford Abandons Australia

Having had a couple of Falcons that I really liked to drive but hated to buy fuel for I have mixed feelings about the closure but even Blind Freddy has been expecting this for ages.
Cheers Comrade Reb


As egg and Walrus have mentioned already, reports are emerging that Ford is expected to announce the closure of its Broadmeadows car factory and its Geelong engine plant.

The struggling car-maker sent out a media alert about an impending announcement later this morning, believed to be 10.45am.


Ford was due to release its financial results today but Gutter Trash has been told that the media conference is about “more than that”.

Confidential sources say that Ford Australia will become an import-only brand.

It is unclear when the factories will close but Ford was set to introduce a revamped Falcon and Territory next year.

Journalists at the launch of the new Holden Commodore in Canberra were sent secret text messages by Ford Australia staff in the early hours of this morning, just as they were about to drive the new model on public roads for the first time.

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  1. Ray Dixon says:

    Tony & Sophie are blaming it on the carbon tax and other Labor policies but I wonder how many Liberal MPs own imported cars? I bet Sophie does – probably a Hummer.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Well Tony is on the record stating that he loves his Ford Territory…

  3. Ray Dixon says:

    Just shows he’s got no taste, Iain. Those Territorys are a huge lug of a thing and a blight on the roads.

    As for the closure, I know it will cost a lot of jobs but the bare facts are we can’t support 3 car manufacturers with such a small population. It’s now up to the other two to take what market share Ford had and if they do that, most of those jobs will be saved.

    However, I’ve heard that Ford are planning to continue selling vehicles here post closure, but ones made overseas. Given how much financial support they’ve received – and given how they’ve failed to invest and now broken their promises and are bailing out – there’s a good case for the govt to whack a ‘Ford Tax’ on their imports. I’d suggest at least a 50% tariff on the bludgers.

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