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Penny Wong vs the Australian Christian Lobby

Just a quickie this morning and it concerns the Faux rancour being produced by Penny Wong over the the claim from the Australian Christian Lobby that Gay marriage could lead to a new stolen generation:

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Obviously when it comes to Same sex couples making children there has to be the intervention of a third party to supply the gametes that are necessary for conception and this means that any child thus created is going to be, to a greater or lesser extent, alienated from one half of their biological heritage. There is a great deal of evidence that most children who are adopted or created by donor insemination suffer a great deal of angst about who their missing biological parent is. Enlightened Gay parents should be aware of this issue but as homosexuals are just like everyone else in their diversity I expect that there will be a variety of way that this issue will be felt with from the pretence that the children they create are theirs alone to total openness about who the absent biological parent is and even some sort of continuing involvement of that person in the life of the children thus conceived. Only time will tell if this becomes a real problem and I hope that those who make children with the “help” of people outside their pair bond do the right thing by the children they make and that they keep their persona vanity in check.

On the issue of teaching the mechanics of “gay sex” in schools I am hardly surprised and I certainly expect that if we are going to become an even more liberal society that considers homosexuality as just another page in the book of human sexual expression that we will at some point have to make its practice part of the lexicon of sex education. Now in the past I have made jokes about “buggery 101” being taught to our children but if we are to “normalise” homosexuality in our society then we won’t be able to make the mechanics of sex between people of the same gender “Secret Gay business”. In any event I very much doubt that any same sex attracted young person won’t have seen enough online pornography before they attend sex Ed classes to know the basics anyway.

So on balance I think the ACL and Wong are each partially right the former are correct to be concerned about the children created in same sex unions being alienated from one of their biological parents, but they are wrong to be absolutely horrified that our children might have the mechanics of gay sex discussed in our schools. The latter is wrong to dismiss concerns about the children like the one that she and her partner are nurturing as nonsense.The thing that we must ensure above all when it comes to Sex education is that anything that children are told is entirely age appropriate and that no matter  what nut and bolt stuff they are taught it is essential that such things are accompanied by some exploration of the value of  enduring pair bonds over sex being just another  sport devoid of a reproductive or social   purpose.

Cheers Comrades


students who do not pay attention in class can expect to be punished


  1. I love this graphic for this post. Nice job!!!

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Yes its cute isn’t it?
    Welcome to the Sandpit Digital Hegermon!

  3. Byron Webb says:

    Penny Wony. Instead of attacking the Churches, go and do your job which you have never done.

  4. Simon says:

    Its worth pointing out anonymous donation is no longer possible in Australia or New Zealand (since 2004-2010 depending on the state’s legislation) with the offspring once they turn 18 being able to apply to their state’s registry to find out identifying details of their sperm/egg/embryo donor(s).

    Of course with research already underway understanding how gametes are formed the issue of a donor may be a moot point in the not to distant future.
    Eggs: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-19827287
    Sperm: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/science-news/8682142/Stem-cells-used-to-make-artificial-sperm.html
    Womb Transplant: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2324950/Woman-22-underwent-worlds-successful-womb-transplant-loses-IVF-baby.html?ico=health^headlines

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