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More Fun on Facebook

(by Sockpuppet – your Facebook friend)

Missing much lovrf grey long hair cat

Missing much lovrf grey long hair cat

I blame it on the beautiful Kylie.

Every time I go to Facebook to, um, catch up on the beautiful Kylie I come across these other posts on the ‘community noticeboard’.

You remember Cass the one who didnt know how to dispose of her empty beer bottles dont you?

Well now Cass is trying to help out someone who has lost there cat.

The cats in the photo above.

Its not the dog.

I give you the Donna & Cass show of genius and intellect:

Donna: Missing much lovrf grey long hair cat from (address given). my phone number is 04xxxxxxxx. A ginger cat has been coming important the cat door and fighting with him

Cass: I was down bailey street this afternoon an a seen a cat just like him

Donna: thankyou please keep an eye out in case you see him agsim

Cass: Ill be in (name of town) again walking every street tomorrow ill keep an eye out

Donna: thankyou so much his name is Sir Bastion

They will never find him but at least we now know what Cass does for a living.

Facebook – more fun than Home & Away.

(and about as classy)



  1. SockPuppet says:


    Cass (the beer-drinking streetwalker) is back on Facebook asking:

    Looking for a bit of advice I’m looking to get my father a steam mop just not sure what brand or where from please keep in mind my father is in a wheelchair

    I guess shes too busy drinking and , um, working (!!) to mop the bloody floors for her whellchairbound old man. Yeah Cass, better get him one with a short stick.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Did she fine her missing pussy Socky?

  3. SockPuppet says:

    Hmmm, talking about mopping the floor …..

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