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How much is that doggie on the ballot paper?

CLIVE Palmer’s bid to create a new political party is today mired in confusion, amid the short-lived recruitment of former speaker Peter Slipper and a renewed push for registration under a new name.

The mining entrepreneur today announced his United Australia Party, formed just three weeks ago, will now be known as the Palmer United Party, to avoid a legal battle with the Australian Electoral Commission.

Mr Palmer and his political allies will now attempt to register the party by the deadline for federal registration tomorrow, with a requirement for 500 signatures.


Palmer United Party reduces to a rather amusing acronym of  “PUP” which is so cute and will doubtless provide the underpinning for so many possible puns and possible dog jokes about this  whole vanity project being pursued by Palmer. I can’t think straight for laughter here so instead I’m just going to post some funny dog gifs with an invitation to caption them as is appropriate to the Palmer United Party:




Cheers Comrades




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