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Albo asks for my help

Regular readers will recall that I am on the hotline from our government members and they are always seeking my support for the important changes that they wish to make for the betterment of our country:

Dear Iain,

Labor people have always been champions for local community services.

Roads and footpaths. Parks and gardens. Sports clubs and community centres. Childcare. Help for seniors. Festivals and events. Community gardens.

For more than 40 years, federal governments have given funding to local councils to ensure our communities have these vital services.

Despite this, our most important document – the Australian Constitution – doesn’t recognise this.

That’s why I’ve just made an important announcement with the Prime Minister that on September 14 we are planning to hold a referendum on recognition of local government in our Constitution.

We need to add a few words so that federal governments can keep supporting vital services. It’s a small but important change.

If you support your local community services, can you share this with your friends?

This isn’t about politics. This change to our Constitution has the support of all the major parties – at this stage, even Tony Abbott.

Our challenge is to make sure our local communities know if they want to say “yes” to local services, they need to say “yes” to changing the Constitution.

Help us spread the word about this important opportunity.



Of course there have been two previous (failed) attempts to make this sort of change to the constitution and both have been soundly defeated. I totally understand  why Albo is seeking an endorsement from yours truly, he must realise that without my support that  this referendum question has about as much hope as his beloved Julia has of winning another term in the lodge. That said I wonder just how necessary such a change to our constitution is. After all our cities and towns have got along quite well without it up until now  so is the status quo broken enough to require this change?

Cheers Comrades

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  1. Peter Dippl says:

    Very naughty of you to distract us again from the question at hand Iain 😉
    My only issue is “what are we REALLY going to change in the constitution ?”
    There are layers and landmines in virtually everything this crowd does ( in South Australia we have had a number of very important civil rights such as legal costs in “minor matters” being taken away in recent times , by being hidden in budget bills .If you fight things like traffic fines in court and win you may not have to pay a $300 fine because you did not commit the offence but it could cost you up to $2,500 to fight in court with no costs being awarded against the crown and the “victim of crimes” levy still applies even though no offence was commited ) . Simply put “I do not trust them”.

  2. Ray Dixon says:

    our cities and towns have got along quite well without it up until now so is the status quo broken enough to require this change?

    Not so, Iain. Most councils are struggling big time, and are constantly raising rates (and other fees) by far more than the inflation rate. Then they revalue propeties every two years and apply the higher rates to the higher values. My rates have doubled in the past 5 or 6 years, what about yours?

    The idea behind this change, as I understand, is to have local govt officially recognised as a third tier of govt and then be eligible for direct funding from the Federal government via GST or the like mechanisms. In short, Iain, it’s about getting rid of the annual council rates that only tax property owners and ensuring the load is spread more evenly and fairly. At least I think that’s its aim. Unfortunately, Gillard is incapable of explaining the need for it so, like most of her big ideas, it’ll fail and people will vote “NO”.

  3. Iain Hall says:

    That really sucks and suggests that there is no justice at that level of government!
    that is not the justification that I have heard on the radio today, and the wording of the proposed referendum does not suggest that at all according to what I heard on ABC24 today. As fro a source of revenue other than rates I suspect that Labor would run a mile because it would mean taxing their ever diminishing voter base rather than the “evil rich landowner” class. This referendum is doomed because the opposition have serious reservations about it and its just a diversion tactic that is won’t work.

  4. Ray Dixon says:

    Then what’s it about, Iain?

  5. Iain Hall says:

    Ray I just think its Gillard trying ever so desperately to get her own failings off the front page, my guess is that if she a spot on the voice she would do it if it would mean that she and the rest of the Labor ensemble would not have to keep talking about their policy failures and having to keep pretending that Labor are in with a chance.
    I wonder sometimes if Gillard & Swan are contemplating a suicide pact because there can be no public life for either one of them after September 14.

  6. GD says:

    I wonder sometimes if Gillard & Swan are contemplating a suicide pact because there can be no public life for either one of them after September 14.

    I doubt that Iain. Given the overly generous, lifetime indexed pensions these losers will be awarded, there’s no way they will be checking out anytime soon.

    That’s the Labor way*. We’ll be paying for these suckholes for a long time. If I’ve got it right, both Gillard and the Goose are younger than most of the commenters on the Sandpit.

    Cheer up lads, be glad that part of your taxes and your childrens’ will go to helping Joolia and the Whine totter around in their gold-plated retirement home.

    Joolia’s pension, for life, is estimated at $177,000 pa and Swan’s at $167,000.

    Not bad pay for the world’s worst treasurer and Australia’s first female failed Prime Minister.

    *Yes Ray, I know that Liberal pollies get the same deal, but they have never stuffed up as badly as this.

  7. Ray Dixon says:

    GD, I’ve said all along that Gillard was only interested in seeing out her term then retiring from politics, which is exactly what I think she’ll do. She’ll also get a lump sum of a $million or two, won’t she? Anyway, there is no shortage of idiot MPs on undeserved retirement packages. I just heard one on the radio, Peter Reith, the ex-Howard bastard minister, remember him? He should be in jail, in my opinion, but no, he’s jetting around on similar money to what Gillard will get. And then there’s Mad Bob Katter – 40 years in public office will see him get a world record payout. For a bloke who has done absolutely nothing. For a bloke who is certifiably insane. Go figure.

  8. Iain Hall says:

    The thing about katter is that he works on the same level as Joh did, on notoriety and his “mad” public persona it makes an emotional appeal to his fans and makes his detractors too arrogant to take him seriously so he wins both ways.

  9. Richard Ryan says:

    Katter comes from the Deep South(Queensland}—-enough said!

  10. SockPuppet says:

    Oftopic but “Does any one know where you can dispose or beer bottles with out it costing a fortune ??”

    (PS is Not my quote. Its a quote from Facebook. where the geniuses hang out. Any suggestion for this Einstein?)

  11. Iain Hall says:

    That is an easy one Socky you put em in the recycling bin 😎

  12. SockPuppet says:

    Thats what I would have thunk and thats what someone else said to her. Then she said:

    “I’m not asking for me I’m asking for someone else who only has limited access to a recycle bin”

    Huh? They have the weirdest people on facebook. Home of Mensa society.

  13. Peter Dippl says:

    Ship em over here to South Oz. They are worth 20 cents each here LOL

  14. SockPuppet says:

    Good idea Pete but I think this person might have “limited access” to SA. And “limited” brain cells. I will put it on the facebook page though – just for a laugh.

    BTW Iain , it is not Kylie asking this. Or Laura. Kylie only drinks champpain. Lauras still on backyardi breezes – any refund for those Pete?

  15. Peter Dippl says:

    [ “limited” brain cells ] eh ? Collecting a large quantity of “empty” beer bottles can do that to you ( apparently LOL)

  16. Peter Dippl says:

    We even have container deposits on Iced coffee and chocolate milk cartons now would you believe ?

  17. Peter Dippl says:

    Which ,as silly as it sounds, keeps them off the road verges to a large degree.

  18. SockPuppet says:

    Is this a way of getting people to visit your State Pete? People coming over with trailer and bootloads of empty bottles and stuff to make a killing?

  19. Peter Dippl says:

    Don’t laugh mate It has been done LOL . If you think it is strange from the outside you want to live here for a few years 😉 My wife is from here so until we retire I am probably stuck but retirement somewhere else is looking good at the moment. We have been taxed nearly into the ground in the last 10 or so years and even Melbourne or Sydney is starting to look viable cost wise. No longer the cheap place to live it once was I am afraid and my adult kids no longer live here either because of poor prospects.

  20. SockPuppet says:

    It Costs a lot more over here in Melbourne Pete. Even my 30 footer has doubled in value so It might be too late to get in. Theres always Tassie though.

  21. SockPuppet says:

    I need advice. This what I want to put on that facebook page in answer to the woman who dunno how to get rid of her empty beer bottles:

    In South Australia they will actually pay you 20 cents per bottle under their container refund scheme (according to Pete). It’s a long way to travel but if you’ve got plenty of empty beer bottles it might be worth the trip. If you havent got enough then just keep drinking until you do.

    Should I do it? You see its a ‘community noticeboard’ and If i put that up would I look like a real smartarse or just someone trying to help out a dumb person? What you say?

  22. Iain Hall says:

    Do it Socky!

  23. SockPuppet says:

    Its a community service you reckon Iain? Being a good citisen and such? Thanks. I will like to wait for gigGuys goahead too.

  24. Iain Hall says:

    Its spreading the good word Socky and helping to save the planet as well 😉

  25. GD says:

    in South Australia they will actually pay you 20 cents per bottle under their container refund scheme (according to Pete). It’s a long way to travel but if you’ve got plenty of empty beer bottles it might be worth the trip. If you havent got enough then just keep drinking until you do.

    Excellent comment SockPig. As they say it’s a long way to the shop if you want a sausage roll.

    What the hell that has to do with it I dunno, but perhaps ‘recycle bin challenged bogan’ will.

    Oh yeah, and it will save the planet too, as if 😦

  26. damage says:

    Fancy you usinng FB to mock people?

  27. SockPuppet says:

    Thankyou for your support Gig Guy.

    No Dimwattage I have never mocked peoples on facebook and I only ever go there to stalk admire Kylie.

  28. damage says:

    Like you’ve been “admiring” me?

  29. SockPuppet says:

    No one here that I know of “admires” (or stalks) you Dimwattage least of all me or my altered ego Ray. You are most unadmirable and not worth knowing anything about.

    Heres an idea for you: Why dont you re-start your old stalking blog ‘Jimi One Eyed Dog’ and stay there mate? It will help to keep you away from here.

    Now I will not tolerate your further snark. Kindly pissoff.

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