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A Woman who says fuck a lot

by Sockpuppet

Here is a post that even the GigGuy might approve of.

I do not as a general rule prowl around facebook looking at womens pages …. much.

I hardly go there .. if at all.

Not a lot anyway.

but I do often go to the page of a beautiful woman I know just to look at her latest posts and photos. She is really beautiful even more than Laura. And hot if nothotter.

Lets call her Kylie. Well lets .. its her real name after all.

Somehow Kylie must of found out I was stalking admiring her from upclose and personal like and now shes removed all her personal info and photos from her fb page.

All thats left is a photo of her two kids (who are pretty ugly like her husband is) … and her “Likes”, you know the other FB pages she “likes”.

Like this one:


So what is this facebook page about you ask?

Well you fools no need to ask me. If you click on the ‘about’ button and you can find out for yourselfs:

This is a fun page for saying the word FUCK, posting pics and videos that are relevant, classy and in good taste.

Well I think I got the message. Its all in good fun and … um, classy.

I dont really get the point though but I guessed it was okay.

and then I read this post from the un-named author who had been having trouble with trolls by the soundofit:

The fucking fuckwits have been thick today. Today’s have been stupid fucking assclowns mixed with a multitude of twatwaffles. My Page is extremely fucking tame, especially compared to some shitty pages I’ve seen out there. We are globally like-minded ADULTS here, sharing a good time with profanity, sarcasm and other random acts of fun. 🙂

To the fucknuggets: If you want to complain about a Page,… then go find one that is exploiting women and children because they are fucking rampant. Whine and complain there! Maybe you just haven’t looked outside of your bubble to see there are many worse things on FB than me and my friends saying fuck a lot with funny pics.

Oh it looks like we have a raving femmo here.

Like a German Grear only on steroids.

And saying “fuck”. A lot.

And a lot more:

I just banned 17 fuckwads from one thread. About 20 from another and random amounts on others.
Banning fucktards is easy and I fucking LOVE IT…!!
In fact, FB just made it even easier with a new update. 🙂

I only allow quality peeps here! I don’t give a fuck about quantity!
So, if you think I’ll let you stay just to increase a number, you’re fucking wrong.

Look lady you are the one who made your page an open one meaning anyone can comment without first being approved “friend”.

Yet She goes on (and on and on):

I’ll try to explain it simply for the fucking morons because they always return to try and find their idiotic posts which have been deleted. This will give them something to read for future reference on “How Not To Be A Fucking Douchenozzle.”

This is a fucking Page where I have fun with my fucking awesome and engaging cool page peeps. This is MY place, MY way.
This is just like my fucking living room.
And just like my fucking living room, I do and say whatever the fuck I want! If you don’t like it, I don’t give a fuck. You can fucking leave, scroll past, hide it, ignore it or get kicked the fuck out of it. Fit in or fuck off. No one is forcing anyone to stay and you’re free to fucking leave anyfuckingtime. I post whatever the fuck I like. I post what I think is fucking funny. I don’t give a fuck if it offends you. Get control of your emotions instead of letting them drain all over FB like your purulent anal abscess draining in your Pokemon undies.

Yeah well i think they will be back in ever increasing numbers if you keep carrying on like that lady. i dont get you – you want people to be nice and then you write this anonymously? But theres more:

As for the fucking morality police, fuck you too!
I’m an adult. I can think for myself and I don’t need any fucking suggestions from the likes of you either.

And fucktards, you have a serious problem when a fucking joke causes you to piss blood. That’s not my fucking problem. See a fucking urologist for that OR hammer a very long, thorny rose stem into your urethral meatus because I won’t give a fuck.

The 17 morons I banned had a problem with a certain ecard, like it was directed at them personally, which is so fucking stupid as to make me wonder how they even manage to complete a login when they’re clearly not firing on all cylinders. Irrationally emotional twats.

It looks like her “ecard” must of been pretty offensive.

Look at her reaction to the reactions:

Look fucktards, I don’t give a single fuck which adult you fuck!
I don’t care how you fuck.
I don’t care if you fuck a duck, you sick fuck
I don’t give a flying fuck.
In fact, go fuck yourself.
If you’re so insecure about you’re sexuality and you’re choices in life that a simple ecard hurts your feelings, then talk to a fucking therapist about your fucking problems. Complaining about a totally fucking generic JOKE pic on a fucking ecard means you’re too fucking stupid to have internet access. Cancel your internet service and delete your FB account too.
Grow the fuck up.I’m an equal opportunity offender of hypersensitive fuckwads. If I haven’t offended you yet, just be fucking patient and I’ll get to you soon. An even better option, just fucking pack up your overly sensitive, easily offended nature and fucking leave. You won’t be missed by anyone.

*shoots the double bird at all the fucknuts*

This lady has a real problem. I am surprised that Kylie “likes” her and it makes me think different about her.

Well I still think Kylie is hot but this stuff is like anger and bile directed at the world. This woman that Kylie “likes” is not only a loose canon shes likely to go out and kill someone.

I know the Internet is a place where peoples can get there steam out by being anonymous and saying stuff that they would not say normally but I reckon this woman is not “intelligent, classy and educated” not by a long shot.

She is just angry. And foul mouth.

I might tell Laura about the page but I reckon she would rather it be something like this:


Laura would fit in there.


  1. Iain Hall says:

    As crass as I think the page is I did find some of it quite funny like this:

  2. SockPuppet says:

    Yes there is some good slogans an all there Iain but when this woman decides to talk in her own name its like … run a f*cking mile mate!

  3. Iain Hall says:

    Socky mate you don’t have bogan rellies like I do because if you did your ears would curl up from the language of some of the women…

  4. SockPuppet says:

    I have Laura in my ear Iain … day & night …. I know a women that cuss. That drink. That … do all that. And then some. BTW shes still waiting for gigguy to front up with those Backyardi Breezers.

  5. GD says:

    Somehow Kylie must of found out I was stalking admiring her from upclose and personal like and now shes removed all her personal info and photos from her fb page.

    Somehow I don’t blame her 😦

    As for the girl who says ‘fuck’ a lot, is that like the girl who ‘played with fire’ or the girl who ‘kicked the hornet’s nest’?

    I know it’s not the ‘girl with the dragon tattoo’, ‘cos that’s Laura and she showed me. It took a six-pak of rum and cokes but was worth it.

  6. SockPuppet says:

    I dunno about your fancy litrature gigguy but I think th woman who says fuckalot is just plain aggro crazy.

    Oh Lauras into Backyardi Breezes now. She says Rum & Coke is too bogan for her … err what?

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