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AFL round 6 (2013) ‘expert’ tips

(Yeah – you idiots – its me and Im back!)

(No I do not meen you are an idiot Iain)

(They know who I mean)

…………………………..The story starts here (below the dots line)……………………….

The AFL meets to discuss the drugs-in-sport issue

The AFL meets to discuss the drugs-in-sport issue

I know it is already gone 5 games into the season so why am I upstarting this weekly session now you ask? Well I suggest you stop asking stupid questions and just listen. I am starting this weekly expert insides into the game of AFL football (real football not soccer) for good reasons.

For fairness … and anger.

Just ask yourself this set of intelligent questions (insted of asking me):

1. Who is sitting on top of the AFL ladder undefeated?

2. Who is belting the begeezus out of the opposition week in and week out?

3. Who was it who belted poor old Melbourne footy club almost into oblivean forcing them to sack there CEO?

4. And who is it that is still all mussled up from last years, um, training regime?

I will tell you who it is.

Its the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM Essen – fu**ing – don …. the drug cheats:

ESSENDON would still be enjoying the benefits of performance-enhancing drugs if players did take illegal supplements last season, according to a leading athletics expert.

Nic Bideau, who managed Olympian Cathy Freeman and coached Craig Mottram, says he has no doubt there would be residual benefits.

… Bideau told the Herald Sun any use of illegal drugs would improve muscle strength, which could stay with players.

“If you have a really good training year, it helps you forever or until you start to decline,” Bideau said.

“It is building a base layer upon layer upon layer. It’s like pages in a phone book.

“It is foundation you are trying to build. It takes people two or three years to become a fit league footballer, and if you add another layer on, it has to help.”

(and) … one AFL sports science expert, speaking on condition of anonymity, said any illegal substance used at any time had to have future benefits.

“If anyone is taking performance-enhancing drugs, the benefits of that are cumulative. You have been able to train at a higher level and the drug might be out of your system, but the training effect is still there,” he said.

“It increases muscle bulk and muscle strength and muscle endurance, and you push on from there.

It would be naive to think it wouldn’t have a performance benefit a year on.

So there you have it. Essendon are (still) cheating and should be stripped. Of points not clothes.

Andrew Demetriou AFL boss – from now on you will have to answer to me. I will not stop my campain to have these cheats kicked out of the comp for the rest of the year.

Welcome to the world of the Sock, Bombers.

Oh yeah my tips are (you can put your centrelink payment on these) as follows:

Collingwood Scum v St Kilda Saints: Because Ray told me. Actually @ $5.10 the Saints are a good bet in this one – you could buy a lot of Backyardi Breezers with the winnings.

Essendrugs v Great West Sydney Gnomes: Its the Essendon players that are the real Giants (giant cheats that is).

North Melbourne Headkickers v Port Adelaide Beer Drinkers: I hear the Port coach is in hospital dying from something. That won’t help them.

Adelaide Mullets v Hawthorn Uglies: No Tex? eat Crow Adelaide.

Richmond Rabble v Geelong Girls: You do not have to be Norman Einstein to work this one out.

Gold Coast WETS v Fremantle FlopsGold Coast is not a real team. They are surfer boys. Apart from the one with the shaved head job – he can play.

Sydney Gays v Brisbane Broncos: I think Adam Goodes is about 45 years old by now.

Carlton Cheats v Melbourne In Administration: I am surprised that Melbourne is still going. Didnt they fold?

West Coast Wimps v Western Bullshit: Battle of the bogans.

Put money on it – see ya next week.

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  1. SockPuppet says:

    Update: Sock tips 8 from 9. And It woulda been 9 but my altered ego made me go for the Saints. Yous shoulda listened on to my tips and not ignored my inside knowledge of footy. Youd be swimming in it by now if you had.

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