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Talking in Crayon


Gillard gives economists a schoolyard lecture on the nation’s economy.



  1. Ray Dixon says:

    I agree Iain. It was truly pathetic. Gillard makes me cringe and is an embarrassment to the ALP. Even hard-core ALP voters have had a gutful and are sick of hearing from her. I hate to say it, but Abbott will obviously do a better job than Julia ‘I’ll spend evey last dollar and then some’ Gillard.

    The worst part about her though, is not that she’s throwing money around, it’s that she clearly doesn’t care how much damage she inflicts on (a) the economy (b) her own party (c) the electorate at large.

    I’ve said it all along: Julia Gillard only cares about cementing her place in history as the first female PM and, to do that properly, she only needs to make sure she sees out a full 3-year term.

    Well, thanks to her stabbing Rudd in the back (on 3 separate ocassions), she’ll achieve that. And that’s all. Good riddance to her and her suckhole ministers who haven’t had the guts or brains to get rid of her. I dread a coalition government too but there’s no way we can continue with this one. They will be nearly wiped out.

  2. damage says:

    Rewind to 2007 and you were singing a different song.
    It was clearly predictable at the time that this would be the outcome.
    Fair dinkum you ALP supporters give me the squirts.

  3. Ray Dixon says:

    So you predicted:

    The worldwide financial crisis of 2008/9
    Rudd’s reaction to it and stimulus package
    Gillard knifing Rudd in 2010 (and again in 2012 & 2013)
    Nelson losing the job to Turnbull
    Turnbull losing the job to Abbott
    The Aussie dollar going through the roof
    The rise, slight fall and then rise of the Chinese economy

    And all the other factors that led to where the govt is today.

    Brilliant. Look, give us your predictions for the next 5 years post Sept 2013 under the coalition. We’ll bookmark those and come back to see how accurate you were. Genius!

  4. damage says:

    I heard it all predicted at the time or before.

    I remember someone saying that the liberals will always look after the economy better than the ALP. So do you.
    The financial crisis was widely predicted due to the loans policy in the US. I read and listen to many leftists. You should inform yourself better.
    Rudd would have spent llike a sailor anyway. Comparisons to Whitlam were common before his election. You should have read some conservative views instead of restricting your information to groupthink.
    The ALP routinely knife. Hayden – Hawke. Keating – Hawke. You should learn history.
    Nelson and Turnbull WTF? Really! WTF.
    Tha Aussie dollar has F-ALL to do with the plight of this government. You have no Idea do you?

    The Chinese economy was growing at 10%pa before 2007. More history

    My prediction for post Sept 2013.
    Not 5, but 20 years of ALP opposition.

  5. Ray Dixon says:

    The high Aussie dollar has had a massive impact on the governments revenue stream – you should learn basic economics.

    As for the rest, well, hindsight is a very exact science but you score no points for it and it’s not recognised at any University.

    Now I’ve no desire to continue to engage with you in your nitpicking triumphalism. You can go on beating your chest (and your …..? ) and claim you are smarter than me (because you vote Liberal), but others know you well enough by now to make their own judgements on that.

    Blurt away.

  6. damage says:

    How would you know what’s recognised in a university Ray? Who are “others” Ray.

    [Edit: ………………………. Off topic & personal ………………………………..]

    The high dollar is the least of their problems mate. The fact you vote for and argue for them is a bigger issue than that.

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