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Jesus fails to save, twice

This couple must qualify as sure fire top notch contenders for the “Darwin awards”, and exemplars of the concepts that underlay the Raison Detre  for the awards in the first place:

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What can you say in the face of such stupidity?
As Oscar Wilde suggested in his play “The importance of being Earnest” to loose one child is sad but to loses two….
In this case its obvious to me that the good Lord is sending the very clear message that he won’t have any truck with being expected to provide health care to the faithful when there are perfectly good GPs out in the world…

Cheers Comrades


This post is dedicated to my brother the believer…


  1. deknarf says:

    When I see such stupidity I tend to look on it as ‘evolution in action’!

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Indeed you are correct Deknarf.

  3. Richard Ryan says:

    ‘WHEN you talk to Jesus it is called prayer, WHEN Jesus talks to you it is called paranoia”.

  4. Ray Dixon says:

    I wonder if they apply the same ‘no doctors’ policy when either of them get sick.

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