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Malcom McLaren, the blessed Spike and the day after next Tuesday

These days I refer to myself as an “aging hippie” in homage to my laid back attitude to life and living and as a reflection of my belief in personal liberty and my desire to make the idea of “working it out for yourself” more universal but way back in the early eighties I was a rather different Iain Hall. I had done my matriculation as an adult student and been accepted in to the University of Queensland to study the Arts and I was enjoying the life of a student, enjoying riding my bikes living in share houses. Like a lot of students I spent my time going to see various bands and had a collection of Albums in a milk crate. Getting a stereo that would not jump when people danced in the lounge room and gave decent sound was but a dream. Punk music was  loud , irreverent, cheeky and brash but more importantly it was fun. Right up there in the centre of that maelstrom was Malcolm Mclaren.

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All of my preamble was to introduce the notion that the gravestone we leave can sometimes be a really beautiful summation of a life. For instance I just love the inscription on the Grave of the blessed Spike Milligan which  reads “I told you I was ill” it beautifully sums up the man and is also cheekily funny as are so many of his nonsense poems. I suspect its my old codger-hood but I find myself thinking more and more about such things, about the monuments we commission or inspire and how they can sum up a life (hopefully ) well lived, of sins addressed, atonements made and the things left undone by untimely ends, so maybe I need to address my worst sin which is procrastination…
Hmm I think that will have to wait until the day after next Tuesday…
Cheers Comrades



  1. deknarf says:

    Took advantage of Gough freeing up tertiary education and mature matriculation did we? Well, so did I in 1975 and enjoyed those university days very much. The post-doc degree was very much icing on the cake!!

  2. Ray Dixon says:

    Geezus Iain, is everything okay? What news do you get next week? I hope it’s not what I’m thinking but if it is … share it.

    Anyway, for my tombstone I have instructed thus:

    “Never explain, never justify …. the story would bore you to shits anyway”

  3. Iain Hall says:

    Yeah every thing is Ok Ray I’m on a new medication regime which seems to be working better but I have had a few days here and there that inspire thoughts about mortality.

    Anyway for my epitaph I reckon something along the lines of “No surrender and No prisoners” might be apt 😉

    Yes I thank Gough for my education and the fact that I had a great four years studying, met my wife, had lots of studenty adventures, oh yeah and I learned a thing or two as well 😉 🙂

  4. Ray Dixon says:

    Well, my other option is:

    “I might be dead but I’m still online”

  5. Ray Dixon says:

    What the hell, while I’m at it here are some tombstone epitahs for others here:

    For GD: “This better be a whites only cemetery”

    For Craigy: “Yes, it’s a bio-degradable cardboard box.”

    For Brian aka ….. : “It’s not me”

    For HJ/Damage: “The person named here is innocent”

    For Sax: “Shot down by the Red Baron”

    For Richard: “Shalom”

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