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Are we there yet on Carbon Trading?

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I have been arguing for years that carbon trading schemes are virtually Ponzi schemes that are bound to collapse and the European scheme certainly seems to be following the script that I imagined. The fringe benefit of this is clearly watching the Australian Labor Party making even greater fools of themselves every time their “fixed price” Carbon tax rises as it is scheduled to do in June. If our “Carbon price” is already many times the price of European traded value imagine the pain felt by Labor when the carbon tax rises and the European price falls yet again as I think it will.

So I ask again does anyone seriously think that, after the election, any Labor MP or senator will inflict further pain upon the greatly depleted party by opposing the repeal of this ludicrous carbon tax and all of its accompanying administrative apparatus?

The party is a laughing stock now so just imagine how silly it will look standing up for the tax that has utterly destroyed its credibility.

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  1. I’m still struggling to understand how giving fabulously rich banksters a new derivative to trade is going to save polar bears.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    That is my quandary too Plato, It has always seemed more logical to just legislate directly for ever more restrictive emission standards if a government wanted to to really control CO2.
    But then I have also long thought that the whole CO2 edifice is only for sheep:

  3. GD says:

    I wonder what Dr Deknarf, for he has stated that he is a doctor, thinks of all this.

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