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The Happy Wanderer


“Valdarie” is a 1954 model

As an unashamed petrol-head I notice the interesting or old motor vehicle,and today while I was out on a grocery run I came across this lovely old Austin A30, its lady owner was gracious enough to let me take a couple of pictures of her pride and joy. “Valdarie” is a 1954 model that she has owned from new and its clear that the car has been extremely well cared for its paint and jewellery does have a bit of patina that just adds to its charm.
I would have loved to find out more about the car’s history but having often seen it around Lawton and Strathpine I do know that its still a work horse rather than a pampered show pony. Of course this begs the question of how many cars of today will we see still serving their owners after 59 years?

Cheers Comrades


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  1. busby777 says:

    that car is my age, and it’s in better condition

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