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Giving a Gonski

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Well we have had months of blather form both the federal Labor  party and the Education union extorting us to “give a Gonski” and now I realise that all of this so called “extra money” from Canberra for education has a very big string attached to it, nay its not a string its a bloody big mooring rope and one that makes it almost impossible for the Liberal State governments to agree. Gillard wants the state governments to chip in a dollar for every two that that she is offering under “Gonski”. Now knowing how all state governments are struggling under the burdens of debt that  previous and current Labor administrations have created how on earth does Gillard expect that any state government could agree to sign up for this scheme?

Of course its obvious to me that she never really wanted them to anyway she needs there to be a stoush over this at the next CHOGM  so that she can make a big fuss about how she cares about the future of the nation’s children whereas the evil state premiers  “don’t give a Gonski” its just more of Labor’s usual trickery  and spin doctor shuffle. The simple fact is that if Labor really  cared about the education of our children then the so called reforms would not have such a string attached to it at all.

Not that it matters because the polling is saying so very loudly that Labor is going to be defeated with such soundness that they musty be hoping that they only suffer a Queensland style thrashing rather than being blown completely off the political landscape. Even in Victoria where labor’s vote has held up the best under Gillard’s poisoned patronage their vote has collapsed and dare I suggest that the one safe seat that is likely to be retained is Gillard’s own and guess what, when Labor Looses  its newly re-elected member will be rushing to resign her seat to save herself the humiliation of sitting in the house after leading Labor to its most crushing defeat in the history of federation. Hopefully  the true believers of her electorate will do the right thing for the future of the party and either vote against Labor or if they can’t  bring themselves to do that then they will vote informally in droves to ensure that they won’t have to have the further humiliation of a by-election so soon after the September 14 thrashing.

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