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Oblivion 2013

Its off to the movies for me today with my wife to see the new Science Fiction  epic Oblivion, yes I know its got Tom Cruise in it but it looks quite nice in the trailer:

It may be good it may be crap but I doubt that it will be lacking in action and cute visuals which will look good on the big screen.

Cheers Comrades

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A quick  review as an update

I had limited expectations of this movie and in some aspects there were the usual tropes of the genre but there was also a rather grown up plot and a nice lack of space opera silliness.  The CGI was delightfully seamless and convincing which made the world believable and the plot twists while easily predictable to this old cynic were not overplayed  or inconsistent with the vision of the film.

Over all it scores an eight out of ten  on the old  Iain-O-metre, quite worth watching and worth the price of admission to the Cinema .

Cheers again Comrades



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