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Fairfax just needs a murdered schoolgirl…

The report in today’s Oz raises an interesting moral question about the nature of journalism,  namely is it morally acceptable for a journaist to break the law to get a story.


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So after breaking to the ALP database in a flagrant breach of the law this troika of Age journalists are trying to suggest that it was their god given right as “journalists” to flout the law in pursuit of some “great truth”? Is it any wonder that the profession is held in such contempt by the public? The thing is if these three get away with hacking  the ALP how long will it be before we have members of the fourth estate  hacking the computers of ordinary citizens ? Of Bloggers, like you and I dear reader, just because we may happen to express opinions that they dislike?  The laws that protect the ALP in this instance  protect us all and no one should be exempt from prosecution when they get into our computer systems  because they are “journalists”.

It has just occurred to me that Fairfax has taken such delight in the woes of the British branch of the Murdoch press in relation to the “hacking” scandal that saw one tabloid shut down in shame and journalists facing criminal charges and here they are with their own little “hack-gate”  sadly for the general public there is no great heart string puller like the victim being a murdered school girl in the Australian example but morally is this act by Fairfax journalists really that different?

I don’t think so,

Cheers Comrades


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