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A change of direction for the Sandpit

Some regular readers may be wondering why I have been quiet for a couple of days well the answer is simple enough the silence is due to yours truly taking some time to reconsider my entire political philosophy. No longer will this blog be endorsing the Coalition at the next election,  after due consideration I have decided that Labor really deserves a chance to achieve greatness and that there is only one way that they can do that and that is if Julia Gillard is re-elected on September 14.

This was the email message that finally did the deed for me:

Dear Iain,

As someone who has been an economist for more than 25 years, including almost 13 years with global banks, I’m sick of the misinformation campaign being run by the Liberal Party and sections of the media about the Australian economy.

Let’s have a debate on the economy, for sure, but let’s make sure we stick to the facts.

This morning it continued with a beat up in the tabloid press misrepresenting Australia’s modest debt.

The fact is Australia’s net debt is dramatically lower than the net debt levels for every single major advanced economy.

Our current net debt is 10 per cent of GDP, compared to around 80 per cent for the USA and the UK, and around 35 per cent for Canada.

Labor made a choice to support local jobs during the GFC, a choice many countries around the world didn’t or couldn’t make. And as you can see on the graph below, they will be paying a very high price for many years.

Australia’s debt is so low, it has the rolled gold triple-A rating. Interest rates are low and our economy is the envy of the industrialised world.

Join the thousands of people taking a stand against misinformation who’ve already shared this graph on Facebook. Just click here or on the graph below and then share to help spread the truth. Basic indisputable facts.


Listening to the Liberal Party you’d think they hadn’t voted against the measures that kept Australia out of recession in the darkest moments of the GFC.

It’s fair to say that if the Liberal Party had their way we’d have gone into recession, more Aussies would be out of work and we’d have higher debt.

Stephen Koukoulas

How could I continue to endorse Tony Abbott  after reading  a message like that?

We need to have the Australian Labia Party holding the keys to the lodge to finish the great job that they are doing for the country and without the steely resolve of their great leader Julia Gillard the nation will be lost to the evil forces of the Murdoch media, big coal, rampant capitalism, forced conversion to the catholic faith, and the the evils of Workchoices MK2 .

Cheers indeed Comrades

English: Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gil...


  1. deknarf says:

    Aww c’mon Iain! Your kidding, aren’t you? A Good old April Fool’s Day Gotcha?

  2. GD says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Ray Dixon says:

    The really funny thing is, Iain, the article you quote about Australia’s debt to GDP ratio is correct – we are streets ahead of the rest of the western world. Yet still GD et al carry on as though our economy is stuffed.

    The reality is your coalition of yesterday men have no idea how to make it any better and, in fact, if they’d been in control these past 5 years we’d be in deep recession and even deeper shit. Oh, but we’d have less debt and, golly-gosh, a budget surplus. Cold comfort to the millions who’d be out of work. Even GD would find no one would be hiring musos or taking music lessons. He’d be busking on the streets … and begging the muslims of West Sydney to feed him, instead of bagging them. He’d even accept an halal sausage.

  4. Ray Dixon says:

    Here, GD, this is what you’d be eating under the coalition:

  5. Iain Hall says:

    But if the Australian Labia Party are returned we won’t even be able to get a sausage Ray….

  6. GD says:

    and begging the muslims of West Sydney to feed him

    So how would the Muslims of Western Sydney be able to feed me? Oh, that’s right, overly generous welfare. You know, like for multiple wives in burqas. Centrelink is ok with polygamy, as long as you are Muslim


    Thanks, Labor

  7. Iain Hall says:

    Don’t you get it GD, Allah will provide….

  8. GD says:

    Wayne’s legacy of $5.7M/hour debt accumulation will be our burden for years to come.

    Howard has been criticised for not spending on infrastructure, while at the same time selling off assets, ie Telstra. His predecessor Keating sold Qantas and the Commonwealth Bank yet still managed to wrack up a debt of $93 billion.

    The Libs paid that debt off and left a surplus of $11 billion. Rudd Labor got hit by the GFC. How much did they spend on the stimulus packages? Was it $11 billion?

    It doesn’t really matter, because since then, and the GFC was four years ago, Labor has continued borrowing like a hopeless gambler and spending like a drunken sailor, and all to no avail. The Disability Insurance Scheme is unfunded, as are the Gonski education reforms.

    Having wasted time and money on ridiculous socialist ideas such as increased censorship and anti-discrimination laws along with futile Green schemes, Labor now has nothing left in the coffers to pay for the few good ideas they’ve had.

    Keating Labor left a debt of $93 billion. To date, Gillard Labor has wracked up a debt of $330 billion and it’s growing daily.

    As Terry McRann from the Oz writes:

    THE increasingly heated debate over the size of the federal government’s debt is missing an arguably more important point. Just when we should be borrowing to the max to fund infrastructure, we no longer have the luxury to do so because of the casual way we have allowed government debt to rise over the past few years. Total net government federal and state debt in Australia has leapt by something like $330 billion since 2007-08…. it would be hard to argue that we’ve bought $330bn worth of unambiguously good infrastructure that would justify the debt incurred and add to future national income to service and repay it.

    McRann puts the debt into context. Future generations will have to service and repay this unnecessary debt.

    Meanwhile selfish leftard commenters on this blog ask the myopic question, ‘how much worse off are you under Labor?’

    Fortunately, Australia’s economy is strong enough to withstand the onslaught of financial havoc that Labor has wreaked in the last five years. Is it strong enough to withstand further Labor mismanagement? How far down (or is that up) the graph of national debt do we have to go before enough is enough?

    The financial mess in Greece and other Euro countries didn’t happen overnight.

    I refer to the old joke, ‘how do you make a small business?

    Buy a big business and vote Labor’.

  9. It’s good Mr Ian that you’ve seen the light and come over to my side, everyone will in September.

    Timmy and me are preparing to join the international jet set again with our all expenses paid holiday in China.

    It’s important that I make this trip on your behalf and suffer a week of peeking duck, flied nice and the other odd foods they will be serving us.

    It’s important that I meet with our fellow Chinese comrades and mend any damage our beloved treasuer Wayney might have done when he started name calling some of my favourite miner Ostralians like Ghina and Clive.

    It’s also important with our election coming up that I meet with our fellow comrades and soak up any policy ideas they may give me for our electioneering.

    It is important that I look closely at examples of their media laws and get our policies stitched up after Stephen blew it over the last couple of weeks.

    It’s also important that I personally keep close relations with our fellow comrades as in the very near future I may decide to relinquish my position as President of Ostralia as I’ve always seen myself more as Chairman Juliar and any pointers I can get to assist in this ambition will be helpful.

    To all you peasants, see I’m grasping their lingo already, I know, you’ll all miss me, but that’s the price you have to pay as well as the carbon price, the super price and I know I can bring back from this holiday some great ideas for more prices for you to pay.

  10. GD says:

    Juliar Blowhard, I heard you had ditched Timmy for 474 visa holder John McTernan. Can you confirm this? It’s rumoured that Timmy has been clearing out his shed. Given that the execution, I mean election, isn’t due until September 14, doesn’t that seem a tad premature?

    You need to come clean on this one. Is it the bloke who gives you dodgy hairdos or is it the failed commie from Britain?

  11. GD says:

    Apropos selfish leftard commenters on this blog asking the myopic question, ‘how much worse off are you under Labor?’

    Individually, many of us may not be, but Labor’s regressive policies are certainly having an effect.

    In Victoria, hospitals are being hit with hundreds of thousands of dollars with their ‘carbon taxed’ energy bills.

    Of course, Tanya Plibersek’s office said that these increases will be offset by compensation. Of course she refrains from mentioning that there is no more money to pay for compensation and that this half-arsed scheme is about to go belly-up in 2015 when Australia has signed to comply with the European model of carbon pricing.

    Climate Sinister Greg Combet has shown he has totally lost touch with reality.

    “But there is every reason to believe that carbon markets will recover. I am confident of the Treasury modelling, which predicts a $29 a tonne carbon price in 2015/16.”

    Unbelievably, the befuddled unionist continues to state that:

    The offshore carbon price had moved as high as $53 a tonne in recent years and its long term average was $23 a tonne

    As of last month the European carbon price was in the toilet, about $5 or $6 a tonne.

    Rusted-on Labor voters may not be worse off under this sham of a government, but the ramifications of its socialist policies are already being felt across the nation.

    How long will it it be before you are worse off?

  12. Juliar Blowhard, I heard you had ditched Timmy for 474 visa holder John McTernan. Can you confirm this? It’s rumoured that Timmy has been clearing out his shed. Given that the execution, I mean election, isn’t due until September 14, doesn’t that seem a tad premature?

    You need to come clean on this one. Is it the bloke who gives you dodgy hairdos or is it the failed commie from Britain?

    Mr GD I’m not a a Perm and tell sort of girl. It’s the same as I always say about polls, I don’t comment on them and I’m certainly not going to comment here about what goes on in my Palace in Canberra.
    What I will tell you exclusively, and NB this is for your ears only, shortly, hair, make-up, fashions, you’ll soon be seeing the new, REAL Juliar, in fact Mr Ian might even be inviting me to write an exclusive Juliar Tells All column for you. He’s still working on the contract details with Ruppert.

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