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Kevin oh Heaven!

A lovely bit of satire from Anthony Ackroyd

Cheers Comrades


Kevin likes to dance..

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  1. GD says:

    Interesting to see which Labor caucus members have a sense of humour. Plibersek scores points as does Albanese. The rest of them show just how dour the left can be even when it comes to humour. Look at the smacked bottom expression on the Minister for Dancing’s face. Even more telling is the supercilious smirk from the recently installed Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus.

    As well as having a sense of humour, Albanese has also had the guts to front the Bolt Report a number of times. He acquitted himself admirably each time. It’s a pity the rest of the leftards don’t open themselves up to debate, rather than hiding themselves behind the protective shield of the tax-payer funded, leftist ABC.

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