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Of mandates, promises and the inevitability of the Carbon tax being repealed

I have repeatedly suggested that when it comes to repealing the carbon tax that the ALP  will not be at all obstructive in the upper house because they will have to concede that Tony Abbott will have a mandate to do this. Now I find in today’s Oz the same suggestion from Tony Abbott himself:

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My friends from the left have been fooling themselves if they think that the incoming government will not be true to their word, after all being untruthful to the electorate is what will be buying Labor’s very long lease on their wilderness accommodation…
Cheers Comrades


  1. scaper... says:

    Hey Ian, you are causing a stir at the other place.

    Here’s an email to the chief of Cafe Unfounded Gossip.

    “Migs, so I’m banned eh?

    Col calls me Walter Mitty and AnthonyG says I’m a harmless loony and he alleges that I said I talk to Gina on a weekly basis? Can you find here where I have ever stated such???

    Your reasoning is that I never contacted you first but if the allegations by the above are correct what is there to fear? By the opinion of your contributors I’m full of shit so which is it?

    Can’t have it both ways, pal!”

    The last bastion of the delusional left. By the way…Tony’s office and Chris are laughing at the pissant thread. If true, what are they going to do about it? The imaginary fifth column…HAHAHAHAHAH!

  2. Ray Dixon says:

    Unlike the one above, this comment will actually be on topic:

    Iain, Abbott can talk as tough as he likes but the stark reality is he won’t be able to repeal the carbon tax without also repealing the tax cuts to ordinary workers that came with it. So a vote for the coalition is a vote for tax increases – it’s as simple as that and Abbott has now confirmed it.

  3. GD says:

    The carbon tax incurred a cost to low income earners. Joolia threw some money at them. She didn’t give them tax cuts.

    Joolia did raise the tax threshold from $6,000 to $20,000. I fail to see how people on that income could even be liable for tax. All she did was relieve them of the onerous, pointless task of lodging a tax return. For once I agree with Joolia.

    If Abbott gets rid of the carbon tax there should be no more reason to throw money at low income earners.

    Currently low income earners receive a quarterly payment for suffering under the carbon tax. Their next payment is due this month. Something like $200. This is supposed to offset the 10% increase in energy bills. Let’s see if Labor honours its promise to these low income earners.

    The carbon tax scam has opened up a can of worms worthy of Pandora’s Box. As Labor robs Peter to pay Paul, the intended outcome is far from achieving any result. The world’s temperature hasn’t decreased, not that rational people wanted it to in the first place, yet electricity prices have soared. Economies are suffering under green regulations, with Australian businesses paying exorbitant prices for electricity, refrigeration services and associated costs, and all to no avail.

    The sooner Abbott puts the lid on Pandora’s environmental box, the better.

  4. Iain Hall says:

    This story just confirms what I have been saying for ages, namely that Abbott won’t make any of the recipients of the compensation be obviously worse off.As a periodic payment that is made only a couple of times a year it will not be missed in the same way that a drop in the forthrightly rate for say single parents has been very dearly missed thanks to Gillard.

    While I confidently expect that the direct payments, that GD notes are due to be paid soon, to welfare recipients, may disappear, I very much doubt that the tax threshold will be dropped back to the ridiculously low $6K because in the real world that makes hardly any difference to tax receipts but it adds a large administrative burden on the Tax office. so that is likely to stay, as for things like the pension increases well they can be offset against future rises due to the CPI or jsut accepted as a reasonable cost of keeping that demographic “sweet” and onside.

  5. Ray Dixon says:

    The carbon tax incurred a cost to low income earners. Joolia threw some money at them. She didn’t give them tax cuts.

    Everyone earning up to $80,000 received a tax cut as a result of the changes bought in by the carbon tax. And Tony will have to reverse that if he repeals the carbon tax … or raise taxes some other way. It’s a no-brainer, GD, and the only way to deny it is to lie about it.

  6. Craigy says:

    So Tony will remove the carbon price scheme….Okay, hard to do as Ray has said but let’s take Tony at his word (which is also hard)….

    Tony is proposing a direct action scheme that will cost us double the price of the ALP carbon price…..So there is no way that they can reduce taxes and the cost of living will continue to rise under the LNP…..

    Care to comment on the next PM’s plan Iain and GD??

    You will be voting for the LNP, so you are voting for an expensive plan to reduce CO2 output……You must both be WARMANISTS!!….LOL… 🙂

  7. Iain Hall says:

    by your own logic as you will be voting for the Greens and undoubtedly preferencing Labor then you will be endorsing every aspect of their Platform as a result. Therefore you will be voting for her Asylum seeker policy, her objections to Gay marriage ect ect ,

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