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The Labor innovation of Splatovision™

Yet another Poll showing that under the leadership of Julia Gillard the Federal Labor party is in a death spin as the electoral ground rushes up to  demonstrate Newtonian physics in glorious Technicolour and the new in Labor innovation of  Splatovision™  this new process uses a combination of real time collision of Labor politicians with the reality of the electorate’s displeasure at their ideas and performance.

Julia rehearsing for  the introduction of

Julia rehearsing for the introduction of Splatovision™


The essence of   Splatovision™  is the use of Hi-definition hi-speed  digital cameras to record every minute detail of the fear loathing and terror of on the faces of the Labor leadership.  This wonderful innovation is a product of several different  departments and has been facilitated with the input of their fine friends the Australian Greens , along with the Department of Climate change, and the fine technical minds who are bringing us the joys of the NBN and the Clean Energy Future.

a demo  version of Ruddorama ®

a demo version of Ruddorama ®

There are some who think that the party should be producing its feature in the now obsolete Ruddorama ® but its advocates have been having a great deal of trouble raising sufficient political capital to retrofit that technology to the production. The rumour mill  has however  been running at  a white hot intensity  however the informed scuttle-butt has been suggesting that we may see a revival of Ruddorama ® in the sequel although industry insiders are suggesting that the production schedule on that one may be very long and wearisome.



As much as the  Geeky fan-base may enjoy these productions it seems likely that they will soon have trouble getting any air time except in obscure timeslots as its boutique audience continues to shrink and many of the less commuted fans switch to  the  nostalgia tinted TonyVision♥   although  it is not a perfect process  TonyVision♥  does have a solid reputation for dependable viewing pleasure unencumbered by the wild flights of fancy that so blight both Splatovision™ and    Ruddorama ®.

Its like the Betamax vs VHS situation all over again  and we all know how that turned out.

Cheers Comrades



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