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Jokers wild, Aces high and the red Queens of no value

In Poker they are called “tells” those little micro behaviors that give away the true standing of the other players’ hands and  there are  many tells from the Labor  card sharps that things are pretty dire in the cards that they have left to play.  Sadly for the ever more disillusioned true believers  its obvious that having Gillard as the major card holder will see them banished from the table without a stake to play again anytime soon. with the latest polling seeing the Labor chances  making that mythical snowflake on holiday in Hades  seem very very enduring indeed. I have no doubt that their next move will be to go for the all in bet of restoring Rudd to the lodge. There is however one problem with all in bets and that is the very real    chance that others at the table will know that you are bluffing…

To be honest I can’t see how Rudd  will make any substantial difference to Labor ‘s impending doom.  Its rather like thinking that it will be better to have five bullets to the head is going to be less fatal than six lead injections. Dead is dead and this labor government is in the Zombie zone now no amount of face paint  is going to hide that fact.

In the mean time Tony Abbott is looking more and more Prime  Ministerial as he goes about the very necessary job of enunciating both the policy and direction that we can expect from his government:

While I have reservations about the emphasis on growth its very clear that he is calm clear and focused while I am certain that an Abbott government will not be perfect I am equally sure that it will be better than the shambolic mob who have been trembling  in fear as Julia Gillard’s Kool-aid    has been passed around, will they drink deep from that deadly draft or will they instead swallow the bitter brew of Rudd suds?  Either way many  of the Labor Caucus will need to check out this website sooner rather than later.

Cheers Comrades

A Labor party poker game

A Labor party poker game



  1. Treeman says:

    Love your work. It’s very quiet over at a certain cafe these days…maybe some of them are making their minds up?

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Yes I know what you mean about the Cafe, sadly they have succumbed to the intimidation from the likes of “Ricky have a heart Panowitz” and let those of the extreme left set their agenda. I am wondering just how they will somersault if Rudd gets back in the lodge because so many of them are really personally invested in the Gillard regime and they are going to be really distraught when the inevitable fall happens.

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