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Booking seats on the Titanic

Hmm you have got to love those Loopy Greens and their Peons in that Quango invented by Gillard to buy their parliamentary endorsement…


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While I certainly do understand the strict letter of the law interpretation of  the “caretaker conventions ” its ludicrous that this Quango  is prepared to enter into contracts  and disperse Largess in the full knowledge that the coalition will close down the Quango at the earliest possible opportunity.   Frankly I suspect that those who enter into contracts with this instrumentality would have a very hard time suing   for compensation after a change of government because the coalition have made it very clear that that they will wind up this utterly useless sop to Greens ideology and its likely that a judge would agree with the incoming government that any contracts would be void and not liable to compensation.  Even if this were not the case its unlikely that the Green cronies would have spent all of the 10 billion by September 14 so all the Greens could hope to do is deprive the treasury of some budgetary savings when this quango is abolished.

Finally what is the bet that all employees of this Quango are on short term contracts?

Cheers Comrades

a new scheme to extract  energy from spinning girls will have the dual benifit of crating employment for the pretty young things and they are less of a threat to bird-life.

A new scheme to extract energy from spinning girls will have the dual benefit of creating employment for the pretty young things and they will be  less of a threat to bird-life than the wind farms that they will replace.


  1. Simon says:

    And ultimately who’s to blame for this situation but the Prime Minister for announcing the election date so far in advance.
    The cynic in me thinks that perhaps the federal Labor strategy for 2013 is to wear the public down with these sorts of issues where functionality appears to be under threat of halting and so in half a year they win with a mandate to try and return to the status quo, stopping the confusion.
    That the Liberal party is following the correct tactic of appearing like the Government in waiting was predictable as polling suggests a handy lead so just sit back and don’t stuff up.

    I’m also not in favour of this idea of following a Republic system of fixed terms and known election dates (as has been argued is part of the reasoning behind such a long announcement). A Presidential style election ultimately lacks the “honourable opposition” which is so important in a Westminister Democracy and if Australia wants to progress down that path then the office of President/Prime Minister would need to be stripped of its legislative powers like the American system.

    I think what we’re witnessing is the collapse of a Labor party that no longer works for the benefit of the working man, has been spanked at the State level and hopefully will rebuild with a renewed focus on trying to achieve what’s best for the middle class.

    Bit grumpy tonight as I got another whopping big electricity bill.

  2. GD says:

    They have no shame, Iain. They will push their snouts into taxpayer’s money until the very last day. They know their time is up, but Gillard’s absurd extension of the election date has given them extra time to snuffle up more of Gillard’s borrowed funds. Remember that, borrowed. We no longer have this money. It has to be repaid.

    And then, to add insult to injury, with Fairfax shares in the toilet, and commercial print and TV media making cuts, now comes the announcement that the ABC will be gifted an obscene ten million dollars to boost its news department, ie, propaganda department.

    We already have the ABC proselytising its viewers and listeners to the AGW religion, or what is now known as climate change supposedly caused by Man.

    Meanwhile flood victims in Queensland have received, in total, a measly one million.

  3. Iain Hall says:


    Bit grumpy tonight as I got another whopping big electricity bill.

    Yep I know precisely how you feel as ours is on the fridge waiting for me to add it to the Visa card 😮
    That said there will be plenty of electric bills between now and Sept 14 and each one will remind voters of the Carbon tax and Labor’s cavalier attitude to ever increasing energy costs.

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