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Chris Evans and Nicola Roxon jump ship


You have got to love it when something you write is so quickly proven to be correct. When I wrote my post the other day suggesting that Robert McClelland  was the first rat to notice that the SS Labor was taking on water,  little did I know that two big names would  so soon follow him into the life boats eager to escape being entangled in the Sargasso sea of endless opposition. The question is just how many will jump ship before Sept 14? Quite a few would be my call.

Cheers Comrades

Chris Evans and , Nicola Roxon

Chris Evans and  Nicola Roxon


  1. I predict Gillard will commit suicide in a bunker sometime around August.

  2. A remarkable start to the year for the worst PM in this nation’s history who leads a collective of moonbats. I agree Iain, McClelland, Evans and the poisonous, divisive Roxon, will not be the only ones to dive into a lifeboat. An exodus of the spineless deliberately depriving their electorates of the pleasure of taking the sledgehammer to them on polling day has only just begun.

    Stand by for further bulletins concerning the obnoxious Thomson and Slipper as both face huge debts trying to defend themselves. In Thomson’s case, it could spell bankruptcy. Question: Will the ALP fork out again for an Independent this time round? Is Thomson’s vote worth the expense?

    The writing is on the wall for the Gillard Government and I firmly believe we will head to the Polls well before 14th September.

    What a joyous year this will be!

  3. Plato, I tip prior to August 17th!

  4. Grace says:

    If Gillard had any decency about her, she would go straight to the Governor General now and hand in her time sheet and ask for an election in March. Even other Labor people are sayings things like “when Rome Burns”, which I think sums up the way Gillard is fiddling with the people of Australia. Gillard said how announcing the election as this time would bring certainty, well the only certainty it’s brought so far is that, and people are forgetting what happened with McClelland a week or so back, McClelland, Evans and Roxon, all high profile Labor people have thrown in the towel, sure we’ll hear the tied old, “Personal Reasons’ traotted out, but this I’m sure is just a start to more stench that will surround Gillard and Labor, IF we have to put up with it right up to September.

  5. Ray Dixon says:

    The writing is on the wall for the Gillard Government

    I agree – it’s “on the wall” for Gillard personally as PM. For sure. Announcing the election so far out is just another of her political blunders and she will be replaced, hopefully by Rudd.

  6. Ray, I reckon there would be an even larger exodus if the Ruddster was considered a potential candidate. From what I’ve heard, he lacks numbers. Things may have changed over the past week and we have seen Rudd position himself into the spotlight again, but I don’t like his chances much.

    Let’s say Rudd did win the ballot, he’d have to install an entirely new and probably untried front bench. That is – if he didn’t call a snap election which would be the smart thing to do.

  7. I should add, I don’t think it would matter who the ALP elected to captain the ship. It’s already run aground and probably beyond even the salvage crews now. Brand Labor is terminal, in my opinion. The Unions can take a bow for that. The stench is overwhelming.

  8. Ray Dixon says:

    Rudd would make the election a close contest. The way it is now, with Gillard, the ALP is facing a huge drubbing. Political fortunes can (and do) change quickly. What short memories you conservatives have – think back to late 2009 when the Liberals were a basket case; all it took was a change of leadership on both sides (Abbott for Turnbull and Gillard for Rudd) to swing it around to the tightest election we’ve ever seen. Rudd would campaign Abbott into the ground and give him no free kicks. As for his Cabinet, good riddance to Roxon (already gone) and especially good riddance to the mealy-mouthed Simon Crean. And that dweeb Bradbury. As for Swan, he’d be demoted and fall into line. Chris Bowen (a fine politician) would be the new Treasurer. And Peter Garrett would be so nonplussed by it all he’d probably go back to the one thing he’s good at – being the front man with the Oils.

  9. Brian says:

    I’m quite sorry to see Roxon go. I think she was one of the very few Labor ministers who was passionate about her work and also across her portfolio. The fact that Fiona calls her “poisonous and divisive” (after recently complaining about the lack of civility in politics) is strange, but she is entitled to her opinions.

    I don’t think three resignations from the cabinet after an election has been declared is that unusual. There is always pressure on politicians to leave parliament and take on lucrative roles in the public sector. McLelland was a dumped Rudd man so he had nothing to stay for. Evans was regularly commuting from WA, I think, so he was probably bound to go sooner or later. Not sure what Roxon’s reasons are or might be. In any case, Gillard now has seven months to clear the deck and unearth some new talent, not that she’s likely to find any.

  10. deknarf says:

    Er, I think it’s called ‘clearing the decks’ and I understand that Evans and Roxon have been in discussion with Gillard for some time about leaving parliament.

  11. Jennifer Pierno says:

    Anyone seen Greg Combet lately?

  12. Ray Dixon says:

    There may well be valid other reasons for the 3 resignations but the public perception is that it’s “rats desertng … ” (you know the rest). Couple that with the Thomson charges (not to mention the Slipper ones) and it doesn’t look good for a PM who just a few days ago made the unprecedented announcement of a 7-months plus election campaign. And it’s all about perception.

  13. GD says:

    courtesy of a Tim Blair commenter:

    Ships leaving a sinking rat?

  14. Iain Hall says:

    good one GD 😆

  15. GD says:

    How about Rudd’s return as a regular on Ch 7 Sunrise? Timed to perfection. Maybe Ray will get his wish. As Labor implodes, Milky Bar could be seen as Labor’s only hope. Clear out all but his supporter(s)? and start again. He’d have eight months.

  16. Richard Ryan says:

    Will we have the xxxxxxxx attack on Australian soil before or after the Federal Election.?

  17. Richard Ryan says:

    Memo to Plato Sandilands: F.O.A.D.

  18. Iain Hall says:

    Is that what you are planning Richard?

  19. Ray Dixon says:

    I’d remove Richard’s suggestion of a terrorist attack, Iain. ASIO and the AFP have ears.

  20. Iain Hall says:

    edited it rather than removing it Ray

  21. GD says:

    naughty Richard

  22. GD says:

    I’m happy to see the end of Roxon. While vaunted as a senior player in this Labor incumbency, she is also one of its most reprehensible ministers. Roxon, on her departure, collecting an overly generous pension, should be apologising for the damage she has done to during her brief tenure.

    The damage she has done?

    The alco-pops tax? Teenagers merely moved from alco-pops to straight spirits and a bottle of coke. D’oh!

    Then she moved to cigarette packets. Whether drab olive green or showing hideous effects from smoking, she showed that she reckoned she knew better than you and I about how to run our lives. This woman is way out of line. She was born in 1967, she has no right to tell me how to live my life or moralise to the general populace.

    Add to that her intended coup d’état of our freedom of speech and expression has now hopefully fallen flat.

    Her recent attempt to legislate against almost every section of Australian society’s freedom of speech.

    If you still reckon she’s a good polie, read this, from her proposed bill about discrimination.

    Section 17 – Division 2 “Protected Attributes”

    such as:

    Age, Breast feeding, disability, family responsibilities, gender identity, immigrant status, industrial history, marital or relationship status, medical history, nationality or citizenship, political opinion, potential pregnancy, pregnancy, race, religion and sex.

    Under gender identity PIAC submits that ‘intersex’ be included as a protected attribute in the new Act, and that definition of Intersex be as follows:

    Intersex means the status of having physical, hormonal or genetic features that are –

    (a) neither wholly female nor wholly male; or (b) a combination of female and male; or (c) neither female nor male.

    179 pages with 208 regulations to control YOU, how you think and speak on any of the above.

    Nobody will be able to voice their opinion on ANY of these matters, without fear of persecution by the authorities. You will be guilty and have to prove your innocence.

    At least the woman has had the decency to resign, thereby admitting that the whole administration is a house of cards.

  23. Richard Ryan says:

    “Terrorism the poor mans war, War the rich mans Terrorism.” Shalom.

  24. Ray Dixon says:

    I actually agree with you about Roxon, GD. In my opinion she made policy decisions based on her personal feelings rather on what’s good for the people. Or to put it another way, she decided she knew what was good for the people based on her own emotions. A la the OTT cigarette packaging – that was all about her father’s death and I reckon she had a conflict of interests in even being involved with it. She reminds me of a small-minded suburban school committee leader.

  25. GD says:

    Great comment Ray, and not just because you agree with me.

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