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Iain almost gloating about Craig Thomson in a new post, or Cheers Comrade Ray

The Craig Thomson saga still has a few chapters to play out but it has reached an interesting turning point with his very public arrest and him being charged with one count of fraud with 149 other charges to be laid in the very near future. Now without wishing to preempt the court process I am enjoying more than a small tingle  of Schadenfreude at this very welcome news. This is not inspired by any thought of Thomson himself but rather the  minions of the left who have just about turned themselves inside out trying to give him the benefit of the doubt and constructing the most elaborate conspiracy theories in the process.

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Of course this does not really help Gillard but by the same token it won’t deal her any sort deathblow either. Frankly the death of this Labor Government is more like to come from a myriad of small wounds that will slowly exsanguinate   the body of our oldest political party until it becomes just a pale shadow of its former self.

Cheers Comrades


Dedicated to the brokenhearted “True Believers”


  1. One down and one big one to go, Iain! I refer, of course, to the Police investigations into the Gillard/AWU/WRA/Wilson saga.

    As you said, the Thomson arrest today is probably not likely to bring this appalling government down before the writs are issued in August.

    Gillard has been an incompetent strategist aided and abetted by an equally incompetent 457 Visa holder (because nobody in this country was incompetent enough to handle the brief!) advisor, John McTernan!

    So many stuff-ups and so little time to sweep them into oblivion!

    To Gillard: Suck it up, Princess! I’m enjoying every minute of the show.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    look at it this way Fiona, the longer it takes to remove Gillard the longer that Labor will spend in the political wilderness.
    It may be delayed gratification but it is worth waiting for.

  3. Brian says:

    You are well and truly over-egging the pudding Iain. I haven’t heard any Labor supporter crying that Thomson is innocent, only that he is entitled to fair treatment and due process. As for “elaborate conspiracy theories”, the only time I’ve seen one of those is from Thomson trying to assert his innocence. Oh, and you trying to talk up the Gillard-Wilson thing, which is the greatest political beat-up of the last decade.

    You are correct though that Thomson’s arrest won’t have much impact on the election result. There’s no way in hell it will see the inside of a courtroom before September anyway.

  4. GD says:

    Pickering’s green bottles

  5. Yes, when I saw it earlier, I thought that was one of Pickering’s more inspirational efforts!

  6. Simon says:

    Rightly (or wrongly) how the charge was laid, there’s something satisfyingly visceral about a good perp-walk. Even Aussie style. Belated Happy Australia Day.

  7. Iain Hall says:

    I’ll give Thomson one thing and that he has perfected the po-faced claims of innocence to perfection even though he is entirely unconvincing. However Brian I think you and Ray are mistaken to dismiss Pickering’s cartoon so flippantly on the basis of its author’s reputation, you should instead consider the aptness of its iconography which is actually very astute, and witty.

  8. Brian says:

    “Childish and simple” would be the words I’d use to describe it. Bottles tumbling off a wall hardly constitutes intelligent commentary or witty satire.

    Pickering is not only as dodgy as all get out, he is half barmy. He’s about as credible a conservative as Mark Latham is for the other side, probably even less so. The fact that you and “GD” think he has something of value to offer is bewildering. Well, perhaps it isn’t so bewildering.

  9. Iain Hall says:

    A cartoonist does not need to be “credible” in any sense of the word and why you think otherwise totally eludes me. I actually think that in many ways they are the poets of political commentary but all that matters is the imagery they use and how apt it is to the political events that they are referencing. Frankly a cartoonist could be a serial killer and it would not matter at all if they do a clever and witty cartoon about the topic de jour that hits the spot.

  10. Brian says:

    But Pickering is a caricaturist, not a cartoonist. There is no satirical value, subtlety or intelligence to what he does. He just specialises in simplistic and crude representations of people or (in this case) political opinion. That’s why he was given the arse from the Australian and had to resort to calendars of Bob Hawke and others sporting big/small dicks. He’s as much a poet as I am a concert pianist.

    As for his credibility, that might be fine if all he did was draw pictures. But he doesn’t, does he?

  11. Iain Hall says:

    All political cartoonists are caricaturists Brian, and all of them stylize and simply the the subjects of their drawings.

  12. Brian says:

    No they are not, Michael Leunig for one (and he’s more political than most).

  13. Iain Hall says:

    Michael Leunig does not draw realistic people he draws caricatures of humanity just like other cartoonists do.

  14. Ray Dixon says:

    Pickering depicted Gillard wearing a huge strap-on dildo. He’s a dickhead – enough said.

  15. Iain Hall says:

    Well even Dickheads can get things right sometimes and that cartoon was both funny and a realistic, if crude comment on Gillard’s performance as PM, she is after all buggering up the country and the ALP in her quest for personal glory.

  16. Ray Dixon says:

    Well Iain, if you admire Pickering’s work that speaks for itself.

  17. Brian says:

    It wasn’t just “crude”, it was smutty, sexist and utterly ridiculous. And illustrative of Pickering’s limited talent.

    My guess is that if someone drew Tony Abbott using an artificial vagina, you’d be singing a different song Iain.

  18. Brian says:

    Pickering gets summed up by a real cartoonist (who understands that making a point is not as simple as drawing genitals and sex toys):

  19. Iain Hall says:

    Brian I don’t get at all offended by sexually explicit humor and I am honest enough to admit that I find some of it funny

  20. Brian says:

    I don’t get offended by it either Iain. I just don’t rely on it for political ideas or meaning.

  21. Iain Hall says:

    Brian I view all politics as a game and don’t take any of it that seriously, including cartoons which i may find funny or amusing but they are never a source of my own opinions or political ideas.

  22. Richard Ryan says:

    Iain —every dog has it’s day, as for you, I would be keeping an eye on your health. I see dark clouds hovering over you, where your health is concerned.

  23. Iain Hall says:

    Why do you say that Richard?

  24. Brian says:

    Richard, do you have tomorrow night’s Lotto numbers by any chance?

  25. Richard Ryan says:

    ” Why do you say that Richard”? (A) Because you talk a lot about medical appointments.

  26. Iain Hall says:

    I have a chronic pain condition which requires me to see various medicos it is not a terminal condition by any stretch of the imagination 🙄

  27. damage says:

    If Pickering depicted Mirrabella in the same manner you’d be fine with it?

  28. GD says:

    If Pickering depicted Mirrabella in the same manner you’d be fine with it?

    I’d be fine with it, but it wouldn’t quite correct. See, as Iain said, it’s Gillard who’s buggering the country not some Lib politician.

    The dildo is reserved for her.

  29. GD says:

    I notice that Brian finds the drawing of Pickering ‘feeding the chooks’, a reference to masturbating, quite funny, yet he is unable to laugh at cartoons directed at the leftists.

    How dour, and hypocritical, are the minions of the left?

    Speaking of Pickering, I enjoyed his cartoon of Tony in speedos with a plethora of budgies flying from his swimming trunks.

    Get over it lefties, it works both ways.

    Pickering lampooned political figures in the seventies relentlessly, regardless of which side they were on. That is the nature of a good cartoonist.

    His repeated illustration of Gillard is on the money, otherwise he would have drawn something else. She is buggering the country, and his drawing brings that home loud and clear.


    Pickering’s still got it!

  30. Brian says:

    I notice that Brian finds the drawing of Pickering ‘feeding the chooks’, a reference to masturbating, quite funny, yet he is unable to laugh at cartoons directed at the leftists.

    I didn’t say it was funny; I said it was apt. As for him “feeding the chooks”, I had no idea the term refers to masturbation (I’ll have to defer to your expert knowledge on the subject) and I very much doubt the cartoonist meant that either. You’re just flailing and grasping at straws.

  31. Brian says:

    The Pickering handiwork displayed above reveal just what sort of “cartoonist” he is: one who can’t get sex and dicks off his mind, so clamours to use them to make a political point. He’s as boring as he is repetitive.

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