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The privilege of being an Australian

With Australia day coming up and the usual suspects from the left suggesting that we should take up sackcloth and ashes rather than to celebrate the country and its achievements I was rather struck by this little rave from “John the other”.

Although we are not a perfect society we do come pretty close in my humble opinion and personally I think that we are all privileged to be living here and that those who want to divide and deride by the citation of “privilege” are nothing but miserable fools who are welcome to get on the next plane outta here.
Cheers Comrades



  1. Iain, I value my privilege of being born an Australian. Australians have sacrificed their live to ensure that privilege is not lost.

    What I find disgusting are those who think they have an unfettered right to all things Australian, whether they be born here or imports. They sit on the sidelines sniping at our way of life, yet don’t want to contribute to that way of life.

    The graffiti writers are flotsam we can do without.

    It’s far much easier to rock up to Centrelink for their fortnightly handouts than take a simple initiative to volunteer somewhere for their taxpayer funded payments. It isn’t worth the effort to even attempt to learn the language. Let the kids translate for them.

    I am a proud Australian and I am proud to have contributed to this country.

    I will be celebrating tomorrow with honour and stuff those who desire to challenge my patriotism. There is no such thing as invasion day and the cretins attempting to destroy Australian values need to get a grip on reality. They are too gormless to realise the value of what they have and it could all be lost in a flash.

    This is the best country on this Planet. Let’s keep it that way.

    Stamp out stupidity.

  2. GD says:

    Unfortunately, unlike the Italian and Greek immigrants of the fifties, many recent immigrants act as though they are entitled to all the benefits that Australia offers, rather than being privileged to be granted them.

    We see asylum seekers demanding ‘freedom’ from the rooftops of their safe-houses, burning their accommodation and sewing their lips together in an attempt to force us to allow them the same privileges Australian citizens are afforded. Unfortunately, when they are accepted into the country they often quickly lose the plot, returning to the very behaviour that wrecked their countries in the first place.

    behead all those who insult the prophet

    burn in hell, burn in hell

    The Northern Territory News reports:

    Asylum seekers say they have lost thousands of dollars, electronic goods and other possessions while in detention in Darwin

    No boat person entering this country illegally after setting out from Indonesia, or some other country that is not their home country, is an asylum seeker. That is fact, according to UN laws. After you enter your first country after ‘fleeing’ your home country due to fears of being killed, that country becomes your country of refuge

    Apparently they were fleeing persecution in their home country, yet managed to pay smugglers $10,000 for passage to Australia.

    Funny about that. They manage to get here by boat, keep hold of their electronic goods, yet somehow lose their passports. It would have been cheaper to fly here. Except then they’d need their passports to prove they are refugees.


    Happy Australia Day.

  3. Richard Ryan says:

    Yeah, the same to you GD—-Happy Invasion Day—–now go blow on your didgeridoo.

  4. Ray Dixon says:

    That’s disgraceful, GD. I’m ashamed to know there are Australians like you.

  5. Richard Ryan says:

    GD, you are a bastard, but then it’s not your fault your mother does not hold a marriage licence.

  6. Craig says:

    Long live AngloCelt Australia.

  7. GD says:

    the usual suspects from the left suggesting that we should take up sackcloth and ashes

    Yes, Iain, like Pavlov’s Dogs, the usual suspects, come Australia Day and the parading of the Australian flag, are offended, incensed and just plain cross that the rest of us refuse to deny our heritage. While they encourage the celebration of Aboriginal culture and cultures since welcomed to this country, they have a problem acknowledging that it was the Brits who formed this nation out of a land inhabited by nomads.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with being a nomad, just don’t expect the rest of the world to let you have free rein on the world’s largest continent without contact from others.

    In times past, interaction with other communities across the world led to the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. Isolated communities were locked in time or simply disappeared. With a continent as large as Australia, that was never going to happen.

    If it wasn’t the Brits who ‘invaded’ the continent, it would have been another European nation.

    Applying 21st Century societal mores to the 18th Century colonisation of Terra Australis is both a denial of reality and an attempt to instil guilt upon future generations. The Greens and Labor are particularly adept at this, given that guilt can be milked to suit their agenda.

    Instead, most Australians celebrated Australia Day with neither enmity nor agenda.

    I hope those sausages are halal, otherwise we’ll never hear the end of it!

  8. Richard Ryan says:

    AH YES! The British Empire founded on invasion, theft,slavery,racism, and murder.

  9. Richard Ryan says:

    GD—who blogs under a screen name, is a coward, but then if he screens under his true name, it may effect his music pay-packet, you are everything I hate in a human being. Shalom, arsehole.

  10. GD says:

    Thanks for your opinion, Richard Ryan. Glad you enjoyed the pictures. Have you got your hand off it yet, or are you still tuggin’?

  11. It’s much easier for the Leftarded to avoid thinking for themselves. I’ve witnessed it over and over again during the past five or six years and it’s getting worse. The preferred debating style of supporters of the Left is to launch vile attacks at the messenger rather than argue the content of the message. It’s indicative of abject desperation, I believe.

    Of course, members of the Left cheer squad who infest blogs such as this have extraordinary role models to draw from in Federal Parliament. Gillard, Albanese, Combet, Emerson, Wong and Swan to name six of the better performers in the art of political negativity, irrelevance and obnoxiousness. These people are in government – not in opposition. Yet! You’d expect them to set some sort of example but maturity and decorum are concepts foreign to them.

    Apart from their sheer incompetence in government, I will not stomach the venom from ALP Parliamentarians and their cheer squad for the better part of another year. A major reason why the ALP will be placed 2nd last on my ballot papers. The Greens will occupy last position.

    Why should we have any respect whatsoever for such idiots?

  12. Brian says:

    The preferred debating style of supporters of the Left is to launch vile attacks at the messenger… You’d expect them to set some sort of example but maturity and decorum are concepts foreign to them.

    That carry some more weight if you didn’t describe those you are addressing as “leftarded” and “idiots” who “infest” blogs. As usual, we get someone claiming to occupy the moral high ground while they swim around in the gutter with the rest of us.

    As for ALP politicians and their venom, I think we’ve seen a reasonable quota of venom from the other side of the fence too. Again, I don’t think either side of politics holds the moral high ground on behaviour or manners. I think they’re both up their necks in smear and skulduggery.

    GD—who blogs under a screen name, is a coward, but then if he screens under his true name, it may effect his music pay-packet, you are everything I hate in a human being. Shalom, arsehole.

    That is over the top and entirely unfair. While “GD” says very little that I agree with politically, he is entitled to protect his business interests and to voice his political opinions using a screen name. The same goes for Fiona and others.

  13. I take onboard your comment that I should not have used “Leftarded” and “Idiot”. Brian. I let my disdain get in the way and I should apologise.

    I’m not sure the Opposition has used “venom” in the same way those ALP
    politicians I cited above have. Of course, I’ve left a number off my little list. Member for Bendigo, Steve Gibbons, for example. Now there is a class act! A man reflecting Labor standards to be sure!

    I follow politics fairly closely and I have certainly seen the Opposition point out the incompetence and ineptitude Labor has displayed on the foot and via their policies. That’s the role of an Opposition and I would expect little difference when the Federal ALP are sitting on the Opposition benches.

  14. Brian says:

    Fair enough, Fiona.

    I am not aware of Steve Gibbons or what he has said, though from your comment I expect it is/was objectionable. I have always been of the view that ALP members, being more likely to come from working class / union backgrounds, are slightly more likely to say the wrong thing. This is not an excuse, just an explanation.

    Anyway, the issue should be on policy and administration rather than behaviour. As I said before, I don’t think this government is as bad as right wing pundits make out – however it is far from a good government. I think they’ve done a few things right. I think there have been some good policy ideas that have been badly managed or implemented. And I think there have been an awful lot of silly mistakes. The question is whether the other side could have done any better, and given the dearth of talent there, I’m not convinced.

    Something that has annoyed me lately is Gillard’s decision to parachute Nova Peris Kneecap into a Senate seat. To my mind this just a publicity stunt that smacks of favouritism and tokenism. There are many indigenous candidates with a much bigger CV of political involvement and experience.

  15. Richard Ryan says:

    Tony Abbott would not sell his arse to become PM, he would sell Bolt’s instead. snigger-snigger.

  16. Craig says:

    Don’t worry Richard I have some old merc mates that murdered, so Israelis could steal land too if it makes you feel better. 😉

    Never forget.

    Long live AngloCelt Australia.

    Remember a nation is only a nation of the people who make it up, the we’re going the politicians will elect themselves a new nation, with mass 3rd world immigration.

    What was it that KRudd said about an Oceanic Union?

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