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Raising the dead


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Algerian forces who had ringed the Ain Amenas complex in a tense standoff had vowed not to negotiate with the kidnappers, who reportedly were seeking safe passage. Security experts said the end of the two-day standoff was in keeping with the North African country’s tough approach to terrorism.The kidnapping is one of the largest ever attempted by a militant group in North Africa.The militants phoned a Mauritanian news outlet to demand that France end its intervention in neighboring Mali to ensure the safety of the hostages in the isolated plant, located 1300 kilometres south of the capital of Algiers.Phone contacts with the militants were severed as government forces closed in, according to the Mauritanian agency, which often carries reports from al-Qaida-linked extremist groups in North Africa.

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The news coming out of Algeria is still rather uncertain but what is clear is that the rescue effort has resulted in some casualties amongst those held by the Islamists as sad as that is you just can’t dwell upon that or blame those soldiers who have mounted the operation. It has been my belief ever since the exceptional rescue of hostages from Entebbe by Israeli Commandos way back in the day that the only way to realistically consider such events is to work on the basis that you consider the hostages already dead and any that you manage to save are enjoying a second life which is a bonus.

Does that sound rather heartless?
Well maybe it is but it is also realistic given how too many of those who worship Allah want to buy their place in heaven with the blood of infidels. You just can not negotiate with such people and the only thing that you can realistically do is take them out as quickly and as effectively as you can. Perfection in such operations is of course achieved when all hostages are freed but to my mind a rescue operation is still a success if only one hostage is resurrected and all of the terrorists are killed or captured. It Is still unclear as to how many of the hostages have survived but its more than one so a success in my book.

Cue a chorus of complaints that will decry the deaths of the hostages and suggest ineptitude by the Algerian rescuers rather than celebrate those who have been saved.

Cheers Comrades




  1. Tel says:

    If the French were coming to rescue me I’d probably surrender.

    Mind you, I hear that the USA don’t want to be left out, so we are heading for an all stars championship here. Any opportunity for the statists to prove they are good at something (hint: it ain’t economics).

    I remember reading a Christian Crusader type blog, arguing about what “right wing” Christians generally do argue about — nuanced biblical interpretation and how many times to turn the other cheek — when someone came out with the very forthright comment:

    “Those people are too stupid to know what I’m capable of.”

    Or something to that effect. As an atheist myself I’d still join forces with the Christians if it came to that, and I hope it doesn’t come to that.

    As an engineer who used to do military work, I have to ask myself what I would say if some government guy with a fist full of someone else’s cash asked me to help build a newer and better war machine. I admit I’d be tempted, I mean if I didn’t take the pieces of silver, someone else would, right? Worse than that, I know from first hand experience that smarter, younger, and sharper guys than me are out there who would not struggle with the morality of such a decision.

    Why are the Islamists getting small arms from Western governments? Because the statists need an enemy to make war against, and any enemy is as good as any other, so the cycle will turn and the Islamist will be the bogey man once again. In with the new bad guy, same as the old bad guy.

  2. Tel says:

    … the only way to realistically consider such events is to work on the basis that you consider the hostages already dead and any that you manage to save are enjoying a second life which is a bonus.

    Nuke it from orbit… only way to be sure.

    You have to admit the Russians have the right idea: be crazy, get a reputation for never compromising, and admit that the basic principle of supply and demand implies that human life must be cheap.

    I heard that on local airlines in Romania, part of the safety talk is a requirement that all passengers keep their personal side arms out of sight at all times. I suppose it gives the hijackers something to guess about.

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