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Its the weather…

Its even been rather hot here on our usually slightly cooler mountain abode and like every other sensible person I have sought to get through that less than salubrious weather as best I could. I have not however succumbed to the silly notion that the current heat wave is a sign from on high that we are experiencing the wrath of the deity in the from of “global warming”  and thankfully Miranda Devine’s column has a rather timely reminder that such heatwave are far from unprecedented  in this country:

Sir John Henniker Heaton kindly recorded it all for us in 1879 in the Australian Dictionary Of Dates, which a reader has provided.

It is an invaluable primary resource, as you will see. (I have translated temperatures from fahrenheit to celsius).

December 27, 1790: “Great heat in Sydney, 39C in the shade. Settlement visited by myriads of flying foxes, birds dropped dead from the trees.”

February 10 and 11, 1791: “On which days the temperature at Sydney stood in the shade at 41C, the heat was so excessive at Parramatta, made worse by the bushfires, that immense numbers of the large fox-bats were seen to drop from the trees into the water, and many dropped dead on the wing.”

Heaton quotes from The Sydney Gazette of November 29, 1826: “The heat and hot wind of Saturday last excelled all that we ever experienced in the colony. On board the Volage man-of-war (a naval vessel), in the shade, the thermometer was 41C, and on the shore it was, in some parts of the town, 38C, and in others 40C.

“To traverse the streets was truly dreadful, the dust rose in thick columns, and the northwest wind, from which quarter our hot winds invariably proceed, was assisted in its heat by the surrounding country being all on fire, so that those who were compelled to travel felt themselves encircled with lambent flames. Sydney was more like the mouth of Vesuvius than anything else.”

Again from The Sydney Gazette, February 21, 1832: “Saturday was one of the hottest days ever remembered. The recent rains having saturated the earth, the atmosphere was impregnated by an aqueous vapour not unlike steam issuing from a boiler, while the sun poured down all the fury of his heat. It was dreadful.

“Man and beast groaned beneath the oppression, and numbers of working oxen dropped down dead on the public roads.”

The bullocks were even worse off on Saturday, March 18, 1832, which The Sydney Gazette reported was “insufferably warm. At 1pm, the thermometer was 54C in the sun. The cattle suffered much. Working bullocks dropped dead.”

Of course it was much hotter in Central Australia.

Miranda DevineClick for source

Miranda Devine
Click for source

I am also rather drawn to note that in the northern hemisphere there has been experiencing rather harsh and unpleasant “cold snap”   Oh but of course the Warministas will insist that colder winters are “just weather” where as a heatwave is  evidence that AGW is real and happening now.

The global climate is extremely variable now if only the Warministas could work out a way of credibly discerning the amount of the human activity signal in the data they might just be more convincing. As it stands I am very firmly of the opinion that when one steps back from the alarmist claims and look at the bigger picture that there is nothing unprecedented about this heat wave at all and certainly not enough evidence to claim that it is anything other than an example of “weather” .

Cheers Comrades




  1. GD says:

    I also enjoyed reading Miranda’a column. She’s right on the money. I’m in Victoria at the moment and as I write this the temperature is 13.4. Later today it’s forecast to be 40 degrees. And then tonight a return to the twenties. In other words, not quite a real summer, albeit for the occasional stinkin’ hot day. Of course Birdsville and the outback are experiencing hotter weather, as they have every summer.

    If Tom Foolery and his mob at the government-paid Climate Commission want me to panic about AGW they’ll have to do better than their recently renewed alarmist claims that records are being broken by, wait for it, point something of a degree.

    Oh, and they’ll also have to provide proof that any warming is caused by man, something they have yet to do.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Yes you highlight the most important point GD, namely establishing the cause and effect relationship that shows human culpability, They constantly claim it bit can they prove it to any substantial standard of proof? That is where they fall down in all of their dire predictions.

  3. Ray Dixon says:

    not quite a real summer, albeit for the occasional stinkin’ hot day.

    GD, for your information, Victoria has had a record breaking summer too, especially in the country areas. I’m not putting that down to AGW but I have to laugh at you holding Miranda Devine up as an expert. I laugh at Miranda too – why does she do it?

  4. GD says:

    I have to laugh at you holding Miranda Devine up as an expert. I laugh at Miranda too – why does she do it?

    I didn’t hold Miranda up as an ‘expert’. I agreed with her references which I have also read elsewhere.

    Are there any columnists or journos whose opinions you agree with? I can’t wait to hear who they are 🙂

  5. Ray Dixon says:

    Are there any columnists or journos whose opinions you agree with?

    I can’t think of one. I don’t care for journo’s “opinions” and I think their job should be only to report and (to a certain extent only) explain. It’s when they go beyond that and start “interpreting” the news that it becomes a biased personal opinion, depending on their political views in a lot of cases. I prefer to form my own opinions and not look to any journo like Devine, Bolt or Marr* to do my thinking for me.

    (* David Marr wrote what I consider to be one of the most ridiculous pieces of interpretive opinion last week, did you read it? It was over the govt’s decision to allow religious organisations to discriminate)

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