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The days of wine, roses and Comcars

The Saga of Slippery Pete just gets better and better, the report in today’s Fairfax press points out that there is a massive incentive for Slipper to resign before the allegations against him are tested in the courts:


The documents suggest Mr Slipper holds a particular fondness for Poachers Pantry, well known for its gourmet smoked meats.

When he retires, Mr Slipper can expect to receive a yearly pension of about $157,000 for the rest of his life.

However, if he is found guilty of the alleged fraud, Mr Slipper is likely to lose everything besides a refund of his superannuation contributions (without interest).

Mr Slipper’s retirement package is especially lucrative because of his long service – 23 years as an MP – and his occupation of highly paid roles including Speaker of the House of Representatives, where he earned an annual salary of $371,463.

The threat to his entitlements provides an incentive for him to resign before he faces court next month, if he fears a guilty verdict and wants to protect his pension.

There is little precedent for Mr Slipper’s predicament but legal experts and public servants familiar with politicians’ entitlements said an early resignation would likely protect his lucrative pension package in the event of a later conviction, although they could provide no guarantee.

Either way, if he remains in Parliament and is convicted, he will lose much of his entitlements regardless of how severe any sentence is.

Of course given the fact that this is an election year one can only wonder if Slipper resigning his seat before he can be convicted will mean a by-election or what is more likely that the voters of Slipper’s electorate being unrepresented in the parliament until after the general election. Neither choice can be very attractive for the Gillard regime because both would highlight Gillard’s poor judgement in making here deal with wine loving Slipper in the first place.

Cheers Indeed Comrades


  1. Slippery knows how to play the system. He’ll bail out right before the eleventh hour.

    What concerns me is just how much AG Roxon will be prepared to “help” the creature this time around. “Whatever it takes” to hold onto power, I suppose.

    The whole thing is disgusting. Not quite as disgusting as the Gillard Government itself – but comes awfully close.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    I agree that he will leave resigning until the last possible moment which will suit Gillard because she would avoid a by election that way

  3. richard ryan says:

    Pete had a good tutor, the Liberal Party——voted in seven or eight times was it not. Shalom, Richard Ryan.

  4. Richard, there are reasons why the LNP could not despatch Slippery at at least the 2010 election and it had to do with shenanigans at Queensland State Party level. In order for the Libs and Nats to bury the hatchet, some sort of pact was signed that all sitting members would not face a challenge. It stinks, I agree and certainly does not excuse the fact that Slippery was given a free ride during previous elections.

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