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The collective sanity of the electorate and the dustbin of history

Talk about political stupidity and you really can’t go past the Australian Greens who only the other day were trying to spin their hard-line far left policies into a softer more palatable form that can  flavoured to to appeal to the well meaning but politically disconnected and now they are endorsing the criminal behaviour of an anti-coal activist.

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My mate Ray is spot on when he suggests that this is the sort of thing that will lose them more votes than it will gain them and I think that this may even consign then to the dustbin of history just that little bit sooner. No matter what happens to the Gillard regime at the next election it will be my greatest pleasure to see the decline in the Greens’ vote because that decline will be the result of a rise in the collective sanity of the Australian electorate.

Cheers Comrades


  1. deknarf says:

    Moylan should be arrested and charged, at least with creating a public nuisance given that lots of Joe Publics are likely to have shares in the Co.
    As for Milne, they expect us to respect their ability to be governors of this country? This throws any form of Green credibility out the window. Despite being one of your lefty latte sippers the Greens won’t be getting my vote! Not surprised that Brown shifted out, and then he goes and gets involved with the anti-whaling pirates — just another joke!
    Ooooooh I’m cross!!

  2. Ray Dixon says:

    I reckon that the great majority of the 10%+ of people who have supported the Greens in the past would be shocked by this. It’s a real wake-up call. Milne has let her small-minded extreme views surface and as for Rhiannon, well, she’s just an overgrown radical.

  3. Craig says:

    This was the only outcome, The Greens eventually will be treated just as One Nation. The political failure of The Greens will only transmute to ever increasing forms of “Eco Terroism”, as the reality sets into the the hard core environmentalists heads, that their political dreams will never come to fruition.

    As The Greens fundamentalists get ever more desperate so will their fear based terrorism.

  4. deknarf says:

    Both the extreme right and the extreme left need to be marginalised in the election in 2013. A vote for Labor will do that!

  5. Iain Hall says:

    If Labor were even half way competant you might have a point but under Gillard they are never going to be worthy of another term

  6. deknarf says:

    I put more faith in the competency of the Gillard government than I would in one lead by Tony Abbott. How anyone can consider Abbott as a suitable person to be PM of this country is beyond me. Turnbull, yes!

  7. Iain Hall says:

    What is it with lefties liking Turnbull? He is a silvertail through and through a far more disconnected from the experience of ordinary Aussies that Abbott who comes from a much less privileged background.

  8. Ray Dixon says:

    I’ll answer that, Iain – Turnbull is the thinking man’s conservative. He’s progressive and not interested in a return to the past. He even supports Australia becoming a Republic. You know what? If the Libs hadn’t dumped him for Abbott they’d have won in 2010.

  9. Iain Hall says:

    No they would have been burdened with the CPRS which would have been a worse disaster disaster for the Libs than the Crbon tax has been for Gillard.

  10. deknarf says:

    A. The man’s intelligent.
    B. He’s a moderate
    C. He actually thinks
    D. He’s not Abbott
    E. If he’s the LOTO the buggers will romp in in 2013!
    F. He’s not the LOTO
    G. Abbott’s the best chance that Labor has of winning the election.
    Is that enough reasons?

  11. GD says:

    Turnbull is an inexperienced politician. Bit like Jooliar and Rudd. They’re there to run the country not win a popularity contest based on how much money they give away, or how they look or any other vacuous reason.

  12. Iain, I agree – seeing the Greens slinking off into the wilderness with tails firmly between their legs will be one hell of a joyous occasion.

    As for the banter about the Member for Goldman Sachs. Three words – in you dreams. Turnbull is for Turnbull. Nobody else. If he carries the notion he should lead a political party again, then he should resign from the Libs and join Labor. The only people who seem to go overboard with praise for Turnbull are Labor voters, anyway.

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