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“Our” racism according to Pat

One for my Latte sipping friends with the slim hope that they might possibly mend their racist patronising  ways.

Cheers Comrades



  1. rjryan says:

    IT’s all Hitler’s fault!

  2. GD says:

    Pat Condell is on fire here, he is on the money.

    Arabs have more rights in Israel than they do in any Arab country

    We ignore the fact that they deliberately target women and children, while hiding behind their own women and children.

    It is written into the Hamas charter, which runs through every speech they make and according to the leader of Hezbollah…

    it is an open war until the elimination of Israel and the death of the last Jew on Earth

    And Labor and the Greens support these terrorists.

    Iain, can you provide a transcript of this excellent speech?

  3. Ray Dixon says:

    He’s just another Arab-hating muslim basher, GD. Like you are. Westerners like him and you trying to make sense of the Israel/Palestine conflict are just having a lend of themselves and showing their prejudices and fears. I really don’t give a shit if they both tear each other to pieces and I reckon one side is as bad as the other and neither has the morally superior position. First of all, Israel is a fairly recent State established by Great Britain as a home for displaced European Jews fleeing WW II and ever since they arrived they’ve been warlike; it’s as though they’re still fighting Nazi persecution. They’re not exactly friendly neighbours. Then again, the Palestinians and other surrounding Arab nations are a pretty f*cking primitive and backwards people and not exactly peace loving. There is no answer except one side eventually ends up dead. The problem is the world gives them too much attention, support and even military assistance when the right way to handle it would be to ostracise both sides, cut them off, have embargos in trade, sport etc and basically just ignore them. These are relatively small nations acting like naughty children and all that you, Pat and everyone else who takes a side in the conflict are doing is pandering to their tantrums and encouraging them to not grow up.

  4. Brian says:

    Yes, my views are similar. I’m of the opinion that there can never be an enduring peace between Israel and the Arab world because they are fundamentally incompatible. Jews should never have been given a homeland in the Middle East, not because they don’t have any historical claim to it (they do) but because they were/are Westernised, democratised and largely secular, while the Arab world was/is not. Its like someone from Toorak being given land and housing in Broadmeadows. They might move there with the best intentions but they will come to hate their neighbours and sooner or later there will be a war until one side relents. Of course it’s now impossible for Israel to “move out of the neighbourhood”, so we have a situation where there is a perpetual feud that not only concerns and affects the region and the rest of the world, but fuels terrorism all over the place.

    I have a watched a few of this guy’s videos and while I agree with his opinions about Islam, he goes way over the top with his paranoid and spiteful condemnations of Muslims in Western societies. It’s like reading “GD’s” comments here only in video form.

  5. Iain Hall says:

    Don’t forget that Pat is giving a performance here and that he is being very sarcastic too boot.

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