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“Why I Deactivated My Twitter – the racism, classism, sexism, discrimination From the Left is overwhelming”

I love to stir the possum as many of my regular readers will appreciate so when I read the post I quote below I thought it an interesting piece,even though at over 2000 words it is a bit long and repetitive I just loved the way that the author has seen the light about the brutal and rather mindless tribalism of Twitter. Of course I have a presence on twitter but its really just a vehicle to promote this humble blog and I am thankful that I don’t have a dumb phone that has enslaved me to its inanities. Anyway the poor sweet thing who runs the blog took exception to me citing her piece via a re-blog and she has played silly buggers by editing the post to make the claim that I am stealing her work, of course that is entirely untrue and it demonstrates that she understands WordPress about as well as she understood twitter. Anyway please read both the quote below and all of the post it comes from.

Why I Deactivated My Twitter – the racism, classism, sexism, discrimination From the Left is overwhelming

Having recently witnessed a group of self-identified Lefties team up with a Right-wing Murdoch media personality to gang up on an ALP defender, to the point, they were all suddenly trained psychologists who could diagnose all sorts of mental instabilities from 140 characters, I realised that Left wing or Right wing, twitter is just for trolling.

Yes, both sides really are as bad as each other.

While we seek comfort in conforming to the opinions of others, not risking having a different opinion, as long as we tweet-nice to the biggest bully on the block, we are safe.

Be different, and you risk being a victim, like the smallest gazelle in the herd, cornered by the lions and hunted down and eaten.

Run with the herd, say what everyone else says, conform, don’t think, don’t be different – and you too just may be accepted for who you are.

My people. My community. Your opinions are welcome… until we decide they’re not.

I have witnessed Lefties swarm, hunt in packs, gang up on one person they don’t like, round-up a posse, and bitch and bitch and bitch, attack, attack, snipe until their victim sets their account to private, then they move on to target all the people who follow their victim, all based on whether they prefer Kevin Rudd or Julia Gillard as prime minister, or their religion or postcode or sexuality – or something else just as trivial and insignificant.

I see Lefties all day making appallingly sexist misogynist vile comments about women. But apparently I’m supposed to laugh, because they come from a Leftie.

Um, no, voting for the ALP or Greens doesn’t somehow magically make your sexism and misogyny evaporate.

I see the most vile hateful inaccurate comments about Muslims (just tweet “Muslims deserve the same rights as all other Australians” or similar, and watch the racism and religiousism hit you thick and fast), apparently saying outrageous comments like “let’s get all the facts before we accuse people based solely on their assumed religion” is enough to warrant a torrent of abuse. Who knew that “all Muslims should be shot” – seems some Lefties on twitter seem to think so.

I have witnessed some viscous bitter on-going sagas, based on who is following who else… What is this like, you know, High school? I won’t be your friend if you are friends with that person?


This is the comment I attached to my original re-blog:

I must say that I enjoyed this post immensely because I just love it when someone see’s the light of truth about social media, especially when that social media is Twitter. If ever users of a social media have been deluded it has to been the lefties who have taken to Twitter like pigs to shit and the whole thing so reminds me of the blogging environment Pre-twitter. Now that the idiots have migrated to twitter it is surely entirely sensible to leave it to them. To think that the author of this blog banned me from commenting at her blog even though my comments were polite and on topic, Ah well its good to see her learn none the less.

Cheers Comrades


  1. Ray Dixon says:

    I don’t get what she’s complaining about, Iain. To start with she seems entirely anonymous so why get so hurt over what someone says about your anonymous identity on Twitter? Sheez. And the examples she quotes seem like piffling spats that one could easily brush off.

    Ah, but there’s a clue given when she refers to her frustration of having “debates” on Twitter. Debates on Twitter? In 140 characters or less? Give ….. me …. a ….. f*cking ….. break.

    And the irony is, her 2000 word essay could have been reduced to one tweet.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Well its all down to the unpleasant revelations that Gasp, lefties are not by definition any better behaved than us righties on Twitter Quel surprise!

  3. Ray Dixon says:

    It’s got nothing to do with ‘left’ or ‘right’ political views, although I do agree that a lot of malcontents & miscreants seem to align themselves more with the left for some reason. Not that they’re wanted or that they make any worthwhile contribution. The right also has its fair share of idiots & arseholes but they seem to lack the intelligence to get noticed on social media as much.

  4. Iain Hall says:

    Twitter has become the spiritual home of every snark merchant and online smartarse and as a blogger I think its a good place for them because they have deserted blogs as a consequence. It may have meant a decline in blog traffic but it has meant an improvement in the quality of blog commentators IMHO.

  5. Ray Dixon says:

    I agree, Iain. They can have Twitter all to themselves – I’ve no time for it.

  6. Tel says:

    … twitter is just for trolling …

    I thought you had the choice of what you wanted to listen to on Twitter. Not that I actually subscribe to it, but I do sometimes read particular Twitter pages, but like any page, if I find I’m not interested I read something else.

    … In 140 characters or less? …

    The best you can do is a quick summary then a link to the full story, and that’s pretty much what google news does, or many other aggregrators.

    The real difference is what keyword filters you have available, and how well they work. For example, google news has basic breakdown (secince/technology/business/etc…) and it also has a specific keyword search. Twitter has “followers” and “hash tags” and “at tags” which are pretty much the same idea as a keyword search, give or take a bit.

    Email has always had this problem — people don’t put sensible subjects on their emails and you get junk mail so you spend a long time searching for stuff. You can put everything into folders, but that’s hard work and you need to keep on top of it.

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