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Hang em High

Personally I think that even had the victim of this brutal and terrible crime lived the men who raped her should have faced the gallows, now that she has succumbed to her injuries her attackers will face a well deserved appointment with the rope.

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As the example of the surviving Jihadist Mohammad Ajmal Kasab from the Mumbai  massacre shows India does execute murdering scum-bags swiftly enough for justice to be served  without having a drearily endless drawn out appeals process. Justice delayed is justice denied in my book and the girls in the picture are right, “Murderers should be hanged” not just in India but here as well.

Cheers Comrades

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  1. Tel says:

    I don’t trust any government with the power to kill off its citizens, much less so a government like India where corruption is the biggest concern.

    Quibbling over punishment for these people is not the point here. Lots of serious criminals in India get away with stuff because the police seem either unable to catch them, or unable to get a conviction. There are heaps of stories about people having connections, paying bribes, etc.

    Creating bigger punishments in a corrupt system is a backward step. It is like you have a guy who is a bad driver and crashes his car into stuff all the time, so in order to fix that you give the guy a bulldozer to drive instead.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    unlike here and other western countries India has never abolished the death penalty although as I understand it not that many people get to feel the rope around their necks.
    Lots of clever crims get away with things all over the world Tel and that strikes me as being no good reason to end capital punishment.
    They are not in any sense creating bigger punishments, only utilising those which are already available when the crime requires the ultimate sanction.

  3. Brian says:

    Lots of clever crims get away with things all over the world Tel and that strikes me as being no good reason to end capital punishment.

    Some innocent people get hanged too. To my mind, that is a good enough reason NOT to use it, or to use it very sparingly.

    Tel is right about the justice system in India. It is corrupt and politically poisoned. Look up the case of Navjot Sidhu. Implicated in two murders, including a road rage killing where he beat an old man to death in front of several witnesses, yet he somehow was cleared. How did he achieve this? He’s a top cricketer and also a political candidate.

    I am in favour of capital punishment for only the most horrific crimes, e.g. mass murders or the sexual killings of children. And only when every avenue of appeal has been exhausted.

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