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Who polished Craig Thomson’s Knob?

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The deliberate ineptitude of the Labor government over the Craig Thomson affair is as amazing as it is unsurprising and I am rather darkly amused that it is only now that someone has decided to try to find evidence that it was actually Thomson’s knob that got polished in those brothel transactions that were made on his union credit card. Talking about an obvious path to the truth that has been deliberately avoided for political reasons would not be unfair  in this case.

The roller-coaster ride is far from over for Labor on this issue and aren’t we conservatives enjoying seeing them scream as the  car dives over yet another  precipice?

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  1. deknarf says:

    So Fair Work is only now issuing subpoena’s to gather incriminating evidence. Gosh! so much for all their evidence of wrongdoing which led to the court action.
    Time will tell whether Thomson is guilty of the charges. It will be very interesting if he’s found to be not guilty before the Federal election. Likewise with Slipper.
    Phoney and his NO Coalition expected to be the government by now and have comprehensively failed in their task of bringing down a government with sleaze and innuendo. Perhaps truckin’ Phoney Tony is off gaining skills for his new job!

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Fair work Australia is Gillard’s creature Deknarf, and its weakness in the way that it has investigated the Thomson matters has up until now suited Gillard and the Labor party well enough. At this point in the political cycle Gillard knows that although disgraced Thompson will not be convicted and therefore ineligible to hold his seat before the next election. That is all she has ever wanted.
    Frankly I don’t agree with your suggestion that The coalition was ever really expecting Labor to collapse completely and go to the polls early. Now if you were being honest with your self you would have to concede that Labor under Gillard has lurched form one crisis to another and been found wanting time after time. your aforementioned reference to Slippery Pete is a good example. Now Gillard did not have to play that card in the house but she wanted to renege on the deal with Wilkie over the pokies so it seemed like the perfect way to secure that extra vote on the floor of the house, but as Slipper was a profoundly venial man Labor had to endure him playing the pompous fool dressing upp in a silly suit and reinvesting a whole lot of stupid ritual, After Harry Jenkins giving the speakership some quiet egalitarian dignity this was a bad look for Labor then his use of social media became disastrous.

  3. GD says:

    Time will tell whether Thomson is guilty of the charges

    Deknarf, you’ve got to be joking. Or in complete denial.

    So Craig’s credit card took itself down from the Central Coast to a Sydney brothel and then magically was back in Craig’s wallet when he woke in the morning??

    So Craig spending thousands of dollars of union members’ funds on prostitutes doesn’t bother you?

    What bothers me is that Labor supporters like you are prepared to go to any lengths to keep your corrupt, inept and subversively socialist government in power at any cost.

    Unfortunately the cost of Labor’s profligatory wastefulness is an increased tax burden well into the future as the LIbs will have to pay off this obscene and flagrant debt run up by Gillard and Co.

  4. Ray Dixon says:

    It may have escaped your attention, Iain (and GD), but do you realise that Craig Thomson is no longer an ALP MP and actually sits on the cross benches? In other words, he’s already been discarded so how would would his further (and inevitable) demise make one iota of difference to the current status and standing of the government? You should have tagged this “Old News”.

  5. Iain Hall says:

    Gillard still counts on his vote so his lack of party membership does not matter that much, or alter my point.

  6. Ray Dixon says:

    Iain, there’s less than 12 months to go before the election so even if he’s charged and convicted, that’ll be well after the event and his continued support won’t be an issue because he simply won’t be there. The Thomson saga is a lost cause and ancient history.

  7. Ray Dixon says:

    To give you a parallel, Iain, here in Victoria Liberal Premier Ted Baillieu relies on the vote of his disgraced Frankston MP Jeff shaw to remain in government. If Shaw is charged & convicted for fraud (and it appears likely he will be – police are currently investigating the case) then he’ll have to resign forcing a by-election, one that the Libs will most likely lose. This will bring down the government and cause a new general election. However, in the meantime, it is perfectly legitimate for Shaw to continue as an MP and keep Baillieu in power. And no one from this side is suggesting that Baillieu is governing illegitimately unlike your side is over the Gillard/Thomson matter. What is it with the Right and wild claims of divine right to rule?

  8. deknarf says:

    Hmmm? Think most of the appointees were made by the NO Coalition weren’t they?

  9. Iain Hall says:

    Sorry Deknarf but what do you mean by ” most of the appointees were made by the NO Coalition weren’t they?”

  10. deknarf says:

    My understanding was that most of the senior appointments to FWA were made by the Coalition. It seems that later appointments were union focussed but agreed to by the Coalition. Will need to dig deeper on this one.

  11. deknarf says:

    Postscript: It would appear that “During the Howard Government, Gillard was highly critical of a large number of appointments with employer group backgrounds made to the Australian Industrial Relations Commission.” Now the situation with the FWA appears to be reversed with the NO Coalition unhappy about Labor appointments to FWA. Will it ever be thus with the political parties in this country manipulating government functions to suit their own interests.
    Would love to see a centrist party in Australia, they’d probably romp in!

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