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George Monbiot, millenarian prophecy and his desire to see western society back into an “energy dark age”

One of the reasons that I abandoned the left’s politics is its inability to see the obvious  and its wanton  ability to to be duped by its ideologues. One such issue has to be climate change and the extent to which humanity’s footsteps on the planet will impact on the environment.  One article that I read a few days ago in the Guardian has been republished in the Green Left Daily , sorry I meant the AGE,  and its a  call for the subversion of democracy to the to the needs of Gaia from that high  priest of the Green faith George Monbiot:


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Of course what all of these minions of the watermelon left ignore is the complete equation, namely the human impact on the environment is a function of not only the things that humans do, but also the number of us that do it. So while the likes of George may whine about the industrial economy they also bemoan the loss of life from pestilence, famine and war. But here in lays the real problem when it comes to human impact on the planet. As a species we have become very adept at circumventing all of the checks upon our population and we are now reaping what this compassion for all has sown. Add to this the persistence of the cultural imperatives to have many children (especially in the third world) and it becomes clear that George is letting his leftist politics and hatred of the “elite” cloud his reason.

There are two ways to control an ever expanding population, either  limit the number of children that are made  to  that which will replace numbers with out increasing our population or we stop making extraordinary efforts  to constrain the four horsemen of death that have for so long controlled human  numbers.  This is of course an anathema to the left who think that every death in a struggle for resources or territory is an unmitigated disaster and requires sackcloth, ashes and the blaming of western culture.  Dare I suggest its not the successful western  cultures that are the problem for the planet because almost all of those have well and truly taken to heart limiting the number of children we make to replacement levels, its the countries of the third world who have unsustainable birth rates which combined with the compassionate “aid”  from the industrialised first world have seen rapid declines in childhood  mortality and subsequent population increases.

If our George really believes his own  apocalyptic doom-saying then why does he not even consider  the issue of population?  It seems to me that he is so in love with his own millenarian prophecy and his desire to see western society  back into a new “energy dark age”  that he is not seeing the real big picture at all .

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  1. deknarf says:

    The reasons I no longer consider the Liberals a party worth voting for is their move to the far right of politics. They are now an unltra-conservative, free-marketeering, carbetbagging bunch of Tea Party emulators dragging us in the direction of the very worst parts of American culture.
    It’s time we had a new centrist party in Australia — if there was I’d certainly consider giving them my vote

  2. Iain Hall says:

    While I respect your opinion Deknarf I don’t agree that the coalition has moved as far to the economic right as you suggest. I think that there certainly are individuals and elements of the party that are very keen on the sort of free market policies you mention I also think that there is a large proportion who are closer to the sort of middle path you find so admirable and desirable.
    The problem is that the other mob, Labor, have done such a fine job of imploding and losing their way that even “centrist voters” can see little choice but to vote for the coalition. They have become utterly beholden to the loony Green left ideology with its useless (but expensive) ideology. However when it boils down to it what both sides of our political spectrum need to do is to be realistic about the way that so called natural disasters, pestilence and war are the engines that keep the number of people in touch with the carrying capacity of the planet which is the point of my commentary after the quote.

  3. Tel says:

    Balancing a budget is “far right” ideology these days?

    But… but… Wayne Swan has been trying to do it for years.

    Oh, it just dawned on me, achieving something is the “far right” ideology, well Swan is quite safe on that score.

  4. Iain Hall says:

    Balancing a budget is “far right” ideology these days?

    It must be Tel because that would explain why Labor have shied away from doing it for as long as I remember 🙂

  5. Anglocelt says:

    The Lib/Nats Ultra conservative far right, bwhahahahaaha.

    Does that mean LabGreen is the ultra progressive far left?

    Both political parties use a couple of certain government departments including dog informants to disrupt and recruit form such far left and right political organisations though. This doesn’t make the Libs or Labs far right or left, if anything it means they defend the status quo of a two party, neo liberal system.

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