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A Story of Hope

This is a wonderful story from the SMH. A welcome change from reports of drive-by shootings and radical Muslim protests in Sydney. Instead, a school, in my neck of the woods, is commended for its academic and social success at not only integrating students from refugee families, but also helping them excel above the national average. Credit it seems is due to the foresight of principal Dorothy Hoddinott.


Quoting from the article:

For the past 17 years she has been the principal at Holroyd High, a school that has become a veritable ark for children who reach Australia on flimsy boats.

‘The kindest principal in the world,’ volunteers a young girl in a hijab as we tour the grounds in the suburb of Greystanes.

‘If you look around,” says Hoddinott, six out of every 10 students here are refugees. A third have been in Australia for less than three years. Most arrive with no English at all; many are illiterate. And yet 40 per cent are going on to university. Compare that with a national average of 30 per cent. Something is happening here that is quite extraordinary.

We have children who have seen their parents murdered; we have children who have been raped; we have children who have been forced to live in poverty and fear in refugee camps. So our first task is to normalise lives – coming to school on time, having books, wearing uniforms. The semiotics of that are very powerful.

It makes a change from this type of Islamic behaviour in Sydney.

behead child


  1. Kman. says:

    Sounds good GD and a complete switcheroo from the males,who for the most part will achieve nothing.
    According to a recent interview on ABC TV, the employment figure for Muslim men is only 6% after 5 years in Australia and so 94 % would be drawing CentreLink benefits of some type.

  2. Craig says:

    Iain, are you a right Liberal, Tradcon or Paleocon?

  3. Iain Hall says:

    Well Craig I am not so fond of labelling myself so I suppose the only classification for me has to be an “Iaincon” 😉

  4. Craig says:

    Ok I’ll bite, you seem to be a Liberal with natavist tendencies. So how about LibNatCon. 😀

    How do you feel about an Anglo association or a British Australian society lobby for majority rights?

    I think mother England needs such a lobby to with all the baloney going on over there.

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