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Cruel to kind in the right measure

I just love the way that our ever friendly minions of the left want to treat asylum seekers as idiot children, and for once I am going to stand with the Gillard government on something that they have done on this issue, namely given the mendicants that they have sent to Nauru documents that lay out the reality of government policy in very plain terms:

The sheets, which have been obtained by PM, make it clear that the process could take years and say that even if asylum seekers are granted refugee status, they may not be resettled in Australia.

“It is not possible to say precisely how long you may need to remain on Nauru. Remember that you can decide to leave Nauru voluntarily at any time,” the document says.

“If you are found to be a refugee, your individual circumstances will need to be considered as part of any resettlement option.”

And that resettlement option might not be in Australia; the document says it is possible the resettlement would be in a third country as part of broader regional arrangements.

Either way, it is likely to be a slow process.

The Immigration Department says the information sheets simply reflect government policy and inform asylum seekers about where they are in the process.

But Pamela Curr, from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, says the sheets have only one purpose – to bully the asylum seekers “to give up and go home”.

“The department is trying to force people to return,” she said.

“They know that many of the people they can’t send back involuntarily. For instance, the Iranians they can’t, the stateless people they can’t.

“So what they’re trying to do is put pressure on them through putting them in these horrible conditions in the tents, through sending them these letters which they want them to sign voluntarily to go home. That’s, in essence, what this is about.”

My bold in quote

What do the minions want the government to do? Pretend that after a short holiday on Nauru that these mendicants will be given a five star welcome to Australia?  Sometimes you just have to be cruel to be kind in the right measure.

Cheers Comrades





  1. Richard Ryan says:

    Ah Yes! Iain you are starting to sound like that Andrew Bolt every day——have you any original comment of your own?

  2. Ray Dixon says:

    Iain, have you not considered that the Government has now effectively adopted Abbott’s/Howard’s ‘Pacific Solution’ but it still hasn’t “stopped the boats” as Abbott claimed it would? And what does Abbott now say he will do to “stop the boats”, even though HIS idea has been proven not to work? Oh, he’ll cut total refugee intakes back from the recently announced 20,000 per year to 14,000 per year (which is actually higher than the intake over the past 12 months). Yeah, that’ll “stop the boats”. Face it, Iain, it’s just a mutual problem and neither side can “stop the boats”.

  3. Iain Hall says:

    Yes Ray what labor are now doing is very close to the Howard solution, however its taken them five years to get back to where we were when they took office and in the mean time the number those detained has gone through the roof and there is so much inertia in the system that it will take years to deal with the backlog. Surely you must remember how they were constantly denying that we would need the “white elephant” that Howard built on Christmas Island?

    In any event don’t I get brownie points for giving Gillard a tick of approval in this post?

  4. Ray Dixon says:

    In the last five years there have simply been more refugees seeking asylum, Iain. I doubt Howard’s solution would have stood up either – well, obviously it wouldn’t have.

  5. Iain Hall says:

    the push factors argument that you are putting is completely discredited, not the least by the number of Sri Lankians who are fronting up and proving to be economic migrants.

  6. deknarf says:

    Well Iain, you can’t please everybody, especially if you tell the truth, or state the actual facts of the matter — bit like AGW really! 😉

  7. Tel says:

    The best thing you can do for refugees is not start wars, it is as simple as that.

    Each new war (like Iraq and Afghanistan) gives you one to two MILLION new refugees to deal with. Any argument over Naru, or Villawood is chicken feed in comparison.

  8. Richard Ryan says:

    So true Tel. But trying telling these American puppets that.

  9. Richard Ryan says:

    AS I said to a American tourist not long ago, in Vietnam, when he asked out loud, how did we lose the war in Vietnam?——and I replied, because you were fighting in there backyard—–nobody likes invaders.

  10. GD says:

    If Labor had re-instated Howard’s policy in its entirety, or simply not recklessly abandoned it in the first place, in all likelihood this situation wouldn’t have developed.

    Push/pull factors are minor compared to the ‘sugar on the table’, as the Indonesian Immigration Minister said, ‘take the sugar off the table and they won’t come’.

    Instead, Gillard Labor ices the cake with immediate welfare payments, something which doesn’t exist in Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

    Add to this subsidised or free housing and benefits beyond belief for someone from the third world, ie ‘Welcome Packs’ of mobile phones and all the other accoutrements of western society.

    And to add insult to injury for the average poor Australian, free dental and medical on demand.

    Is it any wonder that ‘refugees’ are risking their lives to come to Australia?

    The latest insult to the average Australian is Labor’s newest plan.

    Due to the fact that their policies have led to far more refugees than before, Nauru and other off-shore centres are unable to cope with the avalanche of ‘candidates’. Labor, in all its wisdom, is releasing the overflow into the community.

    Not only are they setting refugees loose into the community, they are forbidding them from working for five years, instead insisting they exist on a meagre pension which is even less than the dole.

    Smart thinking Labor. What do you think that will do to the crime rate?

    Labor has failed big time, on this policy and on all others. It doesn’t matter who leads Labor to the execution, I mean election, either way there will be a sigh of relief as these impostors are sent to their demise.

    It’s almost worth paying their undeserved parliamentary pensions just to get rid of them.

  11. Ray Dixon says:

    as the Indonesian Immigration Minister said, ‘take the sugar off the table and they won’t come’.

    So we should listen to the advice of Indonesia when it comes to how we treat refugees, GD? What other human rights policies should we adopt from the country that doesn’t even seem to give a shit about its own, let alone refugees?

    Instead, Gillard Labor ices the cake with immediate welfare payments, something which doesn’t exist in Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

    Here’s an idea, GD, seeing that you think refugees have it so good here compared to Australian born citizens like yourself. Emigrate to Afghanistan and live there for a while. After you realise that you’re in danger of having your muslim-hating head chopped off by the Taliban, flee the country via Indonesia and via boat to Christmas Island/Nauru. According to your outlook you’ll end up with a better life than you now have. What’s stopping you?

  12. Iain Hall says:

    No one is disputing that many of these mendicants come from failed societies and that they want a better life here but we are not obliged to give them a place in our society just because their own is dysfunctional. The trouble with the way that Labor have approached this issue is that it has destroyed a great deal of the good will that ordinary Aussie have for those in need

  13. Ray Dixon says:

    We’re only obliged to give them a better life if the one they have (or had) in their homeland is at risk, Iain. If they’re just “dysfunctional” but not fleeing in fear of their life they are sent back – as about 50% are. You know this. Resenting the assistance we give refugees (once proven to be a refugee), as GD does, is plain mean-spirited. I repeat: If he thinks they get a better deal than others then maybe he should try walking a mile in their shoes. It beats the crap out of me how anyone can be envious of a refugee but then again, some people even reckon aborigines are better off than the rest of us.

  14. Iain Hall says:

    Actually Ray we are not obliged to give them any sort of permanency at all even if their claims are genuine,the question is not one requiring a change of foot ware but of where we draw the line.

  15. Richard Ryan says:

    YEAH-YEAH! Everything will be OK when the Americans arrive in the N.T. to protect us against the ” yellow hordes” from the far North, pity about the increase in rapes when this lot arrive.

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  17. Craig says:

    You know the bipartisanship on border protection is coming, when Labor approves the gong for border protection operations. Yeah another post op gong.

    The Greens and the screaming UN, Amnesty wankers aren’t going to like it, ahh satisfaction.

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