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There are times when the death penalty is unquestionably justified, the execution of Mohammad Ajmal Kasab


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Despite the fact that hanging is to quick and painless for this class of scum-bag  the short lead time between his trial and execution suggests that a capital case need not be as drawn out and expensive as trails tend to be in the United states when a truly evil man is quickly dispatched.
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  1. Richard Ryan says:

    AH wait till these guys get their hands on weapons of mass destruction, it will make the dropping of those two atomic bombs on Japan, a failure. Now what about 20 million human resources nuked—–now that’s what I call a success.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Well jet aircraft full of aviation kerosene are pretty much weapons of mass destruction in my book, but I have to wonder why you take such delight at the prospect of the jihadists killing so many, unless you see your self as one of them.

  3. Richard Ryan says:

    Drones do it better——American drones. Killing is an art—–just ask the Americans, it is their national sport.

  4. Iain Hall says:

    Yes Richard for once I agree, drones do do it better, but don’t forget that the Jihadists (that you endorse)give the USA good reason to target them for tactical strikes from those drones and the strikes can stop the moment all threats form those same jihadists stop.

  5. Peter Dippl says:

    Richard Ryan. Their ideology and the Islamic terrorist factories masking as “religious schools” also qualify as weapon of mass destruction. At least the yanks try to limit damage to the specific targets rather than an entire race being the target. You,me and every other “son of Abraham” is a target. That fact we exist is their entire motivation NOT what we have done in the past, are doing now or will do in the future. Their is nothing we can do to placate this, it just is and will always be. If America ceases to exist tomorrow they will move on to the next target and on and on. Wise up mate its not the yanks they are just the biggest target at this moment in time!

  6. […] As the example of the surviving Jihadist Mohammad Ajmal Kasab from the Mumbai  massacre shows India does execute murdering scum-bags swiftly enough for justice to be served  without having a drearily endless drawn out appeals process. Justice delayed is justice denied in my book and the girls in the picture are right, “Murderers should be hanged” not just in India but here as well. […]

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