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A new nation wide “plant a Green” campaign

No matter which side of politics you barrack for you have to be delighted to see the continued decline of Greens. They have done thing with amazing clarity during the reign of the Gillard government and that is to prove just how ill suited their brand of hand wringing holier than thou politicking is to any role in the government process thanks to them and their fellow travellers in the Labor party we have an absolutely dysfunctional border/immigration policy. A carbon tax that is almost universally loathed, we have the ludicrous situation of a mining tax that co0llects no revenue, We have been assailed with a long running and always futile campaign for Gay marriage. Yep the Greens have been such a hit with the voting public that their support has, well plummeted…

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Perhaps we need a new nation wide “plant a Green”  campaign to finally rid the nation of the scourge to good governance, after all they do advocate for euthanasia don’t they ?

With tongue very firmly in my cheek Comrades…

When planting a Green it is most important that you ensure that they will not rise again; staking with a bio-degradable wooden stake is recommended



  1. deknarf says:

    You might be a freemarketeering, NO Coaliton righty Iain and I might be a latte sipping lefty, commo whatever, but this is one view in which we are in lockstep. The quicker we make the Greens an irrelevancy the better. Now if we can do the same with the weirdo Far Right and the Labor Right numbskulls we’ll be doing Australia a great favour! 😉

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Well just don’t forget to protect yourself with silver and garlic deknarf!

  3. GD says:

    Plant a Green? I reckon pull ’em out by the roots and throw them in the bush fires they helped cause in Victoria. Charge them carbon tax for all the useless hot air they have used to destroy Tasmania’s economy, and ask for a rebate on the $10 billion bullsh*t green energy projects that Labor has funded them for.

    Enough damage by a very loony, fringe-dwelling party.

    And an apology from Gillard and Brown for ever entering into this unworkable, totally unrepresentative coalition.

  4. Iain Hall says:

    You must have missed the suggestion that they be staked before planting GD 😉

  5. Brian says:

    I reckon pull ‘em out by the roots and throw them in the bush fires they helped cause in Victoria.

    The Greens caused the Victorian bushfires did they? That’s an extraordinary leap of faith, even for evidence-free zones like you, “GD”. I think you’ll find the bushfires were caused by a combination of drought, scorching hot days, high winds, bone-dry vegetation, one or two firebugs and poorly maintained electrical infrastructure that failed and ignited major fires in two areas. All that was affirmed by a Royal Commission.

    Greens policies are not for me, but I think they have their place in a democratic system. The far right whinging about the far left is a bit like complaining about what you see in the mirror.

  6. Tel says:

    With regards to Gay Marriage, I have no problem with a man marrying another man, or a woman if he so choose, or several women, or one one of each, or even his sister and/or brother. Marriage is no business of the state, it is an agreement strictly between the people concerned, and if it works for them then good luck to them; and if they have a problem, they can keep their problem — I’m focussed on getting my own life together, rather than telling other people how to live their lives.

    However, the gay marriage campaign is more than just allowing gays to live together and enjoy each other’s company. It is about using the power of the state to force everyone to accept a minority practice and this is in exchange for key minority votes. The only path to peace and prosperity is acceptance that people are entitled to live different lifestyles, and the gays need to learn not to ram their lifestyle down the throats of Christians just like Christians (and other religious groups) need to learn not to ram their lifestyle down the throats of everyone else.

    Sadly, the state will not give up its “one size fits all” mentality easily, and I’m expecting that this issue will go to referendum in various states at some stage. That’s probably the best outcome we can reasonably hope for. A Democratic choice is better than an undemocratic choice.

    Getting onto the issue of the Greens. I agree, they are a bunch of fruit loops, but they might yet be useful. Consider that Scott Ludnam is a lone voice in the wilderness trying to stop the coming Internet filter and universal surveillance of anything and everything that we ever do. You can lend your voice to help freedom be heard. Keep the balance of power balanced by voting for minority parties and not allowing any major party to have open slather in both state and federal parliament.

  7. GD says:

    Excellent comment, Tel

    Brian, on the other hand, once again pontificated about the ‘World According to Brian’.

    bone-dry vegetation

    The recent fires in Australia and the loss of life and property were apparently compounded by a draconian policy that prevented people who lived in the fire threat zones from cutting trees and brush near their properties. ….Residents couldn’t get permits to cut down brush and trees, the result was a firestorm of catastrophic proportions.

    A family in Australia saw the threat, decided on civil disobedience, cleared a firebreak, and got fined $50,000. They feel vindicated now, because their house is one of the few in Reedy Creek, Victoria, still standing, the only one in a two kilometer radius.



  8. Craig says:

    GD, It was the same in Perth with that fire in the hills a few years ago. Greens had been voted in over the last 6 years before the fire. For 6 years permits were required to do the yearly leaf and twig litter burn, so the majority stopped burning, the back burning of bush blocks, and bush reserves were banned. So 6 years of fuel built up, and one hot summer day and a spark from an angle grinder and there you go.

    Previous that the summer fires were controllable, being the excess fuel was back burned yearly, and local kept their properties clean.

  9. Make the greens pay with their own money for their stupidity says:

    Interesting the green vote comes largely from the inner city high paid yuppy demographic which also appears to be the most consuming and least sustainable community with the lowest uptake of expensive green energy saving devices like solar power,water systems and when did you see a hills hoist on an apartment building. When I was younger there was a politically incorrect bumper sticker we used to see “grow your own dope and plant a pom” apologies to my pommie mates cause you know it was just a piss take but I think we need to bring that back with a minor wording change.

  10. Brian says:

    (Sorry Iain, used the wrong address for previous comment. Please delete that one, cheers)

    Brian, on the other hand, once again pontificated about the ‘World According to Brian’.

    I don’t pontificate; I draw conclusions based on evidence. Real evidence, not opinion pieces written by bloggers or “my friend is a Pakistani Muslim”. Or these links, which are the stories of a couple of people in a state of almost four million.

    In case you missed it, there was a Royal Commission into the Victorian bushfires that made no substantive recommendations about clearing policies, beyond recommending better clearing of significant roadways to allow ingress and evacuation. It did not place any blame for the bushfires at the foot of the Greens, as you have cheerfully done.

    We have had bushfires in Australia since the year dot. I have experienced a couple myself and I live in an area considered high risk. I can assure you that if a major bushfire like that of 2009 sweeps through a rural area, in 98 percent of cases all the clearing in the world won’t save houses or lives (if people stay).

    How many bushfires have you experienced living in your Muslim enclave in inner western Sydney eh?

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