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Slippery Pete finally slips off the shovel and the brown stuff sticks to Gillard, of course.

Well at last after having to support this loathsome man Gillard has a chance to put the Slipper speakership behind her but its odium and the shame of having tried to pull this swifty will remain with her just as the odium of all of her other bad decisions will be reiterated ad infinitum by both the opposition and the voters. Slippery Pete may no longer be speaker but as long as Gillard remains in the lodge there is work to be done, moving vans to be booked and change to be joyfully anticipated.

Cheers Comrades


  1. deknarf says:

    One wonders just how many more ‘loathsome’ individuals inhabit the NO Coalition. I could suggest a few very likely candidates currently inhabiting their front bench.
    But yes, you’re right, Slipper is loathsome. Without his vote Abbott wouldn’t have made it to Opposition leader. Nothing could be more loathsome than that.
    When are the Liberals going to wake up and bring back Malcolm?

  2. Iain Hall says:


    The reality is that the LNP have been trying to get rid of Slipper for ages but failing to do so is a venal sin compared to raising him to a high office that he was entirely unsuited for. Its Gillard who commuted that far greater sin. Worse still was the farce of Gillard defending the man in the no confidence motion only to have him forced to resign by the independents. Mate you could not write this story as a farce and have it survive the first reading because no one would believe it yet here we are with this stuff of nonsense playing out in the national parliament!
    As for Turnbull no one but the left want him as leader and he won’t ever get there again

  3. deknarf says:

    Seems a pretty pathetic ‘getting rid of Slipper’ effort if you ask me! Sorry, while he was on their side he was a ‘mate’! Doesn’t say much for Coalition morality really!

  4. Brian says:

    I think you’re looking at the issue through your Liberal Party glasses, Iain.

    The coalition had the better part of 30 years to work out that Slipper was a creepy scumbag. Either they didn’t, because they’re stupid, or they knew and said/did nothing while he was continually reelected to the parliament. The ALP, on the other hand, only found out after electing him as speaker (which was only done so they could cast off that idiot Wilkie).

    That aside, Gillard is a hypocrite for refusing to dump him after the cabcharge incident, the sexual harassment case and now those text messages. So neither side of the parliament is looking particularly clean at the moment.

  5. Iain Hall says:

    Oh I agree with you Brian that it was quite wrong for the coalition to not do something about Slipper sooner but that is with the benefit of hindsight.However once he was seduced by Gillard he became Labor’s tainted creature which is why Labor looks so foolish now.

  6. Craig says:

    I’m not a big fan of Labor or the Liberals, IMHO the Liberals have come off as the lesser evil, with the PM and Labor looking like a bunch of corrupted incompetents. Playing victim politics has the consequence of a double bladed sword, and that razor sharp blade just cut the PM and Labors credibility to shreds.

    The current government and their media confidants won’t spin there way out of this one, and I have no doubt that the federal polls will now start to reflect the same results that occurred in QLD from the use of the same tactics. Labor not able to debate policies, so they reach for the desperation of divide and conquer of manufactured smear and spin.

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