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Nice piece Ben I think that far too often charges of sexism or misogyny are bandied about as a kind of feminist “shut up” when women can’t cut it in debate Cheers Comrade

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Australia’s enthusiastic community of political commentators (both amateur and professional) erupted tonight on Twitter, over the apparent mistreatment of MP Kate Ellis on the ABC’s panel discussion program Q&A. A majority of comments either directly alleged, or strongly implied, that sexism was motivating the panel’s three men to excessively interrupt Ellis because she is a woman. Host Tony Jones got dragged into the dock for apparently failing to moderate debate effectively, again with an implication of gender bias.

Commentary on the actual, substantive issues being discussed (however rudely or rowdily) was replaced by immediate accusations of misogyny. This linked conveniently with the recent downfall of right-wing shock-jock Alan Jones over his indisputably outrageous comments about Prime Minister Gillard’s father having “died of shame”. In a scintillating play on the irrelevant coincidence of their names, some on social media even suggested that Tony and Alan, our two Mr Joneses, were…

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  1. Brian says:

    I don’t always watch this show but I did last night, and would like to make the following observations.

    First, Christopher Pyne DID constantly interrupt Kate Ellis. But from what I have seen, he does this to everyone. He interrupted Tanner and Jones a few times too. So I hardly think it is sexist, just a case of Christopher Pyne’s bad manners.

    Second, there was an instance when Kate Ellis was answering a question and Pyne and Tanner for some reason started having a conversation about Downton Abbey, ignoring her completely and talking over the top of her. She looked mightily pissed off. Was this sexist? Well its possible, but frankly I’m more inclined to think it was just rude.

    I don’t give much weight to the suggestion that Tony Abbott dislikes women. I don’t like some of Abbott’s political views and I dislike all of his religious views, and I suspect there is a fair chunk of bully boy in him. But fundamentally I think he’s a decent chap. Trying to paint him as some kind of woman hater is well and truly over egging the pudding.

  2. Ray Dixon says:

    I’d like to see MORE of Ellis.

  3. Iain Hall says:

    Oh I can dig that Ray I would too 😉

  4. Ray Dixon says:

    This’ll do for starters:

    Nice outfit.

  5. Brian says:

    Come now gents, she is very fine but she is no Natasha:

    Even better, Nat was a great political performer stuck in a party of duds.

  6. Craig says:

    Never in history have we seen such decadent women, through out our pole dancing society.

    I could of made that comment more sexist, but that would of been considered slut shaming. 😀

  7. Iain Hall says:

    Sorry Brian but I think that Kate has it over Natasha 😉

  8. Brian says:

    Well I’m sorry Iain, but since Kate and Nat are both “lefties”, you get neither. Ray can have Kate and I’ll take Ms Stott Despoja.

    You’ll have to settle for someone on your own side of politics. Might I suggest Bronwyn Bishop for you and Sophie Mirabella for your mate “GD”. Seems like a fair deal!

  9. Ray Dixon says:

    Imagine Sophie in Kate’s outfit. They’re aren’t enough rubber trees left in the world to make one.

  10. Iain Hall says:

    I don’t know Guys there is always a (small) chance that I could tempt them over to the darkside 😉

  11. Craig says:

    My wife use to be progressive, three kids latter, and a modern traditional marriage, well the tides turn when the woman’s rationalisation hamster yields to it’s master.

    You have to learn to tame the progressive woman’s hind brain, if you have the right assets, and masculinity it is possible.

    Judging the divorce rates there’s not to many men nowadays who can pull that feat off in the soft law enforced matriarchal society.

    How’s that I converted a Progressive Labor voter into a reactionary right winger. 🙂 No wonder Labor attacks men with such misandrist rhetoric, Labor is scared of strong minded men.

  12. Brian says:

    You have to learn to tame the progressive woman’s hind brain, if you have the right assets, and masculinity

    Now that IS sexist. What a stupid comment.
    You shouldn’t have to “tame” anyone, male or female, in any good relationship. And if you think you do, I reckon the problem lies with you, not your partner.

  13. Craig says:

    I wonder who wears the pants in your relationship Brian?

    Nothing sexist about taming a woman’s hind Brian, women crave it instinctively, mate.

  14. Brian says:

    I wonder who wears the pants in your relationship Brian?

    Nobody does, we make decisions jointly. When we disagree, sometimes she wins out and sometimes I do.
    Suggesting that someone must be “in charge” in a relationship, or that one or the other needs to be “tamed”, is neanderthal thinking.

  15. Ray Dixon says:

    When we disagree she wins. She always wins. She is always right. Well, sometimes I let her win but most times she just wins. And it’s fine by me.

  16. Ray Dixon says:

    I should add that on most matters we agree. We disagree not often.

  17. Nigel says:

    Wow, what an unintelligent comment string about what’s potentially an important topic.

  18. Ray Dixon says:

    I dunno, Nigel – did you watch Q & A last night? I did and ….. talk about “an unintelligent comment string” !

  19. damage says:

    I’m quite struck by the fact that the person who was so insulted and offended by the misogyny of Jones, (for whom the left have screamed for the removal from his job) has today not only voted, but argued long and hard, to protect a man who has used far worse or at least far more misogynist language. I’m currently watching the atourney general of this country defent the fact thet they defended the speaker, who in the end agreed witht he opposition. How could anyone vote for this mob and sleep at night?

  20. Craig says:

    Labor never learns, they have been framing this faux sexism and misogyny for weeks if not months, and now it comes back to bite them in the bum.

    Now since this sexist card is now defunct, it wouldn’t surprise me if our national leader and the hand bag hit team, pull out the big bazookas.


    Perhaps then Gillards disastrous problems and polls with men would improve some what, or maybe it would have the opposite effect, due to gravity and what not.

  21. Iain Hall says:

    Life is often too serious Nigel and a little levity is good even when it concerns what is a serious topic.

  22. Craig says:

    Iain did you get a giggle from the bazookas? 😀

  23. Iain Hall says:

    Which ones Craig?

  24. Craig says:

    I was just wondering if my last post was moderated or did not make it through? The big bazooka’s post :-p (.) (.)

    I was just making a farce of this ridiculous manufactured history our current political masters in power were manipulating with their media friends. I find it hilarious that it absolutely failed.

  25. Iain Hall says:

    Hi Craig just found your comment in the spam bin WP does not like something in in sorry about that

  26. Brian says:


    As I’ve said before, I don’t think Tony Abbott is much of a misogynist and I think Labor’s attempt to paint him as one is contrived and overdone.
    You, on the other hand, have claimed women need to be tamed and that Julia Gillard should get her tits out. I think the cap fits you a lot better than it does Tony.

  27. Craig says:

    Thanks Brian, better then being a weak willed male feminist, swooping in as a white knight to jibes, if you take that seriously, I guess you take all the sexist and stereotypical misandrist jibes aimed towards the LNP parliament male members, just as seriously?

    Taming the feminista hamster has nothing to do with keeping women down, just bringing them round to reality, as all 35 year old female carousel riders run into that brick wall eventually. The younger the hamster taming occurs the better off men and women will be, from a normal heterosexual POV of course.

  28. Brian says:

    So I’m a “weak willed male feminist” and women are “feminista hamsters” who need to be “tamed” and “brought round to reality”? Keep on talking mate. Every time you comment, the foot slips in just that little bit more.

  29. Craig says:

    Nah I’m having fun reading and replying to your man boobed comments.

  30. Brian says:

    Mate, I have said very little on the topic. You’re the one trying to convince us (and probably yourself) that women need to be put in their place and men who don’t do that are somehow weak and inadequate. Not to mention your frequent references to tits.

  31. Iain Hall says:

    Well apropos of nothing in particular I prefer a shapely leg to tits…

  32. Ray Dixon says:

    Yeah, legs and …. the arse!

  33. Iain Hall says:

    Yes Ray there is a great deal to be said for a well made female bottom…

  34. Ray Dixon says:

    Steph Rice’s come to mine mind:

    Rice is nice …….

  35. Iain Hall says:

    Hmm yes indeed 😀

  36. Brian says:

    Not entirely to my taste. But I wouldn’t say no!

  37. GD says:

    A bit muscular for my taste, but then again I am partial to mussels….

  38. Brian says:

    Do you prefer them with or without beards?

  39. Iain Hall says:

    Well that depends, do you like to floss during a meal Brian? 😉

  40. GD says:

    Beards be bothered, mussels are a delicacy to be savoured either way 🙂

  41. Craig says:

    Rice’ looks a bit Manish for my tastes, I prefer the lush lips of a woman.

    Brian, just FYI taming the hamster is probably not what your thinking, as you have a manboob philosophy of life, so sad.

  42. Brian says:

    Nothing sad about my philosophy or life, Craig. I wonder which of us gets on better with women and has more satisfying relationships with them? Not sure, but I’d be willing to take a punt.

  43. Craig says:

    Likewise I’d bet on you to come last Brian, too.

  44. Brian says:

    Yes, I’m sure you come first and your missus doesn’t come at all.

  45. GD says:

    clever retort, nicely done 🙂

  46. Brian says:

    Cheers “GD”. A bit smutty but I’m sure it’d go down well at a union function.

  47. Craig says:

    Ouch. 😀

    At least I get to come.

    How’s the aspirin routine Brian? Filling up a glass of water is better than filling up nothing at all I guess.

  48. GD says:

    On this week’s Q&A I particularly liked Bill Shortens’s attempted re-definition of ‘misogyny’. Even lefty MC Tony Jones pulled him up. Labor pollies have no shame…

  49. Richard Ryan says:

    YEAH-YEAH, nearly as bad as Alan Jones, I wonder did he have any shame when he was arrested in a London public toilet—making “love to himself, giggle, snigger, snigger. The 4million dollar cash-for-comment wanker.

  50. Iain Hall says:

    What a strange combination of conflicting ideas you are Richard 🙄

  51. Ray Dixon says:


    I particularly liked Bill Shortens’s attempted re-definition of ‘misogyny’

    Well, it looks like Bill was right, GD: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-10-17/misogyny-redefined-after-gillard-speech/4317468

    Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s speech in Parliament on misogyny has prompted the Macquarie Dictionary to broaden its definition of the word.

    Ms Gillard made headlines around the world last week after she used a 15-minute speech in Parliament to accuse Opposition Leader Tony Abbott of being a misogynist.

    The current edition of the dictionary defines misogyny as “hatred of women”.

    But the dictionary’s editor, Sue Butler, says the definition will now be broadened to include “entrenched prejudice against women”.

    She says the usage of the word has evolved over the past few decades.

    I tend to agree that “misogyny” means having a generally poor disposition towards women as equals … which is what your man Tone seems to have.

  52. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Ray Dixon – 6 other international dictionaries disagree with you.

  53. Ray Dixon says:

    I’ll go with the Macquarie – the others will follow. One day even you might catch up.

  54. Richard Ryan says:

    The Catholic wedding mantra—to love and obey your husband.

  55. GD says:

    the dictionary’s editor, Sue Butler, says the definition will now be broadened to include “entrenched prejudice against women”.

    Will the Macquarie Dictionary now broaden the meaning of ‘misandry’ to include entrenched prejudice against men for daring to criticise a woman?

  56. GD says:

    The Catholic wedding mantra—to love and obey your husband.

    The Middle Eastern Muslim mantra – love and obey your husband or be shot, stoned to death or beheaded.

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