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Bums on seats

Ah the United Nations is such a noble idea, you know the concept is that all of the nations of the planet should have an overarching origination where they can  voice their concerns and address their concerns in ways other than war and violence. While my friends on the left let their pious hopes for world peace see the UN as a very worthwhile entity. I personally can’t see it as anything other than a toothless and empty piece of window dressing that talks the talk and doesn’t even shuffle the walk. Yet here we are with Julia Gillard doing a big sales pitch for this humble country to have a temporary seat on the security council.

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Why on earth should the opposition support and endorse this exercise in self aggrandisement by the Labor party?  I personally can’t fault the opposition for being realistically negative about the place of the UN  in global  politics But I’m interested to hear from readers about what they think about this bid and what the value to both Australia and the world would be if we were to win that seat.

Cheers Comrades


  1. Craig says:

    My Grandfather and many other Veterans are ashamed to wear their UN gongs, the politics is disgusting, once you learn geo politics can read between the lines, or have prior knowledge to information, then see the propaganda coming out of the politicians and media. Ugh.

    IMHO I don’t see the UN being able to centralise all the nations from the top down for a global purpose, as it’s more akin to children arguing over a bowel of lollies.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    “more akin to children arguing over a bowel of lollies.”
    given that the UN is actually pretty shitty when you get down to it your typo is actually rather funny! 🙂

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