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Is Camp Rudd trying to influence Newspoll?

An interesting theory Ms D and the evidence seems to support it as well. Ever the populist I have little doubt that Brother Number One will do anything to get back into the lodge.
Cheers Comrades

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I thought it would be interesting to examine recent political events to see whether there’s evidence that Camp Rudd has been attempting to influence Newspoll results.

I’ve chronologically listed key events and the Newspoll results in the table below. The events include articles and opinion pieces that appear to be prompted/informed by Rudd supporters.

It appears that in many cases, Rudd supporters stir the pot either in the week leading up to Newspoll running their fortnightly survey, or when the researchers are in the field.

If this is a deliberate ploy, it’s debatable whether the tactic is delivering the desired outcome.

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