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Dear minions of the left, an early morning rant

You lot all have one profound similarity and that is in your confirmation bias telling you that  Abbott is evil incarnate and that he will surely stumble so badly between now and the election that Gillard will be able to slip back into office by default. In the immortal words enunciated in the Castle “yer dremin”. Due soon is the budget update and does anyone want to lay odds on the budget being in the black? It would be only the brave or stupid who honestly expects that mythical surplus to appear .
Even The Newman factor won’t save you as the government here winds back the severity of its cuts. The boats keep coming and no amount of pie in the sky social schemes are being believed no matter how noble the idea may be. And now on top of that Gillard has once again proven what a liar she is by back-flipping on the promise to Oakshott and the Greens about a referendum on indigenous “recognition” in the constitution. The alternative bill proposed is just window dressing and it  won’t win Gillard any cred with the voters either. You all seem to think that Tony Abbott is in strife here when the reality is that  its Gillard and Labor who are still in a deep electoral hole and rather than climbing out they are  furiously  digging deeper each day. The defeat of those two Gay marriage bills means that the misdirection of that issue is over and now with one less fringe issue to distract the people from Labor’s performance the voters are going to have lots more time to weigh up the virtues of Labor in power and no amount of “look over there, wasn’t Tony a bad boy when he was at uni “ is going to save Gillard from the humiliation of defeat at the next election.

Cheers Comrades


  1. deknarf says:

    It was hilarious to see Julie Bishop and Whiney Pyne, singing in unison about how wonderful Phoney Tony is, and why he’s God’s gift to the electorate. Is that the best they can do when a bit of heat comes on the poor man?
    Seems Tony has taken to the low profile when he’s come under pressure suggesting that he can’t deal with the heat. What, will we get another ‘noddy’, inarticulate moment (well 30 or so seconds really) if the pressure is really on! And this stunned mullet behaviour is appropriate for a Prime Minister? Especially in a crisis moment when decisiveness is required? Ooooh don’t think so.
    Bring back Turnbull and get rid of Howard’s attack dog!

  2. Berserker says:

    Turncoat Turnbull will never come back and the conservative vote will make sure of that as we will not vote for him, don’t worry us conservatives of all stripes have a hive mind just like you leftie progs, when it comes to the machinations of political manipulation, particularly when it comes to the polls. 🙂 Hell you progs even replaced a PM because of the polls, I wonder how many conservatives like me were voting for Gillard in the polls at the time. 😀

    If the small (L) Liberals push to hard it’ll give enough courage to start a separate conservative party, forcing the Lib/Nat even further to the traditional right that has been abandoned for quite a while. Actually I think the ACL might even push for this. How will that happen, basically the Lib/Nats will have to partner with the conservatives like Labor does with The Greens.

    So with all accords lefties keep pushing for the small (L) Liberals as you might end up with something you’ll detest even more. I’ll love it, particularly watching the progs froth even more so from the mouth now, it that’s possible.

    Truth be told I was a zero population growth Greenie voting prog only 7 years ago, now I’m rather right wing, what a conversion. I use to detest Abbott when he was a minister of the Howard government, but the more Labor smear with obvious exaggerations the more I look into Abbott and like him. I guess myself now having a wife and kids, seeing the same community minded man just really syncs. Plus the fact single white men are so denigrated now by the left, it just makes it so easy to vote for Abbott.

    It’s true what they say as people age, they mature and all of a sudden vote conservative. 😉

  3. Berserker says:

    Oh and due to the patriarchy in my household my wife no longer votes for Labor, as her father did. Her vote is virtually my vote now. 🙂

  4. Iain Hall says:


    I think that it pays not to watch the day to day elements of the 24/7 news churn because that way you don’t get tangled up with the details.More importantly you don’t get distracted by the theatre of politics too much. Lets be realistic just about every journo wants to be able to big note themselves as the one who “tripped up” one political player or another and all of the political players try their darnedest to avoid being tripped up. Its a merry dance sometimes and often rather entertaining but lets not think that its the only dance in town.

  5. GD says:

    Well said, Iain, although I regret following the link to ‘Cafe Whispers’. I’m still shaking my head at the imbecility of those Labor luvvies overlooking the massive errors, failures and stuff-ups of the Gillard government, but taking time to latte sip over something Tony did when he was nineteen.

    Your post was spot on. And of course, deknarf stupidly stepped right into it by crying ‘AbbottAbbottAbbott’ instead of answering any of the valid points you raised about this current mis-administration.

    Latte sippers can’t defend this faux government, they can’t defend the massive level of debt incurred by this mal-administration and they can’t point to any worthwhile policy outcomes achieved since 2007. This has been a failure of a government the likes which have not seen since the Whitlam debacle. At least Whitlam introduced schemes that had enough substance to benefit the nation, although it was left to a Liberal government to pay for them.

    What can this bunch of clowns claim credit for?

    “look over there, wasn’t Tony a bad boy when he was at uni “

    look over there, wasn’t Tony a bad boy today

    Truly, these leftists clowns are devoid of any sensible argument, relying instead on their irrational hatred of one man, Tony Abbott.

    Truly pathetic, grow up leftards.

  6. Richard Ryan says:

    Abbott is the “Great Satan” of the Liberal Party! Shalom, Richard Ryan.

  7. deknarf says:

    Well I’m doing the paso doble — what’s your poison? :-O

  8. deknarf says:

    There’s not such animal as satan, but Abbott is certainly the ‘Great Evil’ of the NO Coalition and Australia!

  9. Iain Hall says:

    Really Deknarf is that the best you can do? 😉

  10. scaper... says:

    I don’t even bother looking at that site anymore. The last straw for me was someone wanting to cut Abbott’s tongue off and another saying that Mirabella has brooms (witch) yet they get all indignant about a placard that read ‘Ditch the Witch’. Hypocrisy is not exactly the term…it has evolved into a group think that confirms each others twisted delusions. Pretty sad.

    What really gets me is they are so supportive of their heroes that do not care about them and wouldn’t give them the time of day. Modern day Baldricks!

  11. Iain Hall says:

    Well I find that they are good for a laugh Scaper which is why I go there

  12. scaper... says:

    I suppose you are doing them a service. If there was no one to gang up on they would start fighting amongst themselves. I’m thinking Lord of the Flies.

  13. scaper... says:

    I thought Labor were on the march to absolutely wipe out the coalition.


    Must be a rogue…or was Newspoll???

  14. Iain Hall says:

    I reckon its the good old dead cat bounce Scaper

    Fluffy Wuffy refuses to die while there is still cold beer and re runs of Top Cat on cable

  15. damage says:


    Listen and then read the comments. The left are just superior. Just ask them.

  16. Iain Hall says:

    That is so true Mr D 😎

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