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Masters and their slaves

I have looked at the turgid prose of one Ricky Pannowitz before and found it wanting well it turns out that Ricky is a big fan of the NBN and he has written a rather long rant about its virtues on his blog and to day I’m going to look at just what he is arguing for and see if what he says stacks up.for the sake of this post I’m going to concentrate on his last three paragraphs, Mainly because his opening paragraphs are all rather confused and do nothing to put forward any sort of cogent thesis.
Anyway lets look at the guts of his argument.

Third world countries like South Korea warp past us and our future economy at the “LIGHT SPEED” of the real information Superhighway,” fibre to the house”. That not the light speed that those expert commentators say gen Y gamers travel at that we don’t need because it’s a monumental waste of money, glue and staples. That’s the speed at which real time medical imaging, teleconferencing, energy control systems, regionalisation and other future technological benefits, too visionary a higher concept for their poor toaster oven mentality to comprehend.

Hmm he starts with a bit of racism if you ask me, south Korea may be an Asian nation but it is very far from being in any meaningful sense of the “third world” its a modern industrial country and yes they do seem to have put a lot of effort into this technology but they have more than twice our population in a country about the size of Tasmania. Am I the only one here who can see that the economics for creating a complex network in such a small area make such fancy toys much more cost-effective than trying to create a similar network over an entire continent that has a much smaller population.

We seem to be content to be lost on a misinformation back road with an out-dated street directory from nineteen fifty rather than tackle this elephant in the room at the expense of the future.

Talk about mixed metaphors! Ricky has the pachyderm on a highway to hell without a decent map! Oh the humanity of it all!

When I explained the practicalities of what we have now ten years ago, you laughed at me as your eyes glaze(d) over.

Did we really? I don’t recall that at all so who precisely were you talking to about this stuff and do you have any proof for this claim?

Now it’s here everyone sees the benefits. See we were rite(sic) and have not failed you all.

The benefits are still very debatable Ricky because like a lot of technophiles you don’t seem to understand that just because something can be done does not mean that it should be done I just love some of the things that we can do on the net but I’m a discerning user who is less than impressed by the “gee Whiz” effect of new technology. and I always want to know if it will make life better or just inspire further devotion to the corporate empires of the technology makers

Don’t worry accountants build and the money will come, the business case will come, the economic rationalisation will come.

I think that Ricky is channelling Kevin Costner here:

When your bucket of ideological opposition is empty, the bipartisan visionary bucket is full of positive aspirational hope. Not everything has a quantifiable, economically rational cost.

Which means what precisely? I think that Paul Simon has some wisdom to share on the nature of technology and progress:

Just because something can be done does not mean that it should be done.

I sat around for years trying to figure out how to make money from the internet and looky now.

Yes look at all of the scams and schemers from Nigeria et al, Making money form the internet eh?

Furthermore, this nation was not was not three word slogans.

Do you want a “do over” on this sentence Ricky? You need it!

I find someone who has no credibility whatsoever on this issue using lies in three word slogans like “big white elephant” and “will not work’ an insult to Australians intelligence.

Clunk-o-rama!!!  I really hope that Ricky is better on computer networks  than he is on the English language because his prose is the real insult to any Australian’s intelligence.

This same language is being echoed by members of the Nationals in coalition who say they have the best interests of regional Australia at heart. Sorry I don’t buy that hypocrisy any more than the shadow minister for communications does.

The Nationals understand the real needs of those of us who live outside the big smoke far better than this pampered city boy who is in love with the idea of  super-fast internet.

This divisive Noism demonstrates a serious lack of understanding of the issue and its benefits capped by an unhealthy lack of vision.

It’s not a lack of vision Ricky is a long memory of visions espoused that have proven to be far less than the promise when they have actually been built

Do we want narrow focussed Luddite’s using divisive doomsday language running our fine nation; dictating its future? It’s this offensive and divisive political point scoring that threatens Australia’s future prosperity, not establishing critical infrastructure.

What we want is political players who can consider  the benefits in comparison to the costs of projects like the NBN, fan boys like Ricky are the last people that we should trust when it comes to the virtues of such large expenditures. We need to decide just how critical such infrastructure really is rather than just submitting to the Gee Whizz love of the new that drives the likes of Ricky Pannowitz.

We tried market forces, it did not work, let’s move on. So stand aside agenda benders or become road kill on one of the greatest asset’s a prosperous future economy can have; the road to information.

With out a purpose “the road  to information” is actually a road to nowhere but enslavement to the machines.

Who knows?,It may just lead to knowledge and ultimately wisdom. Don’t just take my word for it

I feel sorry for the slaves to the machines like Ricky Pannowitz because they don’t realise that the machines are meant to serve us rather than being our masters and that humanity has a higher purpose than being bricks in the corporate walls that define our society these days personally I don’t want to be another  brick  in the wall and I don’t want to see my children share that fate either:

So lets choose the future direction for our country that benefits its people rather than the corporate worshippers of Mammon and their sycophantic technophiles like Ricky Pannowitz.

Cheers Comrades


  1. GD says:


    Gold! How true 🙂

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Check out this comment from Ricky:

    Ricky J Pannowitz
    September 19, 2012 @ 10:48 am

    Well Iain frankly you are quite obviously mentally ill and need to seek help. I have seen these patterns before. I urge you to have a good look at yourself and your actions.

    You are completely irrational, on a crusade in a thread against everything. If you are taking the piss that’s all well and good but I am actually concerned.

    The stark contrast between us is not political Iain. I admit when I am wrong. I quote from truths to support my opinions founded on those truths within the scope of my understanding based in critical thinking. I offer real world experience based on what I have done. My circle of friends is vast, of different ethnicities, different religions and political ideologies. They are academics, executives and tradies. I can be sarcastic and take the piss, that’s fun as is like minded banter. I never, ever make assumptions.

    Example… I’m in love with technology, impractical…blah. Well Iain I was employed and paid big money to design costed business efficiencies for corporations and government using technology, who I can assure you do not part with money easily. I teach elderly people how to use computers and technology. I show people how to utilise technology to enrich their lives. Your world is your world, you’re not a technologist, you don’t understand me or what I do. You are incapable of understanding what I know because if it was so you would have displayed it to me with fact, just as don’t understand what Miglo knows who called you on it. You just make assumptions. This is my world; these are my life experiences. You have no idea who I am, what I’ve done and your responses are embarrassingly ridiculous….Quote. Opinion, quote opinion.

    I have not written this lightly. I have read all your responses to me and each response has no fact, just opinion. Iain ask yourself is this acceptable behaviour, is this critical thinking? I apologise for being condescending but your responses are simplistic, ignorant and somewhat embarrassing.
    Dogged negative opposition to everything at odds with ideology won’t work for Abbott and it’s a particularly bad look for you. This is especially pertinent when you speak about things of which you are clearly clueless.

    I hope you are just taking the piss as if you are not, seek some help as you need it. It is clear to me you have a pattern of lying and delusional dogmatic behaviour that is unhealthy. Write what you like Iain, I’m done. Paste a little quote and write a predictable baseless opinion after it, knock yourself out. If you feel you have won and showed me, then more power to you.

    I will not engage with you further to encourage self-destructive behaviour.
    Please seek help.


    Is that sad or what GD?

  3. GD says:

    What a dog’s breakfast of a reply. It seems Ricky has done an undergraduate course called ‘Critical Thinking’. I wonder how he went? Based on this mish-mash of self-promotion, queries about your mental health and a swerve at Tony Abbott, I’d say he failed miserably.

    Clunk-o-rama indeed!

  4. Tel says:

    Ian, I note that about the only posting on Ricky’s blog that has any comments is the one where you started arguing with him.

    “We tried market forces, it did not work, let’s move on.”

    That sort of blunt, determined ignorance really shits me. When Telecom was a government monopoly we had 2400 baud dialup modems. Since then, competitive private industry and innovation has boosted up the exact same copper pairs to a typical 10 megabit. That’s a speed increase of around 4000 times (or better than three orders of magnitude), delivered by market forces, thank you very much.

    The same market forces brought mobile phones down from an analog housebrick that cost a months wages down to a digital flip-phone the size of a keychain ornament costing less than a family take-away meal. In the tech industry I regularly meet people like Ricky who want to be cool by sounding techno, but can’t handle basic logic and arithmetic. Technology is not about coolness factor, it is hard work and careful thinking.

    Of course, when Telecom was converted to Telstra and then sold off, it was a long transition process from a monopoly, to a duopoly, and then more players in the industry. Fiber was being laid very nicely by a whole bunch of companies (both long-distance, and last-mile) but the conversion to a competitive marketplace takes time given a very lopsided start. The NBN is setting us back 20 years, thank goodness the venture is failing so badly, and Turnbull can split it up amongst private interests in a year’s time.

  5. Iain Hall says:

    Hi Tel and welcome to my blog.
    As you suggest there is a great deal of wilful ignorance in the smatterings from our Ricky, he displays the rather charm-less attributes of those who are in love with the toys but entirely disconnected with the purpose of the technology which is to serve the needs of the people, rather than the entrepreneurs who would make a quid from the roll out of new technology.

  6. Tel says:

    I personally have no problem with entrepreneurs making money. When the system works properly, those entrepreneurs take a personal risk, and may or may not be rewarded depending on their ability to find customers for their service (and their ability to really deliver what they promise). The mechanism that keeps technology serving the needs of the people is the many small choices made by those customers to buy one thing or another thing, or nothing at all. That is the Democracy of Capitalism, you vote with your purchases. Don’t like it, don’t buy it. However, it only works when the market is competitive.

    I do not accept that the NBN, as it stands right now, can be regarded as entrepreneurial activity. Yes, there are people making money out of it, but the risk is entirely carried by the taxpayer, and the end-user gets only very limited choices. Oh I know, you will get a choice of ISP, but that’s nothing more than deciding who puts their name on the top of the bill and how you want to pay for it… what you actually get for your money is exactly the same NBN service (give or take a quota or whatever).

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