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Aspiration Rather Than Desperation: Liberal vs Labor

On another thread, resident leftie Brian reckoned:

The industrial sector in this country is just about dead in the water, manufacturing is not far behind.

Could the carbon tax have contributed to this? Labor is also killing the fishing industry and the cattle export market. Is there any industry, other than the imaginary ‘pie in the sky’ green industry, that Labor has helped rather than exacerbating?

Labor destroys initiative, Labor breaks down aspiration and replaces it with desperation.

Wyatt Roy, Australia’s youngest member of parliament recognises this and takes a great swerve at the socialist and destructive Labor party that is currently losing control of our economy and governance.

Enjoy the eloquence of a future leader.


  1. Brian says:

    Nothing eloquent or particularly clever about that speech. It was nothing more than a grab bag of slogans and rhetoric, stealing that passage the US far right loves so much (about not building up the wage maker by tearing down the wage payer, etc.) Roy is a boy and he’s almost certainly someone’s puppet, probably some ex-LNP MP or political operative acting as a ‘mentor’.

    As for your post, “GD”, hmm, yes, well. Keep trying matey, you’ll write something interesting one day.

  2. deknarf says:

    EEEK! This is a future leader? The conservatives are certainly not setting their benchmarks particularly high. More like a limbo bar!! 😉

  3. GD says:

    Simon’s link refers to the ten maxims quoted by Wyatt Roy as usually being falsely attributed to Abraham Lincoln rather than to Rev. William John Henry Boetcker in 1916.

    Of course, the astute Roy didn’t make this mistake.

    Wyatt Roy didn’t ‘steal’ these maxims, Brian. He quoted them. Still I guess these principles go against your beliefs. They certainly go against the current Labor government’s beliefs. Gillard Labor’s actions and policies are completely opposite to all ten.

    As for Wyatt Roy being a ‘puppet’ that is absurd. However, I would hope he has a mentor. Like any young person beginning their career, being advised by a more experienced person is a wise move.

    I just hope it’s not this bloke

    or this bloke

  4. Brian says:

    Wyatt Roy didn’t ‘steal’ these maxims, Brian. He quoted them.

    Regardless, he didn’t write them himself did he. I’m not sure how you can call someone “eloquent” because they read from a set of ‘borrowed’ sources.

    Still I guess these principles go against your beliefs. </blockquote.

    You wouldn't know what my beliefs are, sonny jiim. Stick to the pointless rants and don't presume to know what others think or believe.

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