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Muslim Rioters In Sydney: Deport Them


Very well put Yale, Sadly even if these rioters have foreign citizenship it would be hard to deport them however we can live in hope that a way could be found to invite them to leave.



  1. Richard Ryan says:

    How do you deport Australian born Muslims?

  2. Berserker says:

    Give them financial incentives to renounce Australian citizenship and migrate to a country more attuned to their Islamic faiths sensibilities, like Turkey, Pakistan or Saudi Arabia…

  3. Ray Dixon says:

    I just saw a TV news item about an out-of-control teenage party in Perth. The cops were called and had bricks thrown at them. The kids looked like everyday Aussies to me – should we deport them too, Iain?

  4. Iain Hall says:

    Maybe internal exile will do for Teenage miscreants Ray somewhere very hot and very dry with no air-conditioning… How about Woomera? where they can enjoy the outdoor lifestyle on a chain gang for a while…

  5. Berserker says:

    Aussie kids could go to military style discipline boot camps.

    Probably do a better job then the parents, single mothers or school teachers.

  6. Richard Ryan says:

    OR send them to a Catholic Boys Home———and have them sexual abused!

  7. kman says:

    “I just saw a TV news item about an out-of-control teenage party in Perth. The cops were called and had bricks thrown at them. The kids looked like everyday Aussies to me – should we deport them too, Iain?”
    This is the usual stupid post from the left re badly behaving migrants.Yes we have bad kids in this this country and we obviously can’t deport them, and so we shouldn’t deport the bad ones who we can get rid of? Another piece of twisted logic from the left,but then again that’s how they think.

  8. AJ says:

    exactly – there are a-holes everywhere – lets just do our best to deal with [non violently/ non reactionary/ non hillbilly ] manner -BUT EFFECTIVELY as possible – if that means deporting selective few that fit CURRENT LEGISLATED procedure – DO IT NOW and then legislate again and again and again and create culture change and awaken the sleeping Aussies that think these people are harmless – each time our culture is “INSULTED ” and our laws breached- but instead of ‘beheading’ – we do it our way – 21st century way, the Aussie way and not lower ourselves to the stone age…… but WE WILL WIN – the right way . Lets be effective but not stoop to bogun redneck reactionary [ muslim = taliban] modus operandi – be smart – be patient – we know who needs to go – no need to give them more excuses to fire up or draw our cause criticism: smart – legal – effective – with broad support – even from the greenie lefties !!!! – make our logic an argument they can not repudiate and we cant lose
    start a movement , BE SMART and fk these people off that HAVE ARTICULATED their complete contempt for everything we have ALL strived- some 150 year heritage – some last generation – but all strived to create as this great nation AUSTRALIA.
    – BUT WE NEED TO BE SMART – CRONULLA RIOTS set the cause back – even if motive justified – it was badly executed because some innocent were hurt and it was blanket racism – it did not target legally, and ethically the pinpoint target of who needs to be ejected from this blessed country- innocents were hurt and we are multicultural – its about selective weeding – not scorched earth policy !!!!


  9. Dave says:

    I support all Australians. I pay many of them some benefit or other and continue to work myself. I don’t believe that it would be unreasonable to stop the public payments made to these people for a period, should they be convicted of damaging or inflicting injury on our tax payer funded assets and staff.

    I listen to a few of them speaking and they don’t seem to be young men who would be readily employable, perhaps their efforts should be put to learning so they didn’t have to rely on the predominantly Christian society to keep them in our charity. A great protest! Tell the Government to keep their money, Muslims object to being made into a charity. Not very likely is it?

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