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Cabbages, Kings, IPhones, and the way that the toys affect the interactions we have on the net

I’ve been thinking about blogging and its so called decline of late and it has just occurred to me that what it boils down to is that blogging is really a child of the PC, be it the desk top beastie  like the one that I use or the Lap top which the more wealthy have to play on,  and in they heyday of this social medium the Personal computer was the epitome of the human interface with the internet, Now far more people are interacting with the internet through their hand held devices like Phones or other display focused tablets. I have watched my brother using his smart phone to send text messages to his staff and it certainly is possible to send long messages but its also clear that it is poorly suited to writing long responses to something like a political piece in  a blog. A proper keyboard and a large display of the text that you are creating makes a huge difference if you want to make a substantive political argument.  Further the turn around time between posting something as a comment and getting a response to that comment either from the blog author or other commentators makes a difference as well. In the “old days”* the most lively blog threads happened when you had a few people all posting their comments at the same time of the day. Which for someone like me who is on the computer mainly during the day was a problem when the majority of readers/contributors to the conversation were there in the evenings. One other factor that is in play here is the fact that employers are becoming far less tolerant of their employees wasting work time on computer use that is not “work related”. It all adds up to less people reading blogs or writing them for that matter and to be honest if you take the time to brose through a lot of blogs as I have done over the years you will realise that there is a fair bit of chaff among the wheat and a fair few blogs that have just one (sometimes rather good) post and then nothing more. This humble blog and its precursors just sort of happened because I needed something to keep my brain working and it continues for exactly the same reason.

Today I hope to have an internet connection to my PS3 hooked up courtesy of my computer tech brother which will not only allow me to play games online (looking forward to that 😉  ) but also it will make it possible for me to respond to comments made in the evenings  when their authors are still online, heck we might even be able to get some banter going!

Cheers Comrades

The worry is that the as yet secret IPhone six is being developed with canine users in mind with nose print recognition smell based dialing and the ability to block all incidences of Cat blogging…

* How old does saying that make me feel!


  1. Jason says:

    Hi Iain. It just occurred to me when reading this post that the Grods alumni used to mock you for using animated GIFs but now the social media platform tumblr is full of them! Ahead of your time! Good to hear that you’re planning to blog from your PS3.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Thanks for that Jason as I see it the aversion to animated gifs probably has more to do with the original Net nerds being terribly concerned with keeping the bandwidth needed to look at a page to a minimum and this is really an artefact of slow computer processors and equally slow internet connections.
    Well Now we have broadband as the norm rather than the exception and computers in our phones that are faster than my desktop PC also the advent of the Ipad and other tablets is seeing the net becoming more a place for communication with images rather than dreary text. In that environment is it any wonder that Animated gifs and other fancy graphics is becoming more popular? You have to catch the eye not just engage with your brilliant prose.

  3. Ray Dixon says:

    I don’t think I’ll be changing from my PC anytime soon, Iain. It suits me because I work from (and at) home. Leanne has a laptop that connects via my router but she refuses to get a mouse and I just can’t stand using the touch pad (it’s too slow!). And I have no inclination to get an iPhone. I rarely use a mobile and only to divert calls to when I’m out. And for the life of me … I have no idea what a PS3 is !!

  4. Iain Hall says:

    Ray a PS3 just my machine for playing computer games its not something I plan to use instead of my PC but as an extra way of going on line when I have retired for the evening.

  5. Ray Dixon says:

    Oh, a PS3 is for playing silly computer games? That’s why I didn’t know what it was.

  6. deknarf says:

    To blog . . . . . . or not to blog! Is that the question?

  7. Iain Hall says:

    wither it is nobler in the heart to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous twits and their attempts to troll or by standing your ground defeat them….

  8. Iain Hall says:

    Ray on the PS3 I can be a famous racing car driver, or a streetwise up and coming gangster, a detective on the streets of San Francisco or a gun slingers in the old west…
    There are times when that beats being an old codger with a very dodgy back!

  9. Ray Dixon says:

    Does it? I think the difference, Iain, is that on your blog you can just be yourself. Of course, then there’s the trolls …..

  10. deknarf says:

    To blog: perchance to prothlesise: ay, there’s the rub;
    For in that blog what views may come
    When we have shuffled off this blogging world,
    Your turn! 😉

  11. Ray Dixon says:

    Blogging & Shakespeare – both dead.

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