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Gee another plot from the same religious brand that brought us 911, London 7/7 and the Bali bombings…

Police seized a number of items from the properties, including a USB memory stick containing violent extremist materials, computer equipment, registered firearms and fake firearms.

“The Muslim community will blame the federal police because they publicised this,” Mr Omerdic told reporters outside the Noble Park mosque.

“Maybe they find nothing, and from one stupid man, everyone will (be) poisoned. And now, especially humble women and children in schools will be pointed out.”

Asked about the items seized, he said, “Everyone has CDs, everyone has a mobile phone, recorders, everyone is using technology today.”

Mr Omerdic called on the AFP to apologise for its handling of the raids.

“The federal police, they should come out in front (of) camera … they have to say they’re sorry (for) what’s going on, (and) next time if they’re going to raid, to raid without journalists, without cameras,” he said.

“They’re going to damage the minority Muslim community.”


Don’t you just want to puke when they start running this sort of line about “fear of a backlash”? On a day when we have just heard that a mob of Islamists have just  murdered the American ambassador to Libya? What about the fear and loathing felt by ordinary Australians inspired by plotters such as these?

Sigh Comrades, sigh


  1. busby777 says:

    politically correct news, eh?

  2. GD says:

    “Maybe they find nothing, and from one stupid man, everyone will (be) poisoned. And now, especially humble women and children in schools will be pointed out.”

    Unfortunately this isn’t the first time. If the Muslim community wants recognition as a peaceable, integrating community, it is up to them to address these atrocities when they happen. They have so far failed to do this. While other communities live together in relative harmony, the Islamic community causes more grief than all other imported cultures in total.

    Excellent post, btw, Iain. This incursion by radical Islamists into Australian society, and Western society in general, needs addressing. Trouble is Australia’s leftist apologists are giving these hothead ideologues free reign when it comes to advocating their evil cause.

    For instance, in today’s news, we are told of female child circumcision in Australia. Yes, this is what Muslims have brought to Australia


    Or read this pathetic denial of Bin-Laden’s role in 9/11 by commo Lee Riahannon


    Worse still, watch Q&A on the ABC.

    For some strange and f*cked up reason, leftards prefer the politics and governance of totalitarian nations rather than Australia’s proven track record of good governance by democratic vote.

    The question remains, why else would all the rag-heads want to come here, instead of the reverse?

  3. kman says:

    And in the quest for our national suicide through third world cultural diversity, tens of thousands of young Muslims males from Africa and the Middle East are pouring in to this country be it by boat or plane. And this while the Federal government is spending ten million dollars in a counter-terrorism offensive in a bid to rescue young people involved in violent extremist groups who pose potential terrorism threats… And the Cultural Marxists demand the Government waive all I.D. checks and allow these asylum seekers” released immediately in to our communities – And one day Australian citizens will pay very dearly for this insanity

    Oh and 2 weeks ago the Border Security program showed this Man of Middle Eastern appearence at the airport with two large bags full of rockets and other fireworks, including self starters and matches arriving from Lebanon.This MEA was interviewed by ther Federal Poloice, and just like the two identical incidents inidents I have see before, he was not charged with anything – not even a fine due to firewworks themselves being illegal in NSW. If this character had been caught in the US he would have done 15 years.
    Some Asians who did the “No Food’ – “No food” thing as they were caught with half a supermarkets worth of food were given a fine and rightly so, but the MEA who could have brought an aircraft with 400 passengers down walked away scott free.What a wonderful message that sends to any potential terrorists.

  4. deknarf says:

    At the moment these so-called Muslims appear to be killing more of their Muslim brothers/sisters than those of other religions. Strange that!

  5. kman says:

    “Up to 500 protesters stormed through the city as protesters worked their way through Pitt Street before moving to Hyde Park amid a heavy police presence.
    Police have used tear gas on Sydney protesters who swept through the CBD as world-wide demonstrations triggered by a US film portraying the prophet Muhammad as a womaniser and paedophile reached Australia.
    The crowd carried signs saying “Behead all those who insult the prophet”.Fairfax Media saw a number of arrests and seriously injured protesters. One protester being taken away by ambulance spat at officers and chanted “Allahu Akbar…..SMH.

    And tens of thousands of these Muslim migrants are coming here every year.How long before how one of these religious screw balls decides to become a martyr? Talk about suicide of the west!

  6. Iain Hall says:

    Yep its a very scary prospect Kman if they go off their heads over one rather crass 14 Min vid on you tube I’ve seen it and its so juvenile that its production values represent the real crime against good taste. What I don’t get is how they expect to be viewed as any thing other than thugs when they pull strokes like this one.

  7. Richard Ryan says:

    You have seen nothing yet! When the terror mob get their hands on weapons of mass destruction—-then we will see total destruction. As the add. goes,” it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. Foreign invaders invading Muslim Lands is a no-no.

  8. Simon says:

    Not wanting to sound melodramatic, but some of the images I’ve seen from today’s Sydney CBD protest is a troubling development for Australia. Hopefully the Federal Police are investigating who printed off the signs promoting “Beheadings” as that needs to be nipped in the bud right now.

  9. Richard Ryan says:

    TERRORISM: Yeah! in these people’s eyes, we are all tarred with the one brush——of course Afghanistan, and Iraq, and American goons pissing on the dead bodies of fighters, does not help, and the sons of these dead fighters, are baying like blood-hounds for revenge. Like a virus, revenge is spreading through-out the United States Of Australia.Will you be there? when the suicide bomber blows him-self up at some sport fixture on Australian soil, killing mobs of people.Security is too lax in this country. Shalom,Richard Ryan.

  10. Iain Hall says:

    You are the perfect example of the cowardly left who care more about kowtowing towards the adherents of a misogynistic medieval religion than he does to any notion of a just and fair society that accepts diversity and the right to mock or belittle any belief in religion.
    Do you believe in freedom of speech or don’t you?

  11. Richard Ryan says:

    Freedom of speech? No! Shalom,Richard Ryan.

  12. Iain Hall says:

    HAVE we Sydney-siders got this straight?

    Because on the other side of the Pacific, somewhere in California, some loser has thrown together some kind of amateur internet video insulting your particular god, you think it justifiable to:

    •Take over the Sydney CBD.

    •Cause willful damage to property.

    •Throw rocks at police officers who are doing nothing more than their duty.

    •Hold up such ludicrous signs as “Behead all those who insult the prophet.”…

    Racists have said for years, “If you don’t like the way we do things here, go back to where you came from.” The net result of your actions yesterday is that – for those people specifically disgracing themselves in the CBD yesterday, not the vast bulk of Islamic Australians – much of the country now feels the same.

    Nice work.

    This is what you should be arguing Richard

  13. Iain Hall says:

    as ever the totalitarian I see Richard

  14. kman says:

    ” Foreign invaders invading Muslim Lands is a no-no.”
    So is flying planes into buildings and killing thousands of innocent people.

  15. kman says:

    And for Rich Ryan…”when the suicide bomber blows him-self up at some sport fixture on Australian soil, killing mobs of people.Security is too lax in this country. Shalom,Richard Ryan.”

    Yes and who was responsible for tens of thousands of primitive religious tribes people migrating to Australia from the Middle East and Africa when sound minds were saying that this would be a very bad idea? Hmm oh yeah – it was Labor and the freaking bleeding hearts and cultural Marxists like Richard Ryan who actually believe the crap that “All cultures are equal” and now he want’s blames the right for the insanity of the left where one day there will be devastating attacks on innocent Australians.

  16. Richard Ryan says:

    The “bleeding hearts” are sobbing over sheep in Pakistan, been buried alive, in Iraq the Americans buried Iraqi soldiers alive. No tears for the Iraqi soldiers, thousands of them I hear buried alive, while hands held high in a symbol of surrender. kman who hides behind a screen name, in fear, “what do you fear, but fear itself” don’t like those facts, do you?. Payback time is on the way, left-right, left right, snigger-snigger. Shalom, Richard Ryan. PS. America does not speak for me, am I an “enemy of the state”? snigger-snigger.

  17. Ray Dixon says:

    Nice & quiet today, Iain. You must be watching the Grand Final. Good for you.

  18. Ray Dixon says:

    Great win by Sydney, Iain. They deserved it. Hard as nails aren’t they?

  19. Iain Hall says:

    Well I watched the first quarter and then I retired for a lay down and listened to the rest of the game while racing on the play station (online in Need for speed the run) I actually won a couple of races which was nice. As you say though the Swans were clearly the better team and the deserved the win. Though I thought that Hawthorne did start well they never got back the form of their first term lead.

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