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Jo Chandler Sacked Redundant

Well Fairfax without Jo Chandler? who would have thunk it?

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Well that will mean that my ‘favourite” senior writer will have more time more time to write sycophantic books about climate scientists and tomes about disgraced female police commissioners that no one will buy. It will also give her more time to hang out on twitter…
Pardon me while I indulge in a bit of schadenfreude here for reasons that I am unable to share publicly but this news does make me rather happy and for that I offer thanks to Peter Wellard who is but the latest of a very long line of would be internet vigilantes who obsessively follow everything that I write on line. Which must make me a celebrity 🙄

Mucho Cheers Comrades


  1. Ray Dixon says:

    At her age the only journo job she’s likely to pick up is reporting on the school fetes and the meals-on-wheels people in some local rag. Twenty five years at The Age and she winds up reporting on the Fuzzy Wuzzies in New Guinea; it’s no wonder they let her go – she was actually going backwards.

  2. PKD says:

    Speaking from personal experience are you Ray?

    Aah Ray it is sad to see this site reduced to bitter childishness like this, with any ‘debates’ reduced back to you, Iain and Leon circle jerking. Everyone else you’ve managed to scare off.

    A sad end, haven’t you guys heard its better to burn out than fade away?

  3. Iain Hall says:

    As you are one of those who knows why I take delight in this Bon Mott what makes you think that I should be anything other than pleased to see someone most deserving get their comeuppance?

  4. Ray Dixon says:

    Coming from someone like you, “Phil K Dick“, that’s just an outright joke and hypocricy. It’s not my fault if you “scare” so easily but, hey, you could always start up another stalking blog.

  5. PKD says:

    Err, no idea what you are talking about l Ray but nil points, I have never run a blog of any kind. Ever. You must have me confused with someone else. Paranoia will do that to you.

  6. PKD says:

    Iain, what makes you think I expected anything else from you?

    Secondly I don’t know what you think Jo Chandler has done against you, but I doubt she has single handedly scared off your readers/ commentators. You’ve managed to do a pretty good job of that yourself from where I am sitting…but pray tell – what has Jo Chandler done to you?

  7. Ray Dixon says:

    I didn’t say you’d run a blog PKD. I said that if you’re “scared off” from commenting here (which obviously isn’t the case) and you’re feeling lonely, and seeing that your favourite blog has met its demise after its owner was “scared off”, then you could start another one. Go on, give it a try – I’m sure you can work out how to administer one. Then again …..

  8. PKD says:

    Neither clarity or Logic are your strong suits Ray as you haven’t scared me off – just the rest of your readers. Although feel free to clone a few more sock puppets to get things going again.

    Indeed if having a conversation with people I fabricate myself like you did (still do perhaps?) is a requirement for running a blog then I’ll pass thanks.

  9. Iain Hall says:

    I am restrained by threats of litigation from speaking the truth openly. However as you were frequenting a now defunct blog I am rather sure that you know precisely what the Chandler connection is here and why I take some pleasure in the demise of her career at the Age. Further as I’m sure I have told you before I write this blog for me, entirely for my own amusement and if anyone else reads it then that is a pleasant bonus.

  10. Ray Dixon says:

    You still here, PKD? I thought you said this blog had been “reduced to bitter childishness”? Well, you’re sure proving that point.

  11. PKD says:

    No Ray – childishness is inventing a sock puppet so you could have at least one person who’d agree with you. Even if it was yourself…but ‘what the hey!’ – carry on with deluding yourself mate…

  12. Ray Dixon says:

    Spoken like a true idiot who only ever posts from childish aliases himself. So brave, PKD.

  13. GD says:

    Hey hey it’s PKD. Good to see you back. I guess it’s because you have completed that proof of AGW that you were so sure of. (and going to post here)

    How’s that going, by the way? Got any new data to persuade us that your scam isn’t just that, a scam?

    I didn’t think so.

    Why don’t you slag off to St*lkwatch, they’ll be more welcoming. Oh that’s right, Iain proved legally that you slimeballs weren’t nice people and then proceeded to step on your hate-driven blog of leftist drivel like a man steps on a cockroach.

    I guess that your defence of AGW theory is equally in the toilet.

    Obviously you’re feeling lonely, paying a visit to the sandpit, but at least it shows that the leftards are following this excellent blog. I know that Iain will be pleased. I can see his laughing face as I write.

  14. GD says:

    Are Fairfax journos that stupid that they don’t see that their newspaper’s decline is directly connected to their insistence on publishing one-sided leftist views on every story they tackle?

    Don’t they realise that the public recognise that Fairfax ignores other views, and that their readers choose to read other newspapers for the real story?

    With Fairfax share prices in the toilet, it should surely send a message to the luv media that Australia isn’t supporting the left. Australia has had a gutful of the Left and yearns for a return to a ‘relaxed and comfortable’ country.

    Given the debt Labor has wracked up, that may take some time, but we can only hope.

  15. PKD says:

    Whatever Ray. Hey I see you’ve brought out your other sock puppet to try and fudge things by going waaaaay off topic. So be it.

    in any case my point here is your own blog is tired and reduced to same three people have the same arguments in a manner that has scared off everyone else. Perhaps it’s time for a relaunch hmmm?

  16. Iain Hall says:

    Are you suggesting that GD is not a real person in his own right PKD?

    Now that is a hoot!

  17. PKD says:

    Well he certainly shares the sakes passive-aggressive of rays previous alter ego the sock. And the same childishness.

    How am I to know Ray isn’t up to his old tricks? Old habits die hard I hear.

    Anyway even if you count ray’s split personality as another person that still gives you the same 4 people after ray/ GD has scared off everyone else. And with the rudeness and insults he/ they have displayed above, little wonder.

    Oh and don’t expect me to buy your ‘I dont care if no one reads my site’ line, we all know you live for the validity of a debate. Hard to do that with the same 2 or 3 group thinkers though…

    Anyway with ray / GD’s appalling manners (as above) everyone has sussed the site out and come to the same conclusion – don’t feed the trolls. Maybe after you’ve either relaunched or found some way to control Rays aggressive rudeness it’ll change…

  18. PKD says:

    ‘same’ Not ‘sakes’…thanks for nothing auto correct!

  19. Iain Hall says:

    Ray has taken a step back from his previous prominence here PKD as you must realise as you scroll through the recent posts which are mostly mine and G D’s

  20. PKD says:

    Well for all I or anyone else knows GD is simply Rays latest sock puppet…the point is still valid- its the same old 3 or 4 group thinkers!

  21. alan says:

    in any case my point here is your own blog is tired and reduced to same three people have the same arguments in a manner that has scared off everyone else. Perhaps it’s time for a relaunch hmmm?”

    hasn’t scared anybody off, but why would you give them oxygen?

  22. Ray Dixon says:

    You have made no point at all, PKD … except to remind us of how obnoxiously hypocritical you are.

  23. PKD says:

    Alan, agreed ‘scared off’ probably gives them too much credit, turned off suffices I reckon. As rays continually rude post above demonstrates – why would anyone bother discussing anything with ray when he has such an attitude problem?

    We do agree though, starving the trolls of oxygen is the best policy. As Iain himself admits most comments recently are between himself and GD/ ray. Just leave em to it!

  24. Iain Hall says:

    You chose to get into bed with our enemy so why are you surprised that neither Ray nor I are now willing to take anything you say seriously?

    your comment is unintelligible as usual

  25. PKD says:

    Pfft, I don’t recall saying anything anytime or anywhere that was unfair or indefensible.

    If you think fair criticism or having an alternate ciew equates to ‘getting in bed with the enemy’ that justifies rays rude dummy spitting above then it’s little wonder debate here is now dead and reduced to 3 or so group thinkers. Your churlish response to Alan’s perfectly intelligible post demonstrates that…

  26. Ray Dixon says:

    PKD, you’ve clearly come on here for no other reason than to hurl insults and act the troll. And you claim I’ve been rude! Face it, you’re just hopeless.

  27. PKD says:

    Yes you have been rude. But i take insults from Someone like yourself (and your even ruder alternate egos) as a badge of honor.

    Or perhaps Instead of more insults from you, you can demonstrate one instance where I ‘slept with the enemy’ that justifies your current obnoxiousness?

    No? Thought not…

  28. Ray Dixon says:

    Mate, you’re an anonymous troll so insults should be neither here nor there to you but, somehow you take offence!!

    Also you seem to be confusing me with Iain in your second para – do you think Iain is really me too? Just like your ‘mate’ Sax does? Actually, you’re sounding a lot like him but who gives a shit?

    Go and get a job mate. Or a new hobby. The Internet is obviously not your friend.

  29. PKD says:

    More insults – I am flattered!
    And coming from someone who created an anonymous troll here for over a year they are hilariously hypocritical.

    And no I am not confused Ray, I thought I’d give you the opportunity to demonstrate how I had ‘slept with enemy’ given Iain was trying to justify your rude and childish behavior with it. You failed – which I even predicted.

    Instead you’ve chosen more insults without justification proving my point even further. Logic is indeed not your strong suit.

    Perhaps now youve failed to demonstrate anything I did to deserve your rude behavior, you can try being civil?

    I won’t hold my breath for it, all the time you’ve spent practicing being a rude sock puppet troll must be habit forming…

  30. Iain Hall says:

    You commented at and endorsed a site that existed for only one reason which was to attack Ray and I personally and my guess is that you would still be doing so had Ray and I not managed to convince that site-owner that its continued existence posed a threat to his err … “reputation” in the real world. Now I am a very forgiving fellow so if you want to put all of that Blog war rubbish behind us then stop complaining about how we wound up the dark-side more than a year ago they did far worse than anything than we ever contemplated.

  31. Ray Dixon says:

    No PKD, SP was an pseudononymous parody author known to the blog owner and was never meant to be serious. Whereas you are a rather unbalanced anonymous commenter who comes here to troll posts, insult the blog owner and others … and then (unbelievably) seek to claim the moral high ground.

    There’s a big difference between your sly, sneaky & cowardly persona and my single venture into pseudononymous posting. I’m not surprised that you don’t have the brain capacity or moral balance to see it.

    Why should I be civil to you? The one time I tried to reason with you by email you were far from that yourself. So, as Iain says, you made your bed …

    Now I’m done feeding the troll. You obviously haven’t had your fill yet but you’ll have to get it elsewhere.

  32. alan says:

    your comment in unintelligible as usual”

    yeah, and i’m banned to boot.
    you must have been light on for customers?
    i had a giggle when ray told pkd to go and get a job, has he ever told you to do the same?

  33. PKD says:

    You’ve obviously forgotten I posted those comments elsewhere after Ray had spat the dummy and censored my views here. And How many comments did I actually end up posting there…5, tops? And all of them I would stand behind after Rays petulance (and he’s done a great job above of reminding me how petulant he is).

    I have never made anything other than fair criticism I would stand behind but I will not be told by anyone where I can and cannot post things.

    I came on here to make one point – that the aggressive and rude behavior of the remaining group thinkers here has killed off all debate and comment on your blog. Ray (and his likely GD alter ego) has brilliantly demonstrated the validity of that point.

    In all honesty it’s a shame. As i said i think your best bet is a clean start and/ or find some way to muzzle Rays disgracefully rude behavior, which no longer warrants wasting breath on.

    Or maybe you do enjoy the group think monotony of Leon and Ray/GD? In which case, carry on!

  34. Ray Dixon says:

    I posted those comments elsewhere after Ray had spat the dummy and censored my views here

    I didn’t “censor your views”, I edited out your repeated abuse after several warnings.

    I have never made anything other than fair criticism I would stand behind

    Bullshit. Do I have to go and dig them out for you? You were abusive. And you were repeating yourself – you do that a lot.

    I will not be told by anyone where I can and cannot post things

    Yes you will.

    I came on here to make one point – that the aggressive and rude behavior of the remaining group thinkers here has killed off all debate and comment on your blog.

    Yeah, thanks. You made that point up front – why keep going? Oh, that’s right – you’re lonely. And obsessed.

    Ray (and his likely GD alter ego)

    Anyone with even half a brain could work out that GD is not me. For Christ’s sake he used to post here with a link to his own blog and real name. You were here then too … you dolt.

    i think your best bet is a clean start and/ or find some way to muzzle Rays disgracefully rude behavior, which no longer warrants wasting breath on.

    Yet you waste so much on it. As for what you call “rude behaviour”, if someone trolls me they get it back. Simple as that.

  35. PKD says:

    Repeated abuse? More like criticism you couldn’t accept or stand without a dummy spit. Much like your behavior here.

    I thought you were done anyway? Still it’d be amusing to watch you fail to dig up anything as abuse (which I actually already challenged you to do above but you failed to meet), because we’ll all know you’ll struggle with that one compared with the tsunami of abuse you managed as your anonymous troll the sock puppet.

    But hey, second time lucky… Go ahead Ray make my day!

    Cause I am not going to be intimated by your insults or aggression…so prove something or… Well throw more insults at me.

    Not that your repeated dummy spits have worked so far today…

  36. Ray Dixon says:

    PKD, I’m not going to dig up your edited comments because firstly (and obviously, you dimwit) they were edited out and no longer exist. But the gist of the conversation that led to the edits is that you were acting like a real troll over next-to-nothing. Much like you are now. Don’t worry, I’ll leave this here for others reading it to judge who’s being the twit here.

    Face it, your only objective in coming onto this post in the first place after such a long absence was to insult and harrangue … such is your MO. You say you want “serious debate” then where the f*ck have you been on the topics you like to debate?

    Quite frankly, Iain’s post on Jo Chandler and my one response was none of your f*cking business and did not warrant your intervention, critique and, um, advice on what Iain should do with his blog. Like I said, maybe you should get a job. Try Fairfax, I hear they’re short on senior writers and you’re just o-so-cogent and interesting yourself.

    Now yes, that’s my final word to you here. I wonder if you can leave it at that? Probably not, as you’re such an obsessive troll. I’d say “cheers” to a decent person but …….

  37. PKD says:

    Incredible. First you threaten to dig up examples of me abusing you, then you throw insults at me…because you claim you deleted them!!! Utterly amazing.

    Aside from your momental backflip you come over, to quote Jack White, like a little girl yelling at her brother cause you lost his ball.

    The reality is youve climbed down because they never existed in the 1st place, you just don’t want to admit it.

    As for you objecting to my butting in your original post… umm… See its called a blog for a *reason* ray – people are *meant* to comment on it.

    No point whining now that I’ve pulled you up on it, If you wanted your childish comment to be private, you should have put it in an email!

    But hey, I’ll give you one last hint. I don’t think Iain has turned all the debaters away Ray – I you. Iain to his great credit I have debated heatedly with for many a year without the immature dummy spits you’ve produced here. Quite frankly, You and you alter egos are a liability that needs to learn some civility if you want to stop turning everyone else off….

  38. GD says:

    So PKD comes around here baying for attention. Is he feeling lonely? Have his ‘mates’ from St*lkwatch’ deserted him? He’s certainly acting like he needs attention.

    A word of advice PKD, if you want to be part of a group the best way to do it is to avoid insulting all and sundry in that group.

    If instead you’re wanting to debate issues, then go ahead and debate them. Slagging off at the regulars on this blog is pointless, and no doubt a waste of your precious time. Surely you are too important a man to be bothered with a blog like the Sandpit?

    Given that there are millions of blogs online, why are you getting your smelly knickers in a knot over the Sandpit?

    Sounds like to me that you aren’t such an important man, and that you really are a pathetic stalker, blowhard and loser.

    And BTW your proof of AGW is overdue.

  39. PKD says:

    Don’t worry GD / ray et al,
    I have no intention of wasting more time on an obviously dead blog where the only signs of life left are 2-3 rude obnoxious trolls like you and especially Ray.

    Better to keep the Internet trolls is one place, where they can group think to feel better about themselves.

  40. Iain Hall says:


    I have tried to offer you the hand of friendship many times only to have you spurn my efforts. As GD points out if you come here being judgemental and combative what do you expect us to do? Bend the knee and agree with you?

  41. Ray Dixon says:

    Talking about ‘alter egos’, I see Chandler has had her last piece published @ The Age … and what a truly dull piece of writing it is. The best part is the last line:

    Jo Chandler is outgoing chairwoman of the The Age Independence Committee. She left the paper yesterday after 23 years.

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/society-and-culture/independent-ethos-can-still-prevail-in-the-digital-age-20120907-25jvs.html#ixzz25pdNxOD8

  42. Iain Hall says:

    Yeah Ray I read that bit of self serving tackiness and it certainly p[roves that Fairfax is not going to suffer with the departure of Chandler.

  43. Ray Dixon says:

    She should have told them about her online ‘experiences’ after all, Iain. They might have kept her on as their undercover social media expert.

  44. GD says:

    Nice of PKD to drop by, wasn’t it? It’s always good to hear from him. Such an important man, yet he still finds time for the Sandpit. I like that in a man. It shows character.

    I know, for one, that I learnt a lot from his visit. I’m sure the rest of you did too.

    For a minute there I thought that Iain’s post about the failure of Fairfax and Jo Chandler was worthy of comment. Thankfully PKD showed up just in time to tell us that it’s all the fault of the Sandpit. Well this blog is, or, well, I’m not sure what he meant, but I know that he had our best interests at heart.

    Perhaps he meant we shouldn’t comment on the failure of Fairfax as a viable commercial venture. Perhaps Fairfax could merge with our tax-payer funded ABC. I reckon PKD would think that’s a spiffing idea. All those right wing-nut taxpayers paying for our national broadcaster to amplify the views of looney left.

    Oh hang on, that’s what’s already happening, isn’t it?

    Anyway, PKD, do give us a bit of warning next time. We’ll organise some rare roast beef sandwiches, washed down with a Chivas Regal or two, followed by a Cuban cigar.

    What’s that? You prefer cupcakes?

    You would, wouldn’t you.

    Oh, btw, it seems the clip has been taken down as the Greens were so embarrassed by their childishness. Fortunately the commentary is still there.

    Cupcake anyone?

  45. Ray Dixon says:

    I don’t think PKD is very politically motivated, GD. He’s more about getting up Iain’s nose. And yours. And mine …..

    Sad existence, really.

  46. PKD says:

    Ash ray have to love your hypocrisy. Coming from a man who got up so many people’s noses that videos and songs were formed around the blogosphere in your, errm, honour. Your comment is laughable. Your ability to kill this blog with your rude offensive posts however isn’t. I look forward to seeing the next few no reply posts interspersed with the group think of you and your GD alter ego egging Iain on (who only seems to come out of the woodwork at night, Bit like a vampire).

  47. Ray Dixon says:

    Is that a stuck record I hear? Nah …. it’s just an obsessed and loopy troll who thinks GD is me.

  48. Ray Dixon says:

    I just checked the stats page here and it’s still averaging over 400 views per day, even though Iain hasn’t been posting as much lately. The amount of comments are always a direct correlation to the amount and frequency of posts, not to the type of commenter, so with Iain being distracted by his back pain (and Twitter?) it’s no surprise that the comment count is down. Besides, so-called “rudeness” or aggressive commentary is certainly not a deterrant to others, in fact it’s no coincidence that the busiest and most popular blogs are full of aggressive and robust commentators. They’re also full of idiotic, bullshit trolls sniping at others from anonymity. You know, people like you.

  49. Iain Hall says:

    Its my back that has seen me much more distracted of late Ray I’m on some pretty heavy duty pain meds at present and obliged to spend long periods lying down I am working on getting an internet connection in my bedroom but that is a way off for now. As for twitter its not my thing but I do check it for a bit of scuttle butt.

    But If PKD wants to check around he will find that most of the blogs frequented by my critics are dead, Jezza’s “busy” life as a country solicitor has seen him cease posting to his blog, Other “leading lights of the left” like LP have shut up shop in fact there are few political blogs which have survived as long as mine has and I’m just going to Carry on Blogging.

  50. Ray Dixon says:

    Yes Iain, it’s quite obvious that you’re unable to attend to your blog as much lately. Also, blogging has been around for quite some time now and many regular commenters have moved on (or down) to Twitter. And, as you point out, a lot of blogs have folded (including PP) due to lack of following or relevance. In PP’s case it was both.

    As for PKD, he’s just a disgurntled troll with whacky conspiracy theories who doesn’t have anywhere else to go. I’d suggest he is also ‘Sax’ but that’d make me sound as loopy as him.

  51. PKD says:

    Sorry to hear about your back – get well soon.

    Ash ray still can’t let go can you. I appreciate your humiliating climb down after accusing me of past abuse which turned out to be non existent. Still instead of getting more angry a simple apology from you for your baseless accusation would go down better.

    As for accusing you of being GD you miss the point. The point we simply of trust. I or no one else can trust you at face value when you deny running another sick puppet. Adter all tou denied wing sock puppet cor 18 months. And GD sounds deranged to be another sick puppet of yours.

    Hardly my fault if I cant trust you any more hey?

  52. Carpe Jugulum says:

    I think PKD has some unresolved “mommy” issues.

  53. PKD says:

    *after all you denied being sick puppet for 18 months* scans a lot better I think…

  54. Carpe Jugulum says:

    “The point we simply of trust. I or no one else can trust you at face value when you deny running another sick puppet. Adter all tou denied wing sock puppet cor 18 months”

    A safety tip troops – don’t drink and blog.

  55. Ray Dixon says:

    That’s the most incoherent and typo-ridden comment I’ve ever read. I suggest you get off the piss, PKD.

    Sincerely yours,

    Ash Ray.

  56. GD says:

    That’s the most incoherent and typo-ridden comment I’ve ever read.

    Hey Ash Ray, I agree, I don’t think PKDick can handle his port wine and brandy. Or perhaps he’s drinking Bicardi Breezers. Either way on the strength of that comment, I reckon he’s out of action until tomorrow.

    Go sleep it off, PKDrivel….

  57. PKD says:

    Ash wass simply auto correct not liking ‘Aah’. Ditto for the other bits. It probably thought you’d like to be cremated after your humiliating back flip Ray/GD. Cremation is certainly going to be before an apology in your little world i see.

    Still my fault for not checking before posting. Done it this time, happy now?

  58. PKD says:

    Obviously you wont be with wass. But which of you will jump up and down Ray? You, your sock puppet GD, or (too good to be true) neither?

    Anyway good luck with the blogging – you boys sure know how to keep hold of the punters! Ciao for now.

    Ps Ray: suggest you ask Iain to get a job before you harass others on their employment status, still the hypocrisy of you asking was hilarious!

  59. Iain Hall says:

    I suspect that PKD has been reading and responding to the post here via his phone. I have noticed over the last year or so that people who use their phones to comment often fail to capitalise and make other formatting errors as well.

  60. Ray Dixon says:

    Nonetheless, Iain, he’s sounding rather whacky.

  61. Iain Hall says:

    Yes I agree with that Ray, and I always know when the crazies are desperate when they start with the “Iain needs to get a job Meme”

  62. PKD says:

    yes correct Iain – iphone to be exact. I am looking forward to the bigger iPhone 5 screen because the keys are way too bloomin’ small.

    As for the ‘get a job’ meme well Ray brought it up twice to me… so just wondering if he makes the same demand of your good self? I don’t care one way or the other, but it seems to be a big deal to Ray / GD…

  63. Ray Dixon says:

    You don’t care about gettng a job, PKD? Why am I not surprised?

    Hey, you made the front page of the DT I see … ‘Stop the trolls’.

    They’re talking about you.

  64. Ray Dixon says:

    Here it is PKD:

    Looks like they’re out to get you.

  65. damage says:

    Or are they?

  66. GD says:

    iphone to be exact. I am looking forward to the bigger iPhone 5 screen because the keys are way too bloomin’ small.

    You could use a computer & keyboard for your idiotic rants. At least that way, we’d understand what you’re trying to say. Well actually, don’t bother. We get what you’re trying to say. You don’t like the Sandpit and Iain and Ray and anyone else who supports this blog.

    Get over it PKDIck. With millions of blogs out there, all expressing opinions, surely you are showing yourself to be a very small man by attacking this blog anonymously. You don’t know Iain or Ray. Or me. It’s all in your head PKDemented. Slow down, stop pressing the touch screen on your iphone and get a life.

    In other words, get your hand off it. 🙂

  67. PKD says:

    Actually I don’t care if *anyone* has a job or not Ray, Iain included. Given its a big deal for you how hypocritical of you not to make the same demand of Iain.

    I fully expect you’ll skirt this double standard like it doesn’t exist Ray. Still, your silence on your hypocrisy is as good as your complete back flip earlier… And just as hilarious.

    Oh and another middle of the night rant from GD I see, perhaps you’d sound more rational and less like Rays old sock puppet troll if you get some much needed sleep, hey? In fact Rays posts might become a bit more rational then too! 😉

  68. PKD says:

    Oh and Ray, YOU spent almost 18 months trolling and baiting on an almost daily basis as the sock puppet even to the point of faking conversations with yourself (wow – someone agrees with Ray!). This is the 1st posting I have made in about a year, is critical of you…so you label it ‘trolling’. As hilarious as it is two faced.

    I would say shame on you Ray, but your sock puppet days show you are utterly shameless…

  69. Ray Dixon says:

    PKD, I never had “conversations” with SP. I’ve had plenty with GD though including arguments. Just the way that you keep insisting GD is me makes you a real whacko.

    As for trolling, SP did none of that. I invited you to go through his entire 119 posts remember? Even catalogued them for you. But of course you declined to come up with a single example of any trolling, bad-mouthing, stallking or poor behaviour on his part. That’d be because there wasn’t any.

    Yes you’re a “troll”, PKD, in every sense of the word. An anonymous commenter who slags others under their real names. In short you’re a coward. Probably a short coward. Haven’t you had enough yet? I have. See ya.

  70. Patricia says:

    Have just stumbled across this website. I have a question. You seem to have a deep-seated and long-held dislike of Jo Chandler. Your comments appear to verge on the rabid. Why?

  71. Iain Hall says:

    Firstly welcome to my blog Patricia.
    To answer your question directly would take quite a long time and it would also leave me open to litigation, I an say that I have some very good reasons to be critical of Jo Chandler’s personal ideology and behaviour maybe one day I will be free to share those reasons but sadly today is not that day.

  72. Ray Dixon says:

    You seem to have a deep-seated and long-held dislike of Jo Chandler.

    You seem to have a deep-seated and long-held hyphen-fixation, Patricia.

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