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All good on the polling front


Another opinion poll and yet more disappointment for my good friends from the left in particular those who support the Loopy Greens must be most disappointed to see that the support for their party has dropped down into single digit figures which supports my contention that as a party their support has well and truly peaked.  The report in today’s Oz lays it out for all to see.

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It also seems to me that those who were seeing the previous improvement in Labor’s polling as a turning of the tide are most likely entirely wrong. Gillard is still in line for an absolute thrashing at the next election and I can’t see that her very big on aspiration but very light on for credibility education policy is going to help things along for the dark-side either. Oh I am sure that it may play well to the far left inverse snobbery mob who resent any money at all going to private schools. The fact that all of Labor’s scheme is unfunded and not due to start for years into the future just screams “spin” composed entirely of smoke and mirrors. Labor is still going to lose the next election, and lose significantly. Will their fell good attempts to showcase make much difference?

Hmm on the current trends they may save the odd chair or two but they are still likely to be sleeping on the floor after the next election.

Its all good Comrades



  1. GD says:

    It is funny, isn’t it? Lefties who have derided you in the past being forced to eat crow.

    I can think of one sanctimonious Melbourne TAFE teacher who reckoned that the Greens were on 10% and that was only the beginning of an electoral upswing.

    Instead, that was the beginning of the end.

    Senator Milne said it was hard to know what was in a person’s mind when they were rung by a pollster.

    “It may well be that people have misunderstood I think a lot about the asylum-seeker debate,” Senator Milne said.

    I think they weren’t aware that the Greens are the strongest advocates for increasing the humanitarian numbers

    And I think that people understood perfectly well what the Greens are proposing and are totally against it.

    Australia doesn’t want open borders!

  2. Iain Hall says:

    The Greens have long believed that once they get someone’s endorsement , or vote, that they would have it forever but the truth is that many who have fled from the ALP into their arms are not yet prepared to sign in blood to the Green party for the rest of eternity and as soon as Gillard gave them a vague reason to come back to the oldest party that is precisely what they have done. Add to that the fact that Bob Brown’s personal charm held quite a few supporters and Milne is a shrill with the charisma of a brick and the decline in the greens fortunes should surprise no one at all.

    I also reckon that the next election will see the easy ride on preferences well and truly over fro the greens as well…

  3. JAWS says:

    Wait until Milne’s gone and Le Rhiannon gets to tear the Green Communists apart.
    I cant wait.
    As for that absolute scum of a PM Gillard………….. I cant wait to see the Lefties howl in protest when Abbott enters the Lodge and tears almost all the ALP “reforms” up.
    Gillard will be remembered for nothing other than “The Worst PM since Federation”

  4. GD says:

    Once again, the Greens show just how out of touch they are with mainstream Australia. Energy Minister Martin Ferguson, possibly the only adult Labor politician in parliament

    yesterday abandoned talks to pay for the closure of some coal power stations – including Australia’s dirtiest facility, Hazelwood in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley – saying there was a “material gap” between what the generators wanted and what the government was prepared to pay, particularly with forecasts for lower energy demand.

    Meanwhile back in looney land, shrill greenie Milne accused Labor of a “breach of faith”.

    The only adult member of the Labor caucus replied:

    Senator Milne’s comments were “childish” and that her “simplistic” attack on the government “reflects more on her and her lack of understanding of the energy market”.’


    Meanwhile in the world of finance, Gina Rinehart was seen counting her billions while Wayne Swan was caught searching the want ads in the Courier Mail.

    In for a penny, in for a pound I always say. Swannie’s bitten off more than he can chew with this fight. Come the election, Gina will continue to generate wealth for the nation, while Swannie sucks on the teat of his Parliamentary pension.

    Who would you rather listen to?

  5. JAWS says:

    Anything that sends Milne into a rage must be a good outcome for the Nation.

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