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Why “Cheers Comrades”?

Over at Cafe Whispers I was asked this:


Iain, why do you sign of with Cheers Comrades, are you a communist.

Find below the response  I gave him:

I have signed off with “Cheers Comrades” for years  and frankly I can’t remember the first time that I did so. I do recall that it pissed off some Uber-lefties  a great deal, heck one even offered dire threats should I continue to sign off that way. As you will notice I stared him down and if anything he spurred me on to make it part of the way that I write at the Sandpit. Anyway as this practice has developed I have come to think that although calling your fellows ‘comrade” has been a hallmark of communists that they do not have, nor do they deserve, a monopoly on the notions of good fellowship and us all being comrades so when I offer cheers to my fellow human beings at the end of every post at my blog it is not to be ironic or to be a  smart-arse  its because I genuinely mean to wish my fellow travellers on the journey of life well, no matter what their political beliefs or affiliations may be. That wish is one of the reasons that I find hate spitting  political commentators (of both the left and the right) both incredibly sad and incredibly boring. We can certainly disagree with each other over the best direction for society but what all of us who are interested in politics share is a desire to see a better society and a decent future for our children.


Cheers Comrades


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